Round-Up (Sept 12): Web Censorship – Techno-Tyranny – Exorcist on Demons – Robots – Chinese Church Persecution

Web Censorship Continues

Reddit just banned the “Great Awakening” board as of 1:40PM CST on 11/12/18, which was devoted to the discussion of QAnon-related topics. Too much truth in there, apparently! (The reason given by Reddit had to do with inciting violence – which I never saw happen once – and the usual lies.)

See all the SurvivalBlog article Preventing the Statists’ Planned Coup de Maître. I should stress that this is NOT “conspiracy theory”. This is just plain conspiracy.

Techno-Tyranny: We Will Force You To Be “Good”

If the transhumanists get their way, there will be no need for thought police – because want to police people from the inside. Now, they’re advocating something called “moral enhancement”. Basically, inject people or cause people via covert means to ingest some substance (infused with nano-technology?) that will cause brain alterations that affect how they think. In other words, change people against their will so they are guaranteed to “behave”.

Protecting the World Through Moral Bioenhancement
Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert. “it is morally preferable for compulsory moral bioenhancement to be administered without the recipients knowing that they are receiving the enhancement.”

It’s a matter of “public health” after all! Now, think and ask: who is the decider of what is proper and moral? Who gets the power to enforce this? Could this be used for evil? Is this another marker of the road to techo-tyranny by an AI Beast?

Leading U.S. Exorcist: Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is Demonic, Likely to Get Worse

I’m not a Catholic but I agree with many of the things pointed out in this article.
“According to Fr. Thomas, the age-old taunt — “who’s going to believe you?” — is a Satanic message that is meant to silence sexual abuse victims.”
“Convincing people that no one will believe them is what Satan says when something is so outside the bounds of what is reasonable as to be unbelievable,” Father Thomas said. “Reading the accounts of what those children in Pennsylvania went through [as detailed in the Grand Jury Report] we wonder, how could this happen?” he continued. “It’s other-worldly—outside what people thought was possible — that’s what makes it demonic.”

If you’ve ever wondered if the allegations are true, how it could happen…and why children are the target, here’s a pretty good explanation why:
“Fr. Thomas explained why sexual abuse of children is especially heinous. ‘By sexually abusing children, Satan desires to destroy the icon of the kingdom of God. He wants to destroy the most innocent version of humanity, which is the child,’ he said.”

He went on to explain demonically-directed organizations: “ISIS is a satanically driven organization because they have a premediated will to kill as many as possible who don’t believe their way of life,” he explained. “Even drug cartels are demonic and often pray to Satan to curse their drugs and they refer to Satan as their father and pray to him. I’ve seen documentaries on this and attended workshops with government task forces and prayed over some of the cops because of what they are dealing with.”
Yep. Amen. Exactly right.

Robot Watch

Killer Robots – “A.I. is a bigger concern than terrorism or climate change, according to the new head of the British Science Association.”

Killer robot TERROR: UK and US warned AI brains can be ‘radicalised’ for MASS MURDER

Real Life Blade Runner Sex Bots – Sex robot with FULL BODY movement just like in Blade Runner ‘almost ready’

Exoskeletons – Russia ROBOCOP: Lethal exoskeleton suits for soldiers ready for warfare. Think of the power loader from ALIEN.

Chinese “Underground” Churches…Or Persecution of God’s People?

I don’t like the term “underground church” because it implies something wrong or sneaky about being a believer in the God who made everyone and everything. No human ruler and no government is higher than God.

“China’s government is…destroying crosses, burning bibles, shutting churches and ordering followers to sign papers renouncing their faith, according to pastors and a group that monitors religion in China.” [SOURCE]

“China’s Christian believers are split between those who attend unofficial “house” or “underground” churches and those who attend government-sanctioned places of worship.” “Zion’s attendees were also given pamphlets of officially sanctioned churches that they might attend instead.”
“On this land, the only one we can trust in is God,” Jin said. [SOURCE]

Round Up (Sept 6): God’s Friends – Tower of Babel – Understanding Trump – Square UFO – Google Censorship – Coming AI Beast

Are God’s Friends…Losers?

A recent study published in the Journal of Personality entitled When God is your only friend: Religious beliefs compensate for purpose in life in the socially disconnected has found that only losers believe in God.

Well, that’s not word-for-word what the study concluded – the authors actually stated “socially disconnected individuals may leverage their religious beliefs for purpose and social comfort”. But in the re-hash of the study – ‘Friending’ God Can Restore Purpose In Life For Lonely Or Anti-Social People – the “losers” vibe is more palpable.

In this view, “Only the lonely” wasn’t just a great Roy Orbison song or a decent John Candy movie (RIP) – it’s also a description of people who believe in God (according to the re-hash article). It says that only lonely losers who can’t forge social connections with “real” people turn to God. And this is was what Jesse Ventura and Madeleine Murray O’Hair believed: “religion is a crutch for weak-minded people”. [As a sidenote, O’Hair led a sad life and suffered a tragic death. Her hatred toward God and even her own son permeated her existence. Compare the fruits of atheism with a life lived for God, and the contrast is undeniable. I would think that even an atheist would admit that a life lived for Christ is objectively better than one lived for self.]

