End-times Angels Part 3 - Bible Study

Posted in Teachings on March 12, 2016
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End-times Angels Part 3


Let’s continue looking at the subject of spiritual “messengers” – angels – with some additional information and by answering some common questions about them and connecting these beings with our current world.

“Words mean things”. A great deal of blatant information goes right over our heads because we don’t know what words mean. If a simple word is altered, secrets can be hidden in plain sight. This is why occultists use so much symbolism. (BTW words are just a kind of symbol.) Some words used today don’t have the same meaning as intended, or the meaning’s been lost, obscured, or forgotten. But these words mean something! Some examples that apply to our lesson today:

  • Avatar – Used in techno-speak today, this was originally a Hindu term: the incarnation of their deities taking a flesh form. Now it’s used to describe an online (or robotic) representation of a person. (“…ye shall be as gods…”). Who else wants to be like god? Would he use an “avatar”? (Why and how?)
  • Star – angels are also called stars and false gods (fallen angels) are worshipped with the symbol of the star. A false god is an “idol”. Think about this: we call famous actors and musicians these same things. “Movie star”, “rock star”, “teen idol”, “guitar god”, etc. Why is this? Does God approve - and does He think it’s good?

Angels are strongly connected with music. The worship of the LORD is connected with music – from both people and angels. Angels musical ability is Biblical – but non-Christians, New Agers and even Luciferians know this fact. Singing, stringed, percussion, and woodwind/brass instruments are all mentioned in the Bible.


In the spirit realm, we know there are harps (Rev. 5:8), trumpets (1 Cor. 15:52; 1 The. 4:16-17), drums (tabret or tabor – Ez. 28:13). Just like what we have on earth…


These facts do not mean that music itself is evil. A drum or guitar, by itself, is an inanimate object. But of course music can be evil. Some things that may cause music to be evil are its intent and purpose. The person playing it (depending on who it is) may cause it to be associated with evil. Who a song worships will tell you if a song is evil. The things a song inspires (it’s “fruit”) show if a song is good or evil.


Some Thoughts About Music

  1. Be an honest critic. No matter how much you love the band or song or style of music. “Woe unto them that call evil GOOD, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20


  1. Think about the effects. Music, like any other thing, influences who you are! What is its fruit? “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth GOOD fruit.” Matthew 7:18


  1. Choose your music carefully. Listen to good music. It’s not all evil, and musical ability is used by God for good. Be discerning. “Every GOOD gift and every perfect gift is from ABOVE, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17


People do have “guardian” angels! It is clear that a person can have an angel “assigned” to them. Children have angels (Matt. 18:2-6,10). Believers likely have angels (Acts 12:13-16). Unbelievers – those who will get saved – might even have angels (Hebrews 1:14). Also Psalm 91:11-12.


There are winged creatures in heaven – but not angels. While angels interact with earth and look like men (without wings), the winged creatures of heaven interact with heaven and look less like men – they have some characteristics of animals and are winged. The two types are called seraphs (or, seraphim) and cherubs (or, cherubim).


The cherub seems to be a “guardian” primarily. Cherubs guarded Eden (Gen. 3:24) with swords. A cherub covered the throne of God (Ez. 28:14). They also seem to be under the throne of God (Ez. 1:25) as well as around it (Rev. 4:6). They are mentioned as being full of eyes (Rev. 4:8, Ez. 1:18) which is perfect for a guardian if it needs to do surveillance. The cherubim have four wings, hooved feet, four faces, a humanoid body, and human hands. They are intelligent and can speak as well as sing.


The Lord is said to ride on cherubs, and cherubs are represented on the Ark of the Covenant. The cherubim are called “living creatures” and “beasts”.


The faces of a cherub correspond to the structure of the Bible itself because they match the Gospels and the aspects of the character of Jesus shown in them.

Lion – Gospel of Matthew – Jesus as King

Calf/Ox – Gospel of Mark – Jesus as Servant

Man – Gospel of Luke – Jesus as the Son of Man

Eagle – Gospel of John – Jesus as the Son of God


The seraph is also a type of guardian of the throne – possibly a higher order of cherub. (Called an angel of the highest order in other writings.) Mentioned in Isaiah 6:1-7, the seraphim have six wings, sing praise to God, speak, and have hands. They speak and are intelligent creatures.


Remember, things in heaven are truly real – more real than things on this fragile, temporary, imperfect, and dying physical world. There are at the very least animal-like creatures represented in heaven that have intelligence and can speak. Genesis 3 makes more sense when we understand all this, along with the fact that Lucifer (aka Satan, the dragon, the serpent – Rev. 20:2) was the type of creature called a cherub. Perhaps a dragon was represented in the face of the cherub before the fall? Reptiles do not seem to be represented in heaven now – only the other types of beasts.


Angels in paganism and false religions sometimes echoes the Bible. One pagan “angelologist” on YouTube talked about the angels’ love for music. Cherubs and similar creatures are popular throughout ancient cultures, and are close to what the Bible describes. Babylonian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Indian, etc. all knew about the cherub.


How did other ancient people know what these things looked like? Maybe they were closer to the fall of man, and passed down the stories – with details. (Remember – Adam and Eve saw cherubim.) The Megiddo Ivories (kept in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem) show what some ancient people thought cherubs look like. (The carvings were discovered buried in Tel Megiddo, Israel.) They match what the Bible tells us about these creatures.


Angels take part in the rapture of people from the earth.


Angels are a created being, and not to be worshipped. As amazing and interesting as angels, cherubs, and the spirit realm is – only God is to be worshipped. He’s the Creator, and everything else is just a creature. (Romans 1:17-25). Angels are part of God’s work, execute and announce His judgments, and even transport believers after death (Luke 16:22). It’s good to learn about angels and what they do, but don’t idolize them. (Col. 2:18)


The end times are in many ways characterized by angel-worship. Remember, fallen angels are what most of the world – for all of time – has been worshipping as “gods”. The symbolism is everywhere. But a true understanding of who and what angels are will help us to understand what is occurring during the last days.

Additional Notes - Lucifer and Music

"Satan is master of the violin and flute. 18th century Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini was inspired when Satan appeared to him in a dream. He heard Satan playing the violin. He said it was the most beautiful music he had ever heard. It was 'indescribably beautiful.' He immediately awoke and tried to write it down to copy it, but it never turned out the same way. He did the best he could to duplicate it. He published it and named it 'The Devil's Trill.'

Satan also inspired Carl Orff in his dreams when he wrote 'Carmina Burana.' This music is best known from the soundtrack of the movie, 'The Omen.' Orff told his wife that he saw Demons many times in his dreams when he composed the music."

- From the "Joy of Satan" website

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