Isaiah’s Job – Prophet to the Remnant

There’s no round-up for now. Instead I want you to Read this essay.

Keep in mind that it was written many decades ago. The writing itself is of a higher caliber than what you find in even the most high-brow quarterlies of today. But it’s the ideas within the essay that are important. It’s worth taking the time to read this one.

I really can’t add anything to what the author says. But I can’t help but to tack some questions onto the end of it.

Who are the “masses” of today?
Who makes up the “remnant”?
What are the differences between yesterday’s “mass man” and today’s – if any?
Does his description of the European philosophers thinking that the mass man could be “quite a fellow” – and the resulting French Revolution – remind you of anything you see in today’s world?

Were the earlier preachers and philosophers actually wrong…or should they be heeded?

Who is the remnant of today?
How would you identify one of them?

Take note of the section about the true number of the remnant (in the section about Elijah). Do you think there’s a remnant in existence today? How many do you think there are?

Like the Talking Heads said to the masses, “Same as it ever was”. Or as Solomon told the remnant, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

You’re either a part of the masses or the remnant. Which one are you?

Round Up (Nov 1): Screens in Schools – Tech Censorship of Gab – Migrant Invasion – Cannibals – Netflix’ Big Mouth

Screens Are Poison

You must watch the clip at the link. ‘Screens are Poison’: Tech Elites Keeping Devices Out of Their Children’s Schools. Repeat after me: Technology is not the key to education. (Reading and thinking are.)

It’s Not Hard to Get a Head (in Sacramento)

California police thought the severed human head was a Halloween prank. It wasn’t. My favorite quote from the article: “They come into my house while I’m eating dinner, they come in and tell me something about a head,” said tenant Manul Adrow, according to the station. “I don’t know nothing about no head.”

Tech Censorship Continues

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about this type of thing very often over the last few months. Call it “deplatforming” if you like but it’s censorship. As in, “we can’t debate your ideas based on the merits of our ideas…so we’ll silence you instead.” is the latest victim of this type of censorship. Slavery as a service, indeed. “The bodies were not even cold and the usual suspects were organized and sent out on social media, and then Progressive media, to denounce Gab as some sort of organized assault “on our democracy.” The only thing missing from the hysteria was the claim that Gab is a Russian agent. Everyone was supposed to drop what they were doing for a five minutes of hate against Gab, a tiny web site with about half a million users. FaceBook has billions of users, Google controls the internet. Yet, Gab is a threat to civilization.”

Also, see here: The Attack On Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free. Best quote: “Gab simply doesn’t censor you. If you want to be a jackass in public, that’s your business. It doesn’t seem to stop Elizabeth Warren after all.” (Ha!)

But on a more serious note: “The Synagogue shooter was a member of Gab. He also had a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. They did this to Gab because they could and because they were told to. Gab’s statement about the shooting is public for the world to see. And they assisted the police in identifying the person responsible. And yet, Gab will again be off the air, this time for weeks, while it migrates to a new platform, because its existence is a threat to the powerful who are rightly scared of losing their shiny new control platform.”

Freedom of speech and thought is of utmost importance. The purposeful, organized suppression of speech (and expression of free thoughts) should frighten you.

Selco on the Immigrant Invasion

Selco, a survivor of the breakup of Yugoslavia, knows what he’s talking about. I recommend you read his words. Selco on Immigrants: Stop Arguing About It and Prepare for It.

Prepare for immigrants in realistic ways. I see people waiting for waves of immigrants and preparing for them but their prep is to argue with people on FB are they pro or con.” Sound familiar?

More: “Folks, this thing is probably outside our circle of influence, it is a sad thing to hear but it is probably the truth….As I mentioned before, as I grow more old I tend to believe that some things do not happen without reason, or chaotically, or randomly….Very often we are puppets in somebody powerful hands, and our reactions, and us being mesmerized with things are often used to ‘sneak’ something in….Everything is possible, but please, do not get yourself to involved in general hate. Deal with possible consequences, try to be more prepared for things that might show up from events like this.”

Cannibals on the Rise

The title says it all. Affidavit: Texas man arrested for plan to murder, cannibalize girl. He looks about like you’d expect.

NetFlix Sinks to a New Low

I stopped paying them a while back. They’ve only gotten worse. No Christian should support this company.

Demonic Netflix Cartoon Pushes Pedophilia, Sexualizes Kids

Looks great doesn’t it? (Yeah, right.) If you watched the video and aren’t disgusted by it, you have no sense of decency or normal morality. This is what every NetFlix subscriber is paying to have sent into their homes.

Round Up (Oct 25): Coming NWO – NPC Meme – Satanic Killings – Sweden – Q: Trust the Plan? – Future of AI – Stephen Hawking Fool – Witches – Religion of Peace

Synchronicity That Reveals the Coming New World Order

Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in synchronicity? Or, do you believe in total random chaos? Pay attention, and think about what he says in the following video.