But is that true? Are people who believe in God…lonely losers? Maybe some people who believe in God are lonely. But are all the people who fill church pews each week actually just lonely? Are preachers of the Gospel just seeking popularity? Are missionaries all on a quest to find people to be their friend? Were the disciples all introverts?

If you haven’t seen it for what it is, the “Friending God” article is simply a bit of dressed-up anti-God propaganda. A thought weapon. Can you spot the jabs at believers in God (and God Himself) in the article? Now think about the vast numbers of readers who absorbed the message of the article without examining it’s true underlying message.

Well, how about this angle?: A friend of the world is an enemy of God (James 4:4). Atheists would rather you be God’s enemy than just about anything else.

It’s true that people with problems need God – and God is a friend to people. Abraham was called the Friend of God (James 2:23). Jesus acknowledged that His critics saw Him as a friend of sinners (Luke 7:34). God spoke to Moses as a friend (Exodus 33:11). Proverbs 18:24 alludes to the LORD as a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

What is wrong with any of that? Truth is…nothing. It is an honor and privilege to be Jesus’ friend – and He stated that we can be just that: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”

Jesus is a real person, and He offers you His friendship. Who in their right mind would refuse Him?

The Tower of Babel Was REAL?

No way! (Yes way.)

Want to Understand Trump?

People have a lot of opinions about the U.S. President and many of them say things to try and make themselves feel good. “Not my President!” “I like Trump, but he needs to stop tweeting.” “He’s a buffoon.”

But a lot of people – most people – have very little actual insight into Donald Trump. It’s not that we can’t understand him. Most of us just haven’t taken a few moments to try to understand him. Scott Adams is one person who seems to understand the Pres and has offered some explanations.

The former publisher of Forbes, Jeff Cunningham, is another person who understands Trump. He explains Trump in his article Sun Tzu And the Trump Doctrine. The article is from way back in March of 2017. Did he get it right?

Square UFO Sighting

Well this is a new one – I’ve seen plenty of round UFO photos. And the famous Phoenix lights were triangular. But this is the first square-shaped UFO I am aware of. It appeared in Charlotte, NC and made the news recently.
A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky ‘scared me to death,’ NC man says

Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want you To Visit

I’ve recently documented various censorship techniques by the big sites. The biggest and most powerful is Google. As documented by Thomas Dishaw, “Google describes exactly how they plan to suppress any information they deem unfit for readers,” and he offers some resources to keep yourself fully informed and out-of-the-dark as possible. This is his “comprehensive list of great sites broken down by category that do an excellent job in their respective field”: Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

A “Church” Supporting Abortion

Yes, because it’s the United Methodists and of course they are. United Methodist Church Proposes New Position Statement Saying “We Support Abortion”

More Hints of the Coming AI Beast

It seems like I’ve heard about this before: Advanced Artificial Intelligence Could Run The World Better Than Humans Ever Could. I wonder if this will be implemented, and if so, will it be placed into a humanoid robot? Hmm…I wonder.

A Welcome Mat for the Space Brothers

This guy made a landing pad for UFOs. Interestingly, he describes a UFO as being like burnished metal which echoes Ezekiel’s description of the cherubim – which may be connected to the modern phenomenon we call “UFO sightings”, but which may have a much more ancient origin.

Round Up (Aug. 30): Gene Simmons of KISS – Transhumanism – Why People Don’t Get the Bible – Q and 17 – Deep State Child Abuse – Communist Infiltration of Schools

The Day Gene Simmons of KISS Received the Gospel

This interested me in part because I used to love KISS. “Russ Dizdar reminisces on the day he met Gene Simmons(from heavy metal group KISS) and God allowed him to share salvation with him.”

The very last words of this clip are true – God gives everyone an opportunity.

Try to Tell Yourself Transhumanism Is Normal

This “Human Cyborg” is what the media wants you to accept. “This is normal.” (It’s not.)

Why People (Usually) Balk at the Bible

Not understanding or disbelieving the Bible is usually the result of one of three faults. Each is the fault of the reader, not the Bible. There are some reasons people don’t “get” the Bible. They are:

  1. Not taking the time to find out who is being spoken to in the passage.
  2. Not reading the whole context of a passage.
  3. Not making the effort to gather all the facts regarding a passage.

Q and 17

Tying into my series on symbols (part 1 here), I should mention that numbers can be used to symbolize things. Steve Quayle commented on this article: “SEVENTEEN IS THE NUMBER OF PRESERVATION IN THE MIDST OF GODS JUDGMENT! NOT GOOD “.

But I couldn’t help but think about 17 when I read about the Jacksonville video game tournament shooting. What game were they playing? Madden 17. And speaking of symbolism, the shooter Katz (think: “cats”) did this on August 26th – National Dog Day.

