Digital Remnant Broadcast - Update for 9/29/2014

Posted in Broadcast on September 29, 2014
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In this broadcast I discuss ISIS, the future of America, and mention some of the signs you can expect to see in the near future. Do "prophetic events" still happen in 2014 society? Are the things in the news of any spiritual significance? What is the connection between the Black Mass in Oklahoma and recent events such as the beheading?


Oklahoma Black Mass [LINK] - The physical results were ho-hum. But what were the spiritual ramifications?

What We Learned About the OK Beheading Suspect [LINK] - #9 shows him making the ISIS fighter hand signal.

Oklahoma Muslims Praise Allah for Beheading [LINK] - Where are the "moderate Muslims" when you need 'em?

Second OK Muslim Threatens to Behead Co-worker [LINK 1] [LINK 2] - Said beheading Christians is "just what we do".

From a Food Plant Worker: "I work for a produce repackaging company wheres about 400 Muslims are employed, about half of which use knives with 12" blades...The question I have now is, how long before mass beheadings begin taking place in other food processing facilities where the employees are predominantly Muslim?" [LINK] - Yeah, very good question. And a timely question.  I would watch my, neck.

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