ISRAEL - Bible Study Notes

Posted in Teachings on March 7, 2016
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ISRAEL - See The Destruction of Jerusalem marked the beginning of Times of the Gentiles. In Luke 21:24, Jesus said that Jerusalem would be trampled until the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled (cf Rev 11:4). Jerusalem is still being trampled by other nations. The epochal event that ends this season has not yet Read More »

Homosexual Acceptance (A Biblical View) - Lesson Notes

Posted in Teachings on March 6, 2016
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Homosexual Acceptance (A Biblical View) - "Homosexual behavior is a culture of death. It is the antithesis of the nature of God. Rather than producing life, homosexual unions are sterile. Rather than being a source of life to others, it spreads death throughout society." ( - Homosexuals were at one time not accepted at large Read More »