Giant Golden Library

“There were giants in the earth in those days.” Hunt for the Metal Library – Expedition Unknown S04E06.

Is a Deep State Child Abuse Ring Really and Truly Possible?

I asked if such things are even possible – and came to a conclusion. Still don’t believe Q’s allegations about deep state child abuse? Read this. Bad enough for ya? Believable enough for ya?

McCarthy Was Onto Something

Socialists (and Communists) have been infiltrating institutions for years. Decades. This is nothing new.
Democratic Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because ‘They Can’t Win in the Battle of Ideas’…’if they teach history, they’re going to lose’.

Round Up (Aug 25): Bicyclists Killed By ISIS – Tekashi 6ix9ine – Witchcraft – George Soros – Illuminati Hollywood Explained

Today’s news Round Up is not as lengthy as others, but not due to lack of interesting items in the world. Mostly, I’ve been busy and working on part 2 of my symbolism article.

What is atheism, anyway? Atheism is basically just hatred of God, dressed up in the suit of intellectualism.

The Verdict Is In: Evil IS Real

You’ve probably heard about the two supremely naive vegan bicyclists from DC who got deaded in Tajikistan. Cyclists Claimed Evil Was ‘Make-Believe,’ Killed In Trip Through ISIS Territory.

No, that is NOT a satirical headline from “The Onion” – these were real people who met a tragic end due to a denial of reality. They were libs who didn’t believe that evil was real, so they went to the other side of the world and got killed by ISIS.

According to an NPR article about the two pedaling progressives, Austin wrote in April: “Badness exists, sure, but even that’s quite rare.”

Not too rare in ISIS-land, however! For people like him (i.e. white, naive, soft, and infidel), he went to the epicenter of getting killed.

The #1 lesson to learn from this is: “Avoid going to places that end in ‘-stan’.” No sympathy. He shoulda known.

The #2 lesson that should be plain to see is: “Evil IS real.”

The #3 lesson we should divine from these peoples story is: “Badness might be rare, but it is interested in finding you.”

You might have wondered, why do people sometimes absolutely refuse to acknowledge the reality of evil?

A quote from The Nature of Now explains some of it:
“The misunderstanding of many on the right is that those espousing evil principles can be trusted to ‘live and let live.’ [They can’t. – SP] I hear this often by decent people, and while on its surface it speaks to their desire to avoid conflict, it also betrays a lack of understanding about what they are confronting. Live and let live is merely an opportunity for evil to retreat and regroup. Most of us have had a steady diet of postmodernist thought fed to us since birth…we have been inculcated with the idea that good and evil have this give and take relationship…One of the primary reasons for the success evil has enjoyed, specifically in the last five decades, is that many of us will refuse to acknowledge the natural result of a person espousing evil ideals and living those out.”

Summary of the above: The reason so many people don’t believe certain truths is they refuse to believe in evil. Part of the set of facts scares them, so they decide to not know any of it. You know people like that.

The attitude is shown in the following comment on Heartiste: “none of this can be true because that would be conspiracy theory and we are told by those who are so well informed and logical that that would be irrational for doubting the official narrative.” LOL. Pretty much.

Degenerate Music Has Come a Long Way

It used to be Elvis was called a bad influence. So then what is this guy? An evil-looking low-life criminal rapper is still in demand as a highly popular performer. Normal people see news items like this and ask questions: What is wrong with the music industry? Is all music the same? Is all culture equally valid?

Well, what can you expect from people who have rejected truth and beauty? “Degenerates need proper guidance and to be kept on a short leash.” So THAT’S how our society kept things together in the old days.

Children Accused of Witchcraft in UK

I read things like this, and contrast it with the faith in the Bible. The people described in this article are caught up in the primitive animism, ancestor worship, and witchcraft. Superstition. If any of these people knew Christ, they would know better. But they are ignorant of the truth, so they think that they need to torture people to expel demons.

Are all religions the same? Is Christianity just another religious belief system just like all the others? Is anything different about it? What is different about Christian salvation, specifically? Are the results of Christianity different? Do Christian ethics and morals build up or tear down? Is a life lived for Christ well-lived – or is it better to live for “self”?

The Hand of Soros

Details Of Communist Ocasio-Cortez’s Ties To George Soros Exposed. Is George Soros really behind these things? Does he really believe what he’s said he beleives? Is he all talk or does he take action? If he takes action on his beliefs – and they’re public record – how can anyone doubt that this is real?

Hollywood Illuminati Pedos

Want to know the truth about Hollywood and its satanic Illuminati system? Tiffany Fitzhenry understands the pyramid system.

Key quote: “they are signaling”

Just go through her Twitter images for a fairly convincing commentary on the situation in Hellywood.

Round-Up (Aug. 21): Deep State – Q – Satanic Temple – Paganism – Censorship – Alien Abductions

Are the Alleged Sins of the Deep State Believable?