More on the NPC Meme

Great thread by @OnLogic. It really is the perfect meme. Have you ever seen anything more provocative? Has there ever been a meme that caused more reactions? (If so, I’ve never seen it!) The NPC meme either makes people have one of three reactions: they laugh, they rage, or they think. “Ask yourself how this system came to be, who benefits by it, and who controls it. It’s not hard to fleece America when all it’s citizens are on auto-pilot.” Orwellian? Yes, I think we can safely apply that label to what we’re seeing. Why else would Twitter have engaged their mass censorship so quickly, and clamped down on allowing the NPC meme to be spread on their platform?

And along those same lines, see the following…

Fun with Leftwing Science

Satanically-Inspired Killings

First, this guy: NC teen accused of beheading his mother found not guilty, sentenced to psychiatric care.He says Jesus made him do it? Who is the more likely inspiration: Jesus, the Prince of Peace or Satan the God of this World? Would the devil ever whisper a lie? Do you know what the scriptures say about these two personalities? Do you know anything about the nature of either of these people?

Next, these two young ladies: Police: 2 Florida girls planned school knife attack, were willing to drink blood to worship Satan. Yes, I know – Florida. It’s always Florida. “Both girls told officers they worshipped Satan, according to police.” This article provides more details, including the detail that these pre-teen girls wanted to eat people’s flesh. (Eeeew!)

Like I have said before: it doesn’t just matter what you believe – it sometimes matters what other people believe. (i.e. Just because you don’t think the devil is real or just because you think you know how someone is “supposed” to act doesn’t really change reality, does it?) These girls believed something and were willing to act on their beliefs.

Something or someone inspires acts like this. And it isn’t the God of the Bible or Jesus, who came to save people.

“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

What’s Wrong with Sweden?

A lot, apparently! Sweden seems to be pretty messed up in it’s own “special” way. I probably can’t completely diagnose their national problem, but I know they have something majorly wrong. Here, I present evidence of Sweden’s messed-up-ness…


Exhibit A:

What did I just watch?? Whatever it was…it wasn’t normal. And I don’t want to buy what they’re selling. (Because I’m what is called “normal”. Remember back when “normal” was…normal?)

Exhibit B:

Horge Borge: Implantur Der Chipper Unt Der Hander

Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access social media. How do you say “mark of the beast” in Swedish? Only a sheep-like populace will adopt this en masse. I can’t specifically say Sweden has more “sheeple” than the rest of the world (because Revelation describes the entire planet as one day falling for the anti-Christ), but WOW this seems dumb. Maybe it has something to do with widespread rejection of God in their society. Just maybe.

Exhibit C:
Sweden denies perfectly integrated white South Africans asylum – despite death threats against their 6yo daughter – Huh? “Bob, Betty and their daughter Dora, 6, live in the rural countryside of southern Sweden. Since they came here, they have worked and paid taxes, never been on welfare and never been a burden to society. But they are not wanted.” Does that make sense on any level? [In case you’re unaware, S. African “boers” are being killed and their property being seized by the government – hence this family’s desire to move elsewhere.]

Exhibit D:We can’t forget Sweden’s “hand grenade amnesty”. Yeah, Sweden apparently has an illegal hand grenade problem. And it’s not because of the tax-paying south Africans trying to move there.

Exhibit E:
How does this make any sense? Why would they do this – to avoid hurting the murder suspect’s feelings?

Q – Trust the Plan?

Are the images in this video fake or real? Are the charts fake or real? Are the claims made in this video true? Does the word “globalism” appear in the Bible, or not? Could the Bible be true?

Three final questions: if intelligent and driven psychopaths exist, would they wish to occupy positions of power? Does evil exist, or not? What is a reasonable person’s response when confronted with this information?

The Future of AI Looks Appealing

Do we want AI that’s creepy or menacing? No way! We want AI that’s friendly, attractive, and relatable. Right? Well, it’s here:

Wouldn’t this be the perfect virtual companion? Isn’t she pleasant and friendly-looking? She sure is. It just wouldn’t do to present an artificial intelligence that looks inhuman, cold, precise, and impersonal. (Even if, in truth, those are the true underlying characteristics of an AI.)

I wonder if they can make a male version who is just as captivating and inviting. And if they do, I wonder if he could one day speak to all of us world citizens and help rule our world. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Well…it might just turn out that way. Seems like I read about a similar scenario somewhere, in a very old book…

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Revelation 13:15

In Other News, Hawking Is a Fool

There is no God,’ says Stephen Hawking in final book. ‘Increasingly looking inward’. While Hawking spoke of his lack of belief in God during his life, several of his other answers are more surprising. “There are forms of intelligent life out there,” he writes. “We need to be wary of answering back until we have developed a bit further.” Five scientific predictions by Professor Stephen Hawking. From catastrophic climate change to alien invasion…Stephen Hawking forecast that genetic editing techniques will give rise to a breed of “superhumans” – “a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate”.

