Preps or Faith? Choose Only One

Posted in Teachings on July 22, 2015
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If you could choose only one of the following, which one would you choose?

  • Preps - physical items such as food, a water purification system, fuel, silver and gold coins, weapons, and ammo
  • Faith in God

In this hypothetical question of "if", you can choose only one. I know what I would choose, after giving it some thought in a prayerful state of mind.

What would most people choose - if each of the options was guaranteed to be given to them, exclusive of the other option? If they choose faith, it is guaranteed to be granted to them but the preps are not guaranteed. If they choose preps, the items are guaranteed to be given to them but the faith is not.

Most people - among both unbelievers as well as self-identifying Christians - would choose the physical preps. This conclusion is based on observing the way most people live - whether they are believers or not - and noting that all people tend to be thoughtful about their present life on earth, and uncaring about their upcoming eternal existence.

Put that way, which matters more? Which is more beneficial? Which is more "real"? Which is more permanent?

The physical preps fail when compared to simple faith in God. They will not last. They ultimately do not matter. They have a negligible benefit. They are not as good, overall.

The faith is more valuable on all counts, if it is faith in the true God - the Creator, Jesus Christ.

The faith has the capability of sustaining your soul through good times as well as bad times.

The faith can guide you, can inform you, can teach you, can improve you. It can do all these things for the people in your life as well - through your words and actions. Faith can multiply itself with no loss to the one exercising their faith.

Mere physical preps can't do anything of the sort. When they get used up, they are gone.

Prepping and survivalism and being ready for disasters in this world are prudent things, for sure. But realize how utterly weak, temporary, and futile they truly are when you look at what really matters - the big picture. It is good if you have an MRE and water to share with others in the aftermath of a hurricane.

But it is better if you can share an attitude of confidence in the Lord, and the truth about how to be saved by placing faith in Jesus Christ.

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