Religion is the Biggest Cause of Wars in the World?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2015

You've probably heard something along the lines of, "religion is the biggest cause of wars in the the world" or "religion starts wars" or that "throughout history, more wars were fought over religion than anything else". If you've sat in just about any classroom, watched any news channel, or read much discussion online, you've heard things like this. If you've been in discussions with other people, it's likely you've heard sentiments like this.

But is this idea even true?

It seems like it is. But I would like to contend that religion was and is not actually the cause of most wars.

Religion is more often used as an excuse to justify or explain wars.

If we were to take a set of wars - say, all conflicts between sovereign states in the last five or ten centuries - and examine (historically) the beginnings of those conflicts, I submit that we would find something other than religion started them.

What's the most likely reason for most wars? Money.

The biggest reason for wars has always been possession or control of resources, land, or trade routes. In other words, money. Not, somehow, "religion". If you think about it - and examine history - you will see that "money" as the cause of wars makes much more sense.

It's especially ridiculous when people claim Christianity has caused wars. The fact is that Christianity is anything but war-like. If anything, it's the true "religion of peace". One of the titles of it's Lord - Jesus - is "Prince of Peace". Anyone who says differently is lying and misrepresenting the principles upon which the church was founded.

But as with many things in the world system, where up is down and right is wrong - an inversion of truth has been boldly stated and believed and accepted. What does this world tell us the "religion of peace" is? They say it's Islam.

What makes this most ridiculous is that of all the religions - not just Christendom but Judaism, Buddhism, paganism, mysticism and anything in between - there's only one that has distinct and clear calls to make war and kill unbelievers. This is provable, documented, and obvious. Everyone sees incidents proving it (on the news) on a regular basis. Which religion is it?


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