The Rapture - Before or After Antichrist is Revealed? - Bible Study Lesson Outline

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The Rapture - Before or After Antichrist is Revealed?

Order is shown in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10

I. Mystery of Iniquity
A. At work in the world, but being restrained
B. Mystery means it’s hidden, secret, or “artfully made difficult” to understand
C. Iniquity means injustice, unrighteousness, or wickedness

II. A Falling Away
A. To depart from the long-held beliefs
B. Will start to believe things from the devil and call them good
1. New Age
2. Witchcraft
3. Worldly philosophy

III. The Restrainer Taken Out of the Way
A. Restrains from what? Bad things!
B. The restrainer is the Holy Spirit
C. Where does the Holy Spirit live?
D. Will the Holy Spirit be taken out of Christians?
E. For the Holy Spirit to be taken out of the way, Christians must be taken!

IV. Man of Sin Revealed
A. Son of perdition. Perdition means “ruin”
B. Acts like God, shows he is god, claims to be god
C. The Wicked
D. Comes because of/with satan's work
E. Comes with power, signs, lying wonders
F. Comes with the acceptance of evil deceptions by the unsaved

V. The Day of the Lord Begins
A. Takes the world by surprise. - Isaiah 13:6-13, 1 Thess 5:3, Zeph. 1:14, Joel 2:1
B. Called Great Tribulation (Matt 24:21)
C. Time of Jacob's Trouble
D. 70th Week of Daniel - final 7 years before Christ's return
E. A time so horrific there's never been anything like it and there never will be. (Compare Joel 2:1 and Matt. 24:21)

5. The Day of Christ
A. The Second Coming
B. He comes to conquer (Revelation 19)

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