Yeah, some people almost worship this guy. And he may have a brilliant brain. But remember: he’s just a man. And also remember: smart people can still be fools. (He is exactly that.)

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 14:1

US Witch Population is Rising

According to recent data, the number of wiccans and pagans are growing in the US and they overwhelmingly are freedom-loving conservatives. Just kidding!

The article mentions feminist witches – which I would bet is more than just a “subset” of the exploding number witch/pagan/wicca acolytes. Why is it that anti-Christians tend to lean more towards “liberalism” (i.e. communism, socialism, neo-marxism)?

Religion of Peace Update

You have heard the ideology of Islam referred to as a “religion of peace”. I’m just not seeing it. All I keep seeing are headlines like this: Germany: Muslim migrant douses hostage with gas and straps homemade bomb to her. What am I missing? Where’s all the peace that Islam is supposed to bring?

Who is the one famous person who was called the Prince of Peace, anyway? What belief system is modeled after the Prince of Peace, and how does a person follow the man who was called the Prince of Peace?

Round Up (Oct. 17): Are You An NPC – Project Blue Book – Results of Islam – Terminator Robots – Is Abortion=Child Sacrifice? – Satanism

Brace yourself for a long-overdue news round-up, infused with opinionated commentary for your offense or enjoyment – depending on whether or not you’re an NPC…

Are You an NPC?

If you can think for yourself and hold a meaningful discussion with someone of a different opinion, you might be a real person. If you have a knee-jerk response to words that “trigger” you, and you repeat the opinions your peers without really knowing why you believe what you think you believe…you might be an NPC. So, what’s an NPC, you ask? Find out what an NPC is here and here and (maybe best of all) here.

Project Blue Book

I can’t wait to see this when it premieres. Alien-Hunting Agents Seek the Truth About UFOs in ‘Project Blue Book’. Will any of it be historically accurate? HA! This is made for amusement, not to inform. It certainly looks entertaining.

The Results of Islam

Just TELL Us What You REALLY Want
What to do when things get stabby? When you’re disarmed and surrounded by people who want to kill you…there’s not much you can do, except cower in fear, avoid eye contact, and hope for the best. Have you ever asked yourself why it is that wherever Islam arrives in formerly-Christian nations, there is a preponderance of knife attacks, acid-throwing attacks, car attacks, and other mayhem? Do you ever wonder why believers in Islam keep doing those same things – 100% guaranteed? Why is it that Canada, Sweden, Germany, England, and the other nations who keep importing Muslims have to (now) be on the lookout for unprovoked attacks? Did those nations ever previously have a problem with these types of violent occurrences within their borders? What led up to Sweden needing a “hand grenade amnesty”, and what kind of “gangs” are lobbing hand grenades?

I’ll guess we may never know.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota:

The Terminator Robots Have Arrived

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot shows upgraded agility in ‘Parkour’ video
There’s no escaping this.

Is Abortion Really Equivalent to Child Sacrifice?

In the past I’ve commented – perhaps somewhat provocatively – that abortion is the same thing as the child sacrifices to Moloch that were done in the ancient past. Of course, I am aware that the average mother does not go to the abortion clinic to have her child murdered as an act of Moloch-worship. Sheesh.

She might not know who or what Moloch even is, and you might not know, either. But a lot of us know. Here’s an interesting comment by RG Camara connecting the recent Kavanaugh battle…and Moloch:
“Make no mistake, however; this new level of lowness for the Left is, at its base, because they worship Moloch…Who is Moloch? In the Old Testament he was a demon to whom the Caananites regularly offered child sacrifice. That’s right, child sacrifice…And what made it worse was that the Israelites turned away from God and started to offer their own children to Moloch in sacrifice…And today, what is “super-duper, can-never-be-overturned precedence” for the Left with the Supreme Court?…Abortion. Child sacrifice….The Left has rammed through a lot since gaining control over the S.C. in the mid-1930s…But they worship nothing so much as child murder (abortion)…With Kavanaugh on the US Supreme Court, they fear not only this avenue will be closed to them, but also that one of their two most prized evils — child murder — will be banished from national protection…And why do they worship child murder so much?…Because Moloch demands his due.” [SOURCE]

I’ll be really generous and just say: most mothers who bring themselves (and the kid inside them) to visit the “abortion doctor” are just really bad moms. (That’s putting it lightly, but I’m trying to be nice.)

But some women do connect the two acts. Don’t believe me? I have a few things I’d like you to mull over. But first, how about a nice comic to lighten the mood? (after all – this is such a heavy subject)

So (apart from the women who were just plain bamboozled into getting their baby sucked outta them)…is abortion connected with child sacrifice? I can’t definitively tell you. All I can do is infer connections based on circumstances. (Birds of a feather, and all that.)