I recently pondered the question of whether or not the weird rumors about the so-called “elites” could even be true (supposed child sex abuse, kidnapping, satan worship, and more) in this post on the Deep State. In that post, I brought up some past proven examples of just these sorts of things. (Some of you added additional examples in the comments.)

For visitors might still be skeptical about the possibilities – either because they seem too big to cover up or because you don’t think humans are capable of such horrors – here are some recent news items to add to the evidence that these things could be so:

Farm orgies involving three men having sex with horses, cows, goat and dogs for five years discovered by police – the title says it all. Do you think people aren’t capable of the most sickening sins? See Romans 1:24, Romans 1:26 and especially Romans 1:32 if you want to know why and how people get away with these things for so long. [The reprobate mind is a real thing my friends – and the human heart really is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. The proof we each need the Savior is all around us, constantly!]

‘Potentially thousands’ of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms – How could thousands of children become enslaved in a modern city? It happened. Is it conceivable that there are other child slave operations that have not been caught – or are being protected? Think!!

Myrtle Beach man accused of wanting to enslave, eat child sentenced to probation – Yes, that headline is accurate. The way it’s explained? Take your pick: he had “autism” and/or he was “joking”. JOKING…just like all the celebrities I highlighted in this article on Hollywood Pedos.

Another Take On “Q”

Vox Day’s post The confidence game brought to mind a pretty good movie called House of Games from 1987. A “long con” is the focus of the movie. And that’s what Vox Day is highlighting in a way.

Don’t follow? Then peruse this thread: The Great Mystery has been why there are no perp walks yet, despite oceans of evidence. Maybe this 8chan autist has solved it. and view this infographic (click to enbiggen it) or this modified annotated version.

Satan’s Special Olympians

This Satanic Temple Rally was supposed to be edgy and rebellious, I’m sure. Maybe the people feel ominous and powerful because they are in league with the prince of darkness™. I don’t really know, but when I see these people I just think of them as sad losers. And I truly feel sad for them, believe it or not.

I mean, they think they’ve got it right – but they’ve literally chosen to side with a loser (spoiler: satan loses at the end). I feel sad for atheists as well, but in a different way – because they’re just spiritually blind (or have pride issues).

But a worshipper of satan? They chose to be on the side of the devil…and they look pitiful. I bet satan even laughs at them for how dorky they are.

I don’t mean to insult mentally-challenged people at all, believe me. But I can’t help but think of these kinds of people as satan’s “short bus” students. You know, the special kids who have to wear helmets. Sad!

Paganism Can’t Save the West

To highlight something from Vox Day again, because it’s pretty smart: “What we’re actually seeing – this is kind of ironic – the interest in paganism, particularly on the part of young Westerners, is a reaction to two things. Number one, it’s a reaction to the increased number of Muslims in the West, but number two, it’s also a reaction to the complete failure of atheism. It’s a reaction to the failure of secular societySecular humanism has completely failed and so because of that people are looking for alternatives.Yes, I can see it. Everyone needs the true God in their lives.

The REAL Truth About Fake News…and Social Media Censorship

Mask Off – Social Media Censor King REVEALED. Read it. Who is involved? Who is funding it? What does “fake news” mean according to their definition?

More Alien Abductions in the News

I couldn’t help but link to this article. Again, not just UFOs but alien abductions in the news. And this time, it’s a major political candidate who claims to be an abductee. What is going on here?? The Daily Crow pointed her out as well, and linked to the following video, which I like:

By Their “Fruits” You Shall Know Them

Politico Takes Heat for Blaming Roy Cohn’s Death by AIDS on His ‘Decadent Homosexual Lifestyle’. An article about an article that hit too close to home – and the truth. (See Romans 1, once again.) And as far as the “offensive” phrase that was censored? File this one under “duh”.

Deep-State Child Trafficking – Is Such a Thing Even Possible?

If you keep up with the Q drops or recent allegations about #PizzaGate, the Podestas, the Clintons, or Hollywood – you know there are some heavy, heavy things being alleged. One of the most unbelievable accusations is that there’s some sort of world-wide nefarious child trafficking network.

And that’s impossibly crazy!! It’s not even worth considering! (Or is it? I suggest you read to the end of this article. You might be very surprised.)

Bill Maher mocked these ideas in his recent “I, Q” monologue where he made fun of Q believers and Trump supporters, saying “Almost half of Trump voters already believe Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring – out of a pizza parlor.”
According to Maher, Obviously It Can't Be True - Trump Voters Are Just Dumb

According to Maher, the very idea of such a thing happening is ludicrous and shouldn’t even be considered. His message is that Trump voters are stupid conspiracy theorists who will believe anything.

If you listen to Bill Maher and others like him, you’d conclude there’s nothing see here – without even trying to investigate. (I’m not the only one who thinks that’s intellectually lazy and irresponsible, right?)

