Remember Lot's Wife

Posted in Teachings on September 11, 2015
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Jesus gave us a directive, and a cautious reminder. He warned us to "Remember Lot's wife." (Luke 17:32)

What does this mean for you? Why do you need to remember Lot's wife?

In the current end times that we live, the warning is very applicable. It's important. It allows us to address one of the exact dangers of the last days.

It is simply this: we tend to become attracted to sin, and we should resist the urge to embrace it.

The sin could be the fleshly "fun" that the "world" offers, often in the form of intoxication of some kind. It could be an urge to be open-minded, accepting, inclusive, and "tolerant" of sodomites (i.e. homosexuals or "gays") because someone has friends who indulge in that particular sin. It could be the allure of money-making and gaining material things.

Whatever it is for a particular individual, the warning from the Lord is to forsake it - and not look back. Not long for it. Not desire it. Not miss it.

The sooner and the more completely that we cut off Sodom from our lives, and move forward from it without looking back, the better we will be. The only way a person can be a disciple of Christ is, in fact, to do just that.

Remember Lot's wife. Don't even look back.

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