First, these witches are donating the proceeds of their hex ritual to Planned Parenthood. Read the article carefully.

Next, check out this article: Satanists emerge as advocate as Planned Parenthood restores Missouri abortion services. From the article: “Satanists. Abortion. Planned Parenthood. Where in the world would those three things have anything to do with one another?” The article goes on to make it seem like the Satanic Temple just wants to support one of their own…in the name of science. But there’s more to the story – believe me.

Before you accept the pro-abortion explanation of, “The reason pro-choicers are saying ‘hail Satan’ is just to troll pro-lifers,” think a bit more. And check out Dana Loesch’s piece on this:

Her point? These people are not intellectually “deep”, nor are they morally superior. Nor are they winning the argument. Nor are they making some kind of big eloquent point.

The “pro-choice” side would have you think that they are the (only) reasonable people. They are the ones with the good sense to reject religion and embrace science. They are the side that truly loves women. They are the “good guys”, as seen here: WATCH: Another Abortion Activist Assaults a Pro-Life Woman, Hitting Her With a Metal Clamp. Nice people, right? (FYI: they support using metal clamps on babies, too – so this isn’t such a big step.)

But what about a connection with child sacrifice? Zachary King claims he was part of a coven that used legal abortions as a way to legally perform child sacrifices. Is his story true? I can’t vouch for it – but nothing surprises me these days.

Going back further into ancient lore, before modern society but much later than the Biblical child sacrifices, witches often were connected with both abortion and with the eating of children. (Remember your fairy tales?)

From the summary of Witches, Disgust, and Anti-Abortion Propaganda in Imperial Rome by Debbie Felton:”Witches in Roman literature exhibit a predilection for harming infants in utero. Descriptions connecting witches with the womb express even more disgust than stories about witches killing young children and present the witch as the antithesis of a midwife: rather than helping children be born, witches prevent birth.” The summary is saying that this was nothing more than propaganda against the a-ok act of abortion. But another question we should ask is: why and how did this connection between witches and the killing of children begin – and is at least part of it factual?

In modern times, witches do seem to be overwhelmingly in support of abortion – for whatever reason. This guy, who looks like an old metalhead, has a couple of videos purposrting to show witches performing a ceremony outside an abortion clinic: Witch Coven Performs Spells Outside Ohio Abortion Clinic. If you don’t believe that’s what’s happening in the video, that’s ok but it looks like witches forming a triangle for a spell (to me). And whether or not you and I believe it – they apparently believe it.

And someone believes it enough to leave ceremonial witchcraft objects in that area, as shown in his next video:

Some people may just shrug this all off. “Meh, who cares? It’s legal. And I don’t believe in witches.” Ok, believe what you like. But even without the witchcraft/child sacrifice aspect of this – I still oppose abortion.

To me, it’s simple: abortion is the intentional killing – murder – of a human while they’re still in the mother’s womb. (Yeah, I like to keep things simple and define things clearly.) Other people cloak this event under layers and layers of more complicated, less-clear wording. This is why “pregnancy” mighht sound more “modern” and “scientific” – but you must admit it doesn’t pack the same visual punch and clear meaning of the older terminology “with child”. Words mean things, so it’s important to define your words.

“Now abortion is not called child sacrifice. And the victims are not called children. Different terms are used in an attempt to hide the reality of what is actually happening in this modern-day holocaust. Terms like fetal tissue, abortion, pro-choice, women’s rights, women’s health care, and other words are used to hide a reality: the killing of a human being made in the image of God! It’s murder! It’s child sacrifice.” [SOURCE]

I disagree with people who support child murder…but I suspect that for the most part, the people who choose to support abortion are not “dumb” or ignorant – they know exactly what they stand for. It’s their choice – and it really does come down to choice: “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

Whether or not abortion really has anything to do with witchcraft or satanism or child sacrifice…ask yourself this: are the origins of Planned Parenthood noble and is the fruit (i.e. the results) of abortion something to be desired and something positive?

And what is the logical conclusion of abortion? Ultimately, it leads to outright infanticide and the attitude described in this article: The Pagan Logic of Infanticide: Autonomy over Human Dignity

I urge you to watch this one video if you are undecided or curious.

And finally, for my NPC readers and those who love abortion…one last Martian Magazine comic for your enjoyment!

“The only thing that can save individual Americans now is the redeeming power and protection of Jesus Christ.” – from Scott Johnson


Just for some perspective on “satanism” and Satanism. A comment on a video from an occultist commenter on YouTube:
“The elites are the true Satanists and use silly groups like the Church of Satan as a cover and distraction. I am sure LaVey was paid well to play the front and also to keep certain celebrities drugged up and under their control. Real elites consider his “church” to be the McDonalds of occult practices and look down on the people who buy into it as being fools. The elites hate the atheists more than the Christians because at least Christians are smart enough to see the deception that is all around them.