Granted, I think the accusations sound a bit far-fetched and crazy, too. The conspiracy theories revolving around the elite crowd (i.e. Clintons, Hollywood directors and actors, government agents, billionaires) involves one or more of the following elements:

  • Kidnapping of children
  • Pedophilia
  • Secret underage sex parties arranged for the elites
  • Child sacrifice (!)
  • Belief in Satanism/witchcraft/luciferianism/etc
  • Sex dungeons
  • Sex slavery

Crazy stuff. Who would think that a famous politician would ever be involved in anything like that? Why would any well-known entertainer or Hollywood executive take such risks? How could savvy business figures be so depraved? Why on earth would representatives of prominent families do such things?

Aren’t these all really good people? Don’t they all tell the truth all the time? Because of their position and standing in this world, doesn’t that prove that they’re morally upright??

I jest. (I realize sarcasm doesn’t always come across well via the written word.) My point is not only that it’s possible for anyone to be evil, but I also want to say these things have provably happened before.

There has been at least one well-documented child trafficking ring that was run by a prominent member of society and aided by powerful politicians. It wasn’t in some third-world country, either: it happened in the United States and was deeply connected to some very famous names in Hollywood.

Here’s a challenge: Guess who was involved.

Did you think of the Smallville actress Allison Mack, who recruited young women into a “sex sorority” where they were branded? That would be a good guess, since it also involves a prominent family – Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman was charged with sex trafficking for this elite sex cult. And it would also be a good guess because the cult leader stands accused of raping 12-year-old girls – so it involved the pedophilia angle as well. The “elite” angle is pretty good here; after all, Mack was released on a $5 million bail and Bronfman posted a $100 million bail! And all of this happened in the U.S.A. (and the court cases are still current). But that’s not the case I’m referring to. (Also, even though it was a cult, there’s no satanism being reported – the one being worshiped seems to be the leader, Keith Raneire.)

Jimmy Savile with Margaret Thatcher at Event to Help the ChildrenMaybe you guessed Jimmy Saville? That would seem like a good guess. Before his death in 2011, Savile was an extremely well-known celebrity – a star who had been in the spotlight for decades. He had been known as a comedian, TV host, and was renowned for his charitable work in hospitals. But now we know he abused hundreds of children (boys and girls) over his decades-long career – and that’s just the stuff that has been proven and reported. And he had government connections: some accounts say he was a supplier for government officials who had a taste for child sex, but at the very least the officials covered up and squelched investigations into Jimmy over the years. There’s a media connection, since they shielded Jimmy’s habits from the public and he was a media big-wig. (As a “bonus”, Jimmy certainly was into some extra-sick stuff, if the necrophilia account is to be believed. And it’s hard to discount the accounts of Jimmy’s satanism in all of this.) Jimmy would have been a good guess…but his crimes happened in another country. The case I’m thinking of happened in the USA, and Sir Jimmy Savile was in England.

If you’re thinking of all the Catholic priest molestation accusations (and multi-million dollar hush payouts) over the years…wrong guess. And those don’t involve government or celebrities.

No, I’m talking about the real case of a kidnapping network that sold hundreds of children to rich people and celebrities in America. (Well, most of the kids got sold; a few of the kids died while being held captive by the kidnapper’s network of workers.) Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it – the decades-long child-trafficking career of Georgia Tann (officially done under the auspices of the “Tennessee Children’s Home Society”) happened back in first half of last century. The movie stars were people like Joan Crawford and Lana Turner. The politicians were people like the Governor of New York and democrat political boss E.H. Crump.

Over the years, these things tend to be forgotten or covered-up or memory-holed. It might not seem like a big deal to you now, but imagine how big this really was at the time! But the lesson of the case of Georgia Tann (and the other cases I mentioned above) is this: don’t dismiss and disbelieve something just because it sounds weird, outrageous, or unlikely.

Georgia Tann really did run a powerful child-trafficking ring, out in the open. Apparently she was good at it, had a steady stream of customers, and had support from powerful people in government. The only thing that stopped her was cancer and then death in 1950.

“Babies were snatched off the streets by strangers in passing cars. Or taken from day-care centers or church basements where they played. Or stolen from hospitals, right after birth, passed from doctor to nurse to a uniformed ‘social worker’ – before vanishing in an instant.” [You mean…they lied and tricked people?? Sure they did.]

“Some were dropped into dismal orphanages; others were sent to a new family, their identities wiped, no questions asked. Most would never see their birth parents again.” [Why? Same reason as always: it was all about the benjamins, yo.]

“While it sounds like something out of Dickens or the Brothers Grimm, this happened in the United States in the 20th century. Thousands of times.[No, she didn’t just do it once, by accident. She committed crimes for decades.]

She was the mastermind behind a black market for white babies.It was the dark handiwork of the Memphis branch of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, a supposedly charitable organization, led by a woman named Georgia Tann.”

Georgia Tann – looks can be deceiving

“If you’d invented that story, it would seem so far-fetched that you would think, ‘That could never happen. Not in this country,'” Wingate says. “And yet, it did, and it did for a long time.” Could things like this still be happening?

