What Do You Want in Life? (How to Prosper) - Bible Study Lesson Outline

Posted in Teachings on March 4, 2016
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What Do You Want in Life?
(How to Prosper)

- Money (riches)
- Adventure, fun, experiences
- Husband or wife
- A nice house or apartment
- A cool car
- Something else?

Things you might not think about:
- Health
- A good, stable job
- A safe place to live
- Respect from others
- Knowing what to do
- Reliable friends (not just fun friends) and good connections and helpful people
- Fulfillment and purpose in your life

Psalm 37

This Psalm is for the person who actually wants to follow Christ, seeks God's will for them, and is totally willing to submit to what God wants them to do.

People who are not following God's will definitely have nothing to like about Psalm 37.

People who are skeptical of the Bible, and who doubt God will criticize this Psalm.

The world system can find a lot of fault with Psalm 37.
- "I want things now - good things. I want things sooner, not later. Why is it that God says I always have to wait? I don't want to wait."
- "If someone does something to me, they should pay for it immediately. I want to get them back right away and I want revenge as soon as possible."
- "I don't want to live a life of trouble. I want to have fun, and I want to have all good things in life. I want to experience nothing but pleasure, all the time."

For Psalm 37 to mean anything to you - and for you to get any of the good things it talks about - you need to accept God on His terms: He's not only the Creator, but He has a say in your life (the ultimate say), and you bow down to him. Not everyone accepts God with that attitude. To submit to God and live obediently to Him goes totally against our flesh and the world in which we live!

Trust in the Lord v3
Do good v3,27
Delight yourself in the Lord v4
Commit your way (your plans, actions, life) to the Lord v5
Be patient with the Lord v7
Don't fret (don't worry yourself with trying to compete with others, and don't allow yourself to do wrong things to get ahead) v7, 8
Don't be angry or wrathful (vengeful) v8
Depart from evil v27
Keep the way of the Lord (do what God wants you to do) v34

Wait on the Lord v9
Permanent (not temporary like the wicked) v10
Meek (i.e. Responsible to higher authority, submissive, cooperative, Showing patience and humility) v.11
Righteous v16
Upright v18,37
Merciful v21
Good v23
Has wisdom v30
Knows what is right and just v30
Gods law is in his heart v31
Perfect (complete) v38
Trust in God v40

Unashamed v19
Satisfied v19
Have enough to give v21
Blessed of God v22
Guided by God v23
Supported by God v24
Provided for (materially) v25
His kids are blessed v26
He inherits (is given) the land (the earth) v9,22,29,34
His plans are successful v31
Peace v37
Strengthened, helped, delivered, saved by God v39-40

How to Prosper
I. Decide to Allow God to Be Your Authority
A. Yes, really! Decide that He is your Boss
B. Accept the fact that you come second to Him
1. You can’t always do what you want
2. You sometimes have to do what you don’t want
Q: Does promiscuity before marriage bring prosperity or problems? Is it fun for the moment? Does it please God – or the flesh? Is it in line with the world system or is it against the world’s way of doing things?

II. Follow God
A. By knowing His Word and obeying
1. Read the Bible
2. Believe what you read - trust that it's true and right
B. By Listening to His prompting and looking for opportunities He brings you
Q: Does God arrange circumstances? Has something ever happened that you later realized was God’s will?

III. Look to God for Your Provision
A. Accept what God has for you
B. Be content - Greed is not God's way
C. Be patient - you don't get everything at once, or when you want it
D. Thank God for all you have
Q: Can a person be poor, and still be happy? Can it be God’s will to be “poor”? If someone is poor, does that mean they’re not like the person in Psalm 37?

What happens if you decide to be that person? You will not only be content with what you're given – but it’s likely you’ll gradually be trusted with even more. But regardless of whatever “things” God blesses you with in life, your priorities will be correct.

By submitting to the Lord, you will not only have a good life but you'll know that life isn't made of things. Sure - a certain amount of things make life bearable, and it's good to have enough to give to others…but things aren't what makes life worth living!

The real – and ultimate - benefit of following the Lord and totally trusting Him is that you'll know God and be the person God wants you to be. That is true prosperity.

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