Even if you don’t believe in anything, you have to admit that the occult and satanic emblems and symbols are everywhere and that Crowleian and Church of Satan beliefs are in almost every popular song since 1960. It is the Satanists who are pushing transhumanism, transgenderism and many other cultural isms that have started taking off in the last 150 years. But the deception is a lot older than that. It goes back to Babylon. Anyone who has spent time actually researching instead of just quoting a dude with a goatee or black robe would know this to be true. Like I said, even if you think it is all a deception and there is no God or Satan, you have to admit that there is a much larger agenda at work that is, at the very least, using Satanic ideals and dogmas to subtly control and change society while making society think they are doing this as some kind of “progress”. Satanists hide the truth that evolution is a physical impossibility. Why? Because it would make living beings the only thing in the known universe that is not decaying. The truth is that our world is in decay, humans are less intelligent now and that evolution was invented so people would view transhumanism as a natural progression and not as the abomination it is and will continue to be.”

Round Up (Sept. 20): Q on Roswell and Moon Landing – MK-Ultra Was Real – Truth About Liberals – Atheism Insanity

Q on Roswell Aliens and the Moon Landing

Finally, Q has addressed the subjects that really matter in a Q&A (or should I call it a QQ&A?). An anon asked: “Are we alone? Roswell?” and Q answered “No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space.” A couple of observations on this:

  • We certainly are not alone by any means. Right now, you are very likely being observed. You’re mistaken if you believe there is no spiritual realm. There is, and humans on planet earth are enmeshed within it just as much as we are enmeshed within the tangible physical realm we can see and touch. The Creator – God – is real. Other spirit beings exist as well.
  • Q’s alluding to past or current highly-classified contact with…non-human intelligencescould be truthful and valid. But if it occurred, does that necessarily mean that it was what it appeared to be? In other words, if communication was ever established(i.e. via psychic or electronic means), were we speaking with aliens – or something else altogether? If bodies were recovered from a “crashed UFO”, does that mean that they truly were aliens – or is another explanation possible? I think there are other possibilities, not limited to foreign counter-intelligence operations. [Note: Q does not state here that Roswell happened. It’s precarious to read too much beyond what was stated.]
Stargate – Kurt Russell’s greatest movie ever, besides The Thing. And Big Trouble in Little China. Oh yeah – and Tombstone.

Q is believable (in my estimation) because it’s evident that we are not alone. I base this on the Bible and I pair this with other non-Biblical proofs such as the Scole experiments (explain the “direct radio voice” phenomenon, for instance). Stargate was not just a decent Kurt Russell movie, it was also a two-decade-long CIA program to unlock psychic abilities (which they apparently had some success with).

It is rather simplistic to state “aliens are demons”, but that’s basically what it comes down to if you accept the Biblical paradigm. (A probable more “correct” version of that would be “aliens are fallen angels”.)

Someone also asked, “Did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programs? Is this why the Space Force was created?”. The answers that Q gives are, “False, moon landings are real. Programs exist that are outside of public domain.”. His answer makes total sense. If one reads a book such as Apollo (by Murray and Cox), you can’t help but believe that we did go to the moon. The feats of engineering, effort, and devotion in the lives of real people who made it happen are undeniable.

Evidence of one or more secret space programs is readily available depending on who you want to believe. Some of it is verifiable (such as the once-guarded existence of the National Reconnaissance Office and the existence of a manned space program known as Solar Warden as a result of Gary McKinnon‘s hacking into US Space Command computers), some of it is very interesting (but circumstantial) such as this video, and some of it is just interesting but unknown.

But does it make sense that the USA would have a secret space program? If we mean a “black” program to gain military advantage of the upper atmosphere or the space surrounding earth (or the moon), then absolutelyyes that makes sense. Our military would be foolish not to attempt dominance in space. So I think Q is correct on this as well, just from the practical reasoning perspective.

MK Ultra Was Real (and Might Still Be Active)

The History Channel website has a decent article about the very real, very non-theoretical mind-control program the CIA ran known as MK Ultra. Because of the seemingly sensational nature of the program, people tend to not believe it existed. Or they tend to think it was of minor importance. The cognitive dissonance is high with this one. But as previously documented in the news Round Ups on this humble blog, the linked History article is further verification that the CIA really and truly had (still has?) a well-funded, large-scale mind control division in place. Read it, and mentally digest this information. Did they learn any methods from their numerous experiments? Did they ever once employ those techniques? Do they still use the things they learned? Did knowledge of methods of human mind-manipulation spread to other people, agencies, or governments?