I don’t know what is really happening out there. But what I do know is not to listen to Bill Maher – or anyone else who thoughtlessly scoffs at things and tells me to ignore them. Use your brain, and learn from the past. Things aren’t much different today.

No, I don’t know with provable certainty if there is definitely a deep-state child sex ring operating somewhere among the world’s elites. But I can tell you one thing: it’s certainly possible.

Round Up (Aug 17): Mandela Effect – Animal Cloning – NBC Peacock Angel – Web Censorship

Mandela Effect is the Fruit of New Bible Translations

You may know that I believe in and read the KJV bible. I agree with Ken Thompson who advocated Textus Receptus-based translations, but I go a step further and stick with the KJV. Most believers I know use new translations, but in my opinion the new Bibles do more harm than good. And now, this supposed “Mandela Effect” phenomenon proves that the new Bibles have done nothing but harm to Christians and churches.

You want to know what causes all the Mandela Effect “proofs”? It’s not that the actual Bible ever changed. It’s that people are thoroughly confused due to the various translations they’ve heard and read over the years. It seems that no one knows what the Bible really said (anymore). This video purports to show words that mysteriously changed in the Bible (they didn’t).

Sorry if you wish it was true that reality was changed by CERN, but the Bible word in the KJV was always spelled “stoicks”. If we’re going on what people remember, I should get a say as well – and I do distinctly remember that from the late 1990s or so. And I remember that the KJV always said “bottles” – not “wineskins”.

We’re basing all of these Mandela Effects on people’s faulty memories, inaccurate understanding of words, confusion caused by the new translations, and mass excitement over something new. Plain and simple. Drop the Mandela Effect nonsense, brothers and sisters: it makes believers look foolish.

Clones of Ancient Animals

If you’ve read the fictional book Alien Outpost, one of the characters that really “jumps” right out is the creature known as the HOGAN – the hybrid used by the military. You may have thought it was made up out of thin air. You may have thought it would be ridiculous to include a reptilian creature with dog-like personality traits. But it’s based on science fact and on real developments currently happening. Not exactly the same thing as in the fictional novel – but an interesting line of pursuit in the real world, nonetheless.

Ye Shall Be As Gods

The elites believe that every step towards independence from God is becoming like God, and the more they become like God they more independent from Him they can be. And apparently, many want to get away from Him. (That’s one way you know that transhumanism is satanic.) We’ll know everything in the future? It’s the same lie of Genesis 3…repackaged for the 21st century.

Speaking of Satan…

From the commenter Geeljire on CDAN….”NBC’s logo is Melek Taus, ‘The Peacock Angel’
Oh, who does that sound like?”

Yes…but who is the Melek Taus, really? Like so many other figures in world religions and myths, it has other identities. (Think of the multi-faceted cherubim in the Bible.) So…who could it be?

More on the Alex Jones/InfoWars Media Censorship Assault

Whether or not AJ is “controlled opposition”, just an actor, or totally believable…the outcome is what I see as most important. If you’d only read the mainstream media regarding Alex Jones, all you would “know” is that he’s a conspiracy theorist who spouts doublebad crimethought hatespeech. And you’d be missing the whole point of this massive, coordinated media operation against him.
Immigration Patriotism, Not Conspiracy Theories, Triggered Tech Totalitarians’ Purge Of INFOWARS’ Alex Jones

TLDR? This will do as a main point summary: “Alex Jones’ banning is clearly the precursor to the push to ban more and more Politically Incorrect patriot sites from social media…” Yep. That IS what it’s all about. “Social media must be sanitized.” Certain groups of people hate hate hate free speech.


Quote: “So we’re now trusting the capitalist class, massive, unaccountable corporations, to decide on our behalf what we may listen to and talk about?” No, people never made a decision to trust corporations to decide what is and is not acceptable. But as long as we’re collectively addicted to (anti)-social media, there’s not much we can do about it – is there? “This is censorship….Powerful people have deprived an individual and his network of a key space in which they might propagate their beliefs. Aka censorship.”

From Heartiste: “broke: the internet will mean the free flow of ideas!
woke: the internet has unleashed hate, it must be censored
bespoke: the internet will mean the free flow of pre-approved ideas!” Heh.

It’s moved BEYOND Alex Jones already, in fact. From ZeroHedge, “Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously ignorant.”

But I want to leave you with this quote from the Woodpile Report: “Those who only have a blog platform or social media get little sympathy from me when they complain about their masters treating them badly. Many went for the free ride because they’re too lazy to make and maintain their own website. Then they complain about being censored, shadow banned and so forth. Boo hoo. Didn’t they hear, there’s a war on. What did they think was going to happen?” Indeed.

And the latest victim is Fellowship of the Minds. Poof. Gone. Banned. You’re not allowed to have wrong opinions. Get it?

