Latest Mexican Religious Craze: Worshipping the "Death Saint"

Posted in News on February 10, 2016
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In Mexico, people are now worshiping - literally worshiping - death. There is no limit to how un-Biblical and anti-God people can go, all the while claiming they are doing something good. Never be surprised at how deeply good people can be deceived.

Lent, Mardi Gras, and other pagan practices are done ignorantly by people who either don't care or have no clue what the Bible says. aren't bad people; most of the time they're just slaves to ignorance and "tradition" because they were trained from a young age to not read the Bible and to not think. But even the most spiritually blind person would have to know that worshiping the angel of death is just a bit...creepy and wrong - don't you think?

But worship of what is basically the grim reaper - , is becoming more popular and mainstream than ever.

Tultitlán (Mexico) (AFP) - Two weeks after baptizing her at a Catholic church, baby Adriana's parents put her in a white gown again for a second sacrament: This time, with Mexico's skeletal "."

As they held the sleepy three-month-old child, a priestess sprinkled holy water infused with rose petals on her in front of 300 people under a 22-meter (72-foot) statue of the Grim Reaper-like "Santa Muerte" in a Mexico City suburb.

Praying to the saint of death: it's not just for MS13 gang members any more!

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