Of particular interest in this article is the “CIA carnal operations” under the umbrella of Operation Midnight Climax. To quote one of the head honchos of that particular effort, “I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun,” White later said. “Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

“Fun and games”, indeed. I wonder who the “All-Highest” is that he was referring to? Who do you think it was? A deity? If so, was it the god of this world?

And don’t forget that Senator Edward Kennedy oversaw congressional hearings investigating the effects of MK-Ultra in 1977. At that point in time, MK-Ultra was something that had been in place from approximately 20 years. This tells us at least two things:

  • MK-Ultra existed; it was real.
  • MK-Ultra was granted long-term funding and priority; it was not a “flash in the pan” but was significant.

The CIA has had it’s hand in many arcane efforts. MK-Ultra was just one of many, in a web of experimental programs involving things outside the surface reality of the physical world.

Liberals are like…

I wonder if this contains a kernel of truth or not: ‘Liberals are like the aliens in Mars Attacks broadcasting “Don’t run. We are your friends,” as they incinerate people. All they say is lies. Words are nothing more to them than a means to keep their enemies distracted and divided long enough to kill them.’ Open borders comes to mind. The “resistance” comes to mind. What do you think?

BONUS QUOTE: “The worst speculations about Pizzagate and Eyes Wide Shut are minor-league stuff compared to what the evil ones REALLY want to do. You and I can’t fully grasp this, because our imaginations are not perverted enough, but that doesn’t constrain ‘them’.” This is why, when an unsettling truth is revealed, a person will scream the words meant to end all debates: “conspiracy theory!”.

Religion Is Sane. Atheism is Insane.

A “sane” person is someone who is “of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill”. Their mind – called the “soul” in the Bible – is whole, complete, and healthy. The Bible teaches this, and science has finally caught up to the Bible in this regard.

“A new study…finds that kids and teens who are raised with religious or spiritual practices tend to have better health and mental health as they age.”

“It turned out that those who attended religious services at least once a week as children or teens were about 18% more likely to report being happier in their 20s than those who never attended services. They were also almost 30% more likely to do volunteer work and 33% less likely to use drugs in their 20s as well.”

If the Bible and this Harvard study are correct, it means that religion represents mental health. Logically it follows that rejection of religion is mentally unhealthy. Therefore, atheism is insane.

Round Up (Sept 18): QAnon Proof – New Age UFO Cults – AI Killbots – MK Ultra

Proof Q / QAnon is Real

So Q foretold that the FISA declassification order would be a “red carpet event”. (Start at the Q drop from Sept 15 and read onward – it becomes increasingly obvious and specific.) Now we know what that means. The order to declas was revealed to the public by the White House in conjunction with the Emmys. All I can say is “wow“. A Q proof if there ever was one!

[For those who have no clue who or what “Q” is, let PrayingMedic explain:]

UFO Cults and the New Age Connection

I’ve stated before that I do not believe in aliens. That does not mean, however, that UFO-related phenomenon does not occur. What it means is that UFO phenomenon is not what you think it is. I’ll allow my reader to piece things together (although I’ve dropped some huge hints in previous posts about what I believe). One very interesting article is this one about UFO cultists in Brazil. What do UFOs and aliens have to do with New Age practices such as psychic phenomenon and channeling, you ask? Good question. Dig, read, and think about it.

Do we have “messages” and channeled communications with “aliens”? (Check out the New Age section of any bookstore.) Do we have witnesses to UFOs? (Many.) Do we have people who believe they were abducted? (Many.) Do we have a physical craft in our possession or an alien body anywhere that we can observe? (No. Not even photos.)

Also see this: Aliens insist UFO Cult members renounce Jesus Christ – Eddie Bennett Story. Think: If Jesus Christ is not real, why do “entities” place such importance on humans renouncing Him?

What does this tell you?

Killer AI Robots

Killbots are not a new subject for this blog. But here’s a new article highlighting the very real possible threat of criminals using killbots as assassination drones. It’s a frightening and very realistic scenario.

Is MK Ultra Real?

Read this article. View the videos. Does seem ridiculous to call it a “theory”?

Round-Up (Sept 12): Web Censorship – Techno-Tyranny – Exorcist on Demons – Robots – Chinese Church Persecution

Web Censorship Continues

Reddit just banned the “Great Awakening” board as of 1:40PM CST on 11/12/18, which was devoted to the discussion of QAnon-related topics. Too much truth in there, apparently! (The reason given by Reddit had to do with inciting violence – which I never saw happen once – and the usual lies.)

See all the SurvivalBlog article Preventing the Statists’ Planned Coup de Maître. I should stress that this is NOT “conspiracy theory”. This is just plain conspiracy.

Techno-Tyranny: We Will Force You To Be “Good”

If the transhumanists get their way, there will be no need for thought police – because want to police people from the inside. Now, they’re advocating something called “moral enhancement”. Basically, inject people or cause people via covert means to ingest some substance (infused with nano-technology?) that will cause brain alterations that affect how they think. In other words, change people against their will so they are guaranteed to “behave”.