Satanist Burns Down Church

So a follower of satan burned down a Christian church. Not sure why the word “Satanist” is in quotes throughout the article unless the writer doubts whether or not the kid was really and truly a genuine Satanist. The pyromaniacal “yout” seems to be what he says he is. He wasn’t all talk, and lived out his beliefs in his god – maybe to a greater degree than many followers of Christ! If the kid isn’t a “true” satanist, he’ll do until one gets here.

Why do people refuse to believe threats or explanations of what motivates certain groups, when they plainly tell us what they will do – over and over again? It reminds me of a (relevant) cartoon:

Just TELL Us What You REALLY Want

UFOs (and Alien Abductions) In the News

An abductee just came out with a book, chronicling his abduction from decades ago. I know, I know…he’s just some hick from Mississippi. (Is that really all it takes to dismiss someone?) Think a bit about this. Why has this man not allowed the story to fade into the past? Could something inexplicable have really happened to him on that night long ago? Was his life actually altered for the worst?

I don’t think it was aliens (if you’ve read my past articles, you know I don’t believe in aliens). But I do believe something out of the ordinary happened to the man. As much as it’s mocked and somewhat discounted…”aliens” is actually an explanation that society accepts and wants to hear. (So…I wonder what the true explanation is?)

And this unbearable-to-watch video of a supposed UFO has gained traction. I’m not buying this one at all. I only mention it here because I document appearances of UFOs in mainstream news.

Widespread Child Abuse? Worldwide Pedo Network?

If you’ve paid attention to news over the past few months, you’ve seen the allegations of widespread pedo and child sex trafficking networks. If you believe the MSM, you think all of these allegations are conspiracy theories that just can’t be true. If you’ve actually read the articles and did a bit of research, you conclude that some of this could be true.

Either way, read this: 301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Pa. Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report: ‘They Were Raping Little Boys & Girls’

Did you read it all? Still don’t believe it could happen? It’s not pleasant, but it’s now well documented – and undeniable.

I’ll just lay it out for you: This stuff is happening, it’s widespread (in all major institutions of society), and it’s been going on for a looooong time. Believe it, because now it’s coming out in the open.

3 Reasons Transhumanism Is Satanic

What is Transhumanism? My brief definition is: a belief that people can achieve immortality or defeat death, and gain god-like abilities with the aid of technology.

Another way I can describe it is: It’s a religion of unbridled optimism and faith in man’s technological abilities.

Modern society might be too advanced for something as archaic as Christianity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not religious. The 21st-century world is just as religious as ever. The only thing that has changed is the object of worship. As we are well into the 21st century, look around: you will see superstition and idolatry everywhere.

This opiate of the people for the atheists is a temporal god, because it’s the god of self. Not everyone actually says they worship their own self, mind you; but they do it just the same. It’s quite obvious, just by looking at the things people spend their time doing and what they talk about the most. If you look at those two aspects of a person’s life, you can tell a whole lot about where their true love lies.

In our present age, we have innovations and advancements in self-worship that the world has never had. These high-tech advancements include the following:

  • Easily-available, realistic, cheap entertainment. At the push of a button, almost anyone – rich or poor – in a first world country has almost instant access to a movie or video game of their choice. This includes more entertainment that anyone could even take in if they stayed awake 24/7. It’s more than we need or could even want. Just a decade ago, this was not the case. Two decades ago it was not even visible on the horizon. Our situation currently was unimaginable to most people back then. But now, we take it for granted.
  • Unprecedented materialism. If the “buy buy buy” attitude of today doesn’t concern you, please re-evaluate your affections. Just as in the movie They Live, we are bombarded with advertising and nothing less than propaganda that tells us we need to buy more, earn more, invest more, get more. Consume. Accumulate. To what end? The ones telling us that we need the latest and the greatest – and more of it – don’t have the answer. Just do it. Live for the moment. And spend more money.
  • Preoccupation with the flesh. Working out, healthy eating, and scientifically engineered supplements have never been so prevalent as they are now. Taking care of one’s body should have some importance, but the act of improving the flesh has turned to devoted worship for some people. (Taken a few steps further, this way of thinking has fed into the transhumanist movement, as well – the attempt to circumvent death altogether and gain eternal life without God.)
  • Proud selfishness. Have you ever stopped to think about how ridiculous so-called social media really is? Aside from the numerous outright warnings from former social media execs and programmers (detailed in previous posts), just examining the social media phenomenon shows it has little, if any, real value in anyone’s lives. Does it help families share pictures? Sure, but people have done that with analogue methods for decades – without the side affects of dopamine-hit dependence. Love of self is the highest love for most people, and they’re not ashamed of it in the least. Quite the opposite – pride is the highest value, now. The truth is that social networks are (by-and-large) narcissism programs purposely engineered and built to addict the users and earn money for the inventors.
  • Endless offense. Plug in to anything now – news, movies, TV, music, FaceBook, etc – and you will hear about someone who was offended, someone offending, or maybe even someone searching for a thing to be offended about. It’s now the full-scale time of the “rights of the people” – the true and prophetic “civil rights” movement as described by Jesus in the book of Revelation concerning the Laodicean church. Our entire modern world is Laodicea – and people are claiming their rights. But while the unbelievers complain about supposed Christian “hypocrisy”, they themselves wallow in their own hypocrisy. (You may prove that by tallying the number of hard-hitting criticisms of Christians compared to those of other belief systems…particularly Islam.)
  • Boldness in sin. I’m not a prude, and I’m not a 17th-century Reformed preacher, and I’m not some kind of Victorian-era holdover. But I guess I’m old fashioned, because I don’t accept many of the things that are cheered and championed today. All I can say, sometimes, is I don’t want to see any more sin. It’s too much. The lowest of the vile are lifted up and exhibited as better than the rest of what used to be normal society. It’s as if the world has been inverted, turned upside down, and everything has been reversed. Sin – even the most filthy, sickening practices – have gone mainstream. If anything, this is evidence that people worship themselves as gods – because they have torn down the order that was present in God’s intention with so many things.

