The Book "Killing Jesus" And Why I Will Not Read It

Posted in News on February 17, 2015

On Killing Jesus

-Why I will not be reading it.

1. The people who have recommended it to me aren't Bible readers. The recommendation of a book that is critical of Jesus, the living word, doesn't hold much appeal, credibility, or authority to me. Because I DO read the Bible, and have read it, I have experience in knowing the truth of the words in the Bible and knowing that the things Jesus said and did are true. You can say I merely "believe" but that wouldn't really be fair. It's more like when you know someone - and then you hear a rumor about that person. You just have no reason to consider the accusation seriously.

2. The book is written by people who don't know Jesus. I know both of the names on the cover are best-selling authors - Bill O Reilly and Martin Dugard - but that doesn't qualify them to dispel God's account of things (the Bible) as incorrect. It only qualifies them to write an attention-grabbing book, with appealing words that people will purchase. (And many people DID purchase their book). But again, they don't claim to KNOW Jesus at all. They have a religion (both are Roman Catholics) but to my knowledge don't claim to know Jesus personally. In watching and listening to O'Reilly, I sense that he doesn't know Jesus at all.

3. The book examines Jesus as just a man - not the Messiah. Not the Christ. Not the savior. Just a Jewish man involved in a sort of struggle against the monolithic Roman government. The book claims Jesus was a preacher of a philosophy of peace and love. "he was just another Jewish man struggling to survive in a harsh society. Only his friends paid much heed to what Jesus was doing." Not true.

4. The book IS a critique of what the Bible says. "we have the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but they sometimes appear contradictory and were written from a spiritual point of view rather than as a historical chronicling of Jesus’s life. Who Jesus actually was and what exactly happened to him are emotional subjects that often lead to contentious discussion."

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