Protecting the World Through Moral Bioenhancement
Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert. “it is morally preferable for compulsory moral bioenhancement to be administered without the recipients knowing that they are receiving the enhancement.”

It’s a matter of “public health” after all! Now, think and ask: who is the decider of what is proper and moral? Who gets the power to enforce this? Could this be used for evil? Is this another marker of the road to techo-tyranny by an AI Beast?

Leading U.S. Exorcist: Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is Demonic, Likely to Get Worse

I’m not a Catholic but I agree with many of the things pointed out in this article.
“According to Fr. Thomas, the age-old taunt — “who’s going to believe you?” — is a Satanic message that is meant to silence sexual abuse victims.”
“Convincing people that no one will believe them is what Satan says when something is so outside the bounds of what is reasonable as to be unbelievable,” Father Thomas said. “Reading the accounts of what those children in Pennsylvania went through [as detailed in the Grand Jury Report] we wonder, how could this happen?” he continued. “It’s other-worldly—outside what people thought was possible — that’s what makes it demonic.”

If you’ve ever wondered if the allegations are true, how it could happen…and why children are the target, here’s a pretty good explanation why:
“Fr. Thomas explained why sexual abuse of children is especially heinous. ‘By sexually abusing children, Satan desires to destroy the icon of the kingdom of God. He wants to destroy the most innocent version of humanity, which is the child,’ he said.”

He went on to explain demonically-directed organizations: “ISIS is a satanically driven organization because they have a premediated will to kill as many as possible who don’t believe their way of life,” he explained. “Even drug cartels are demonic and often pray to Satan to curse their drugs and they refer to Satan as their father and pray to him. I’ve seen documentaries on this and attended workshops with government task forces and prayed over some of the cops because of what they are dealing with.”
Yep. Amen. Exactly right.

Robot Watch

Killer Robots – “A.I. is a bigger concern than terrorism or climate change, according to the new head of the British Science Association.”

Killer robot TERROR: UK and US warned AI brains can be ‘radicalised’ for MASS MURDER

Real Life Blade Runner Sex Bots – Sex robot with FULL BODY movement just like in Blade Runner ‘almost ready’

Exoskeletons – Russia ROBOCOP: Lethal exoskeleton suits for soldiers ready for warfare. Think of the power loader from ALIEN.

Chinese “Underground” Churches…Or Persecution of God’s People?

I don’t like the term “underground church” because it implies something wrong or sneaky about being a believer in the God who made everyone and everything. No human ruler and no government is higher than God.

“China’s government is…destroying crosses, burning bibles, shutting churches and ordering followers to sign papers renouncing their faith, according to pastors and a group that monitors religion in China.” [SOURCE]

“China’s Christian believers are split between those who attend unofficial “house” or “underground” churches and those who attend government-sanctioned places of worship.” “Zion’s attendees were also given pamphlets of officially sanctioned churches that they might attend instead.”
“On this land, the only one we can trust in is God,” Jin said. [SOURCE]

Round Up (Sept 6): God’s Friends – Tower of Babel – Understanding Trump – Square UFO – Google Censorship – Coming AI Beast

Are God’s Friends…Losers?

A recent study published in the Journal of Personality entitled When God is your only friend: Religious beliefs compensate for purpose in life in the socially disconnected has found that only losers believe in God.

Well, that’s not word-for-word what the study concluded – the authors actually stated “socially disconnected individuals may leverage their religious beliefs for purpose and social comfort”. But in the re-hash of the study – ‘Friending’ God Can Restore Purpose In Life For Lonely Or Anti-Social People – the “losers” vibe is more palpable.

In this view, “Only the lonely” wasn’t just a great Roy Orbison song or a decent John Candy movie (RIP) – it’s also a description of people who believe in God (according to the re-hash article). It says that only lonely losers who can’t forge social connections with “real” people turn to God. And this is was what Jesse Ventura and Madeleine Murray O’Hair believed: “religion is a crutch for weak-minded people”. [As a sidenote, O’Hair led a sad life and suffered a tragic death. Her hatred toward God and even her own son permeated her existence. Compare the fruits of atheism with a life lived for God, and the contrast is undeniable. I would think that even an atheist would admit that a life lived for Christ is objectively better than one lived for self.]

But is that true? Are people who believe in God…lonely losers? Maybe some people who believe in God are lonely. But are all the people who fill church pews each week actually just lonely? Are preachers of the Gospel just seeking popularity? Are missionaries all on a quest to find people to be their friend? Were the disciples all introverts?

If you haven’t seen it for what it is, the “Friending God” article is simply a bit of dressed-up anti-God propaganda. A thought weapon. Can you spot the jabs at believers in God (and God Himself) in the article? Now think about the vast numbers of readers who absorbed the message of the article without examining it’s true underlying message.