There are at least 3 Ways Transhumanism Contradicts the Bible

  • It claims we are not complete, there can be more, and mankind can engineer those improvements. But the Bible says we are complete in Him. (Colossians 2:10)
  • It’s goal is to allow the human body to live forever physically, with the aid of technology. But the Bible says we are to count our flesh as dead. (Colossians 3:3)
  • It teaches that we have evolved up to a point and in order to evolve further by harnessing technology. But the Bible says we HAVE been changed spiritually by the power of the Holy Spirit and we WILL all be changed physically when we see Jesus Christ again. (1 Corinthians 15:51)

Transhumanism is a direct assault on the Image of God. What’s all this about? It’s about attacking God. Undermining God. Insulting God. Deposing God. These are the goals of Lucifer.

For a sermon that explains it well, I recommend Charles Lawson‘s sermon on Assault on the Image of God. The pastor lays it all out, in terms you will rarely hear in a pulpit – and NEVER hear in the mass media.

Symbolism, Secrets, and Hidden Truths – Part 1: What Symbols Really Are and How Symbols Are Used

[The release of this series is timely thanks to the recent Q drops dealing with specific symbols – starting with #1894 and including #’s 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, and then 1902 and 1904. For a specific in-depth discussion of these Q drops, go to Q Research or /r/GreatAwakening threads. This article is very relevant to the subject matter of the Q drops but explains secret symbols in a more general sense and serves as a foundation to understand the occult symbolism that Q has highlighted. Enjoy.]

You may ask “why all the interest in symbols“? Why do I, the Daily Crow, Forthtell and other sites that explore spiritual matters have so much interest in this World System’s symbolism? The Vigilant Citizen devotes long posts to decoding and breaking down the visual symbols found in music videos and popular media and “sinister sites” like the Georgia Guidestones.

The possible meaning(s) behind arcane words, images, patterns, and numbers holds great interest and significance to many people who are looking for knowledge and wisdom. We dig deeper…because we think there’s gotta be more than what’s out in the open.

Is all of this a silly waste or time – or is there concrete meaning behind it? Should we look into these symbols – or should we go back to watching TV, zoning out to the latest music, drinking, eating, and just not caring about these things? What is the intelligent and proper response?

Ignore Or Investigate?

Let’s consult the LORD on the matter.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…” (Hosea 4:6)

While it’s far easier to take the blue pill and go back to sleep, the choice to remain ignorant is to choose blindness, weakness and destruction. If someone actually turns away from knowledge, they remain in darkness.

To take the red pill is to choose to see things as they are – not as you wish them to be. It is to have awareness and insight. A believer in God should never be afraid to know the truth and to see things in the light – because “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5).

In contrast, ignorance of the “meanings of things” is what Satan wants for people. God’s goal is “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God” (Acts 26:18).

What Happens When You Understand Symbolism?

The things highlighted in this article are red pills. After proceeding, you’ll never again watch a Hollywood movie the same way. You’ll never again casually listen to the pop music of a former Disney star. You won’t be able to see a television or print advertisement and not notice the incessant strategically-placed symbols.

First let’s look at whether or not symbols may have intelligent meaning and purpose behind them. We will try to determine if the surface appearance of a symbol can hold deeper significance. As a very basic example of this concept, consider the following Greek symbols:

αποκρυφιστική γνώση

We all know that properly deciphered and interpreted language symbols mean something. See what it means here (opens in a new tab).

These are visual symbols that our eyes see and then our mind understands. Why can a person understand Greek or English or German? Because the person has been taught what the symbols mean. It just so happens that these kinds of symbols are a familiar way to write phonetic sounds. For them to work, they must be written with purpose and meaning, received properly, and interpreted correctly.

What are the “Rules” of Symbols?

I’ll break these requirements down a bit, because they are vital.

  1. Purpose and meaning. Letters don’t form a meaningful sentence when they’re randomly mashed together. “Lolhe eerