Illuminati Factsheet

Posted in Teachings on March 1, 2016
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Illuminati Factsheet
No theories, no guesses

- A somewhat notorious organization named the Illuminati (Enlightened Ones) did indeed exist from May 1, 1776 to 1785 in Bavaria. It was a secret society that had the reputation akin to a present-day "anti-government" organization and it was modeled after the Freemason lodge. It ceased to exist as an organization in 1785 when it was outlawed in Bavaria and the Illuminati leader Adam Weishapt fled. There is no proof that the organization continued after that.

- Many people allege that the Illuminati exists today. However, there is no proof that any group of people have organized under that name or that any group exists that can do the things claimed of a modern-day Illuminati. Without solid documentation, any claims about a present-day Illuminati are pure speculation.

- Secretive organizations do exist today - and many of their hidden rituals are well-documented and have been made public either through leaked documents (as in the Watchtower training guides being put on the internet), through hidden videos (such as European Masonic rituals recently put online). None of these organization claim to be the Illuminati, but may share some similar goals or beliefs with what we think of as the Illuminati. (You have heard of many of these very real and legitimate groups: everything from the Mormon church to the Masonic Lodge to the already-mentioned Jehovah's Witnesses to less-well-known groups such as the Rosicrucians and even fraternities such as the very real Skull & Bones.)

- Not all secret organizations have a focus on magic or the worship of the "god of this world". Some organizations claim purely secular or humanitarian goals. While some of them like the Shriners may actually do some worldly good for people (or try to), their underlying philosophy is unbiblical from the point at which they require secrecy. God is the true light and is the revealer of secrets (1 Cor 2:10, Amos 3:7 - ask Daniel). Hidden knowledge is only part of the world of secret organizations and the occult because of two reasons: 1) they don't actually have the knowledge or 2) what little knowledge they have is purposely kept hidden by their leadership and revealed to those who are deemed "worthy". The God of the Bible isn't like that - the Book is open and He willingly reveals its secrets to anyone who seeks knowledge from it. The only thing that will stop someone from learning the Bible's secrets is pride, doubt, or rejection of God.

Q: Does Lucifer Rule the World Governments?

A: Not all of them. It could be said that he heavily influences some of them - a strong argument could be made for North Korea (or any Communist government) being satanic. The Nazi government in Germany was certainly evil - and very likely satan was directly pulling the strings. But it can't correctly be said that satan rules all the nations. The Bible says that God ordains and sets up governments (Rom 13:1, Dan 2:21). Sometimes, He will allow a country to have a wicked ruler - possibly as part of a judgement. But remember that He is the authority. People are still the ones in government and some are saved, most are indifferent or just ignorant of God, and of course some are outright evil - just like any average group of people.

Q: Is Lucifer Active in Government?

A: Absolutely - yes. Him (and his forces) no doubt try to influence not just people but entire countries. Daniel and Revelation show this clearly. Genesis 11 shows the human side of this as well - which we can't forget.

Q: Is there really someone controlling movies, tv, music, media, government, etc.?

A: That question usually assumes that the someone is a person or group of people - or that there's an organized discussion about how to control things and what to control. In that case, the answer is "no". However, there is biblical precedent for spiritual forces acting on people (Acts 5:3) - sometimes influencing them so heavily that they are possessed. The industries of major media are filled with the types of people most likely to be open to this sort of influence. Government and politics is filled with ruthless power-seekers, who also are likely to be open to this. While there's no direct proof that satan controls these things (or that the people involved in these things are aware of satan's influence), there is Biblical support. The people show evidence of openness to satan. And the fruit of these people supports satan's cause - not God's.

Q: Is everything evil?

A: That's not a fair assessment. Not everything is evil. Good (and God) has a lot of influence in the lives of individual people and things on this earth. But the world system is a corrupt system, and its very active on this planet. Why doesn't the "media" promote things that are good and pure - instead they promote (consistently) things that are destructive, sinful, rebellious towards God and family, etc. (Promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol, "YOLO", etc. is the world philosophy by and large.)

Q: Can We Defeat the New World Order?

A: No. It will occur eventually, and the events of the Bible will happen just as they're written.

Q: If we can't win, what hope is there?

A: We do win - as bad as things might seem sometimes, and as bad as things are in Rev. 13, eventually the events of Rev. 19:11 (and onward) occur. While we are here on earth, we can limit our participation in the world system. We can allow or not allow many things in our lives. We can choose our friends and the people we allow to influence us. We can limit our entertainment - or watch it with open eyes and not allow it to brainwash us. We can exert our influence on those around us, being the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16). We also have (currently) everlasting life ("He that believeth on me hath everlasting life" Jn 6:47). In that case you have already overcome the wicked one (1 John 2:12-14).

And besides, all these things are temporary - 2 Cor 4:17-18.

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