Well, how about this angle?: A friend of the world is an enemy of God (James 4:4). Atheists would rather you be God’s enemy than just about anything else.

It’s true that people with problems need God – and God is a friend to people. Abraham was called the Friend of God (James 2:23). Jesus acknowledged that His critics saw Him as a friend of sinners (Luke 7:34). God spoke to Moses as a friend (Exodus 33:11). Proverbs 18:24 alludes to the LORD as a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

What is wrong with any of that? Truth is…nothing. It is an honor and privilege to be Jesus’ friend – and He stated that we can be just that: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”

Jesus is a real person, and He offers you His friendship. Who in their right mind would refuse Him?

The Tower of Babel Was REAL?

No way! (Yes way.)

Want to Understand Trump?

People have a lot of opinions about the U.S. President and many of them say things to try and make themselves feel good. “Not my President!” “I like Trump, but he needs to stop tweeting.” “He’s a buffoon.”

But a lot of people – most people – have very little actual insight into Donald Trump. It’s not that we can’t understand him. Most of us just haven’t taken a few moments to try to understand him. Scott Adams is one person who seems to understand the Pres and has offered some explanations.

The former publisher of Forbes, Jeff Cunningham, is another person who understands Trump. He explains Trump in his article Sun Tzu And the Trump Doctrine. The article is from way back in March of 2017. Did he get it right?

Square UFO Sighting

Well this is a new one – I’ve seen plenty of round UFO photos. And the famous Phoenix lights were triangular. But this is the first square-shaped UFO I am aware of. It appeared in Charlotte, NC and made the news recently.
A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky ‘scared me to death,’ NC man says

Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want you To Visit

I’ve recently documented various censorship techniques by the big sites. The biggest and most powerful is Google. As documented by Thomas Dishaw, “Google describes exactly how they plan to suppress any information they deem unfit for readers,” and he offers some resources to keep yourself fully informed and out-of-the-dark as possible. This is his “comprehensive list of great sites broken down by category that do an excellent job in their respective field”: Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

A “Church” Supporting Abortion

Yes, because it’s the United Methodists and of course they are. United Methodist Church Proposes New Position Statement Saying “We Support Abortion”

More Hints of the Coming AI Beast

It seems like I’ve heard about this before: Advanced Artificial Intelligence Could Run The World Better Than Humans Ever Could. I wonder if this will be implemented, and if so, will it be placed into a humanoid robot? Hmm…I wonder.

A Welcome Mat for the Space Brothers

This guy made a landing pad for UFOs. Interestingly, he describes a UFO as being like burnished metal which echoes Ezekiel’s description of the cherubim – which may be connected to the modern phenomenon we call “UFO sightings”, but which may have a much more ancient origin.

Round Up (Aug. 30): Gene Simmons of KISS – Transhumanism – Why People Don’t Get the Bible – Q and 17 – Deep State Child Abuse – Communist Infiltration of Schools

The Day Gene Simmons of KISS Received the Gospel

This interested me in part because I used to love KISS. “Russ Dizdar reminisces on the day he met Gene Simmons(from heavy metal group KISS) and God allowed him to share salvation with him.”

The very last words of this clip are true – God gives everyone an opportunity.

Try to Tell Yourself Transhumanism Is Normal

This “Human Cyborg” is what the media wants you to accept. “This is normal.” (It’s not.)

Why People (Usually) Balk at the Bible

Not understanding or disbelieving the Bible is usually the result of one of three faults. Each is the fault of the reader, not the Bible. There are some reasons people don’t “get” the Bible. They are:

  1. Not taking the time to find out who is being spoken to in the passage.
  2. Not reading the whole context of a passage.
  3. Not making the effort to gather all the facts regarding a passage.

Q and 17

Tying into my series on symbols (part 1 here), I should mention that numbers can be used to symbolize things. Steve Quayle commented on this article: “SEVENTEEN IS THE NUMBER OF PRESERVATION IN THE MIDST OF GODS JUDGMENT! NOT GOOD “.

But I couldn’t help but think about 17 when I read about the Jacksonville video game tournament shooting. What game were they playing? Madden 17. And speaking of symbolism, the shooter Katz (think: “cats”) did this on August 26th – National Dog Day.

Giant Golden Library

“There were giants in the earth in those days.” Hunt for the Metal Library – Expedition Unknown S04E06.

Is a Deep State Child Abuse Ring Really and Truly Possible?

I asked if such things are even possible – and came to a conclusion. Still don’t believe Q’s allegations about deep state child abuse? Read this. Bad enough for ya? Believable enough for ya?

McCarthy Was Onto Something

Socialists (and Communists) have been infiltrating institutions for years. Decades. This is nothing new.
Democratic Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because ‘They Can’t Win in the Battle of Ideas’…’if they teach history, they’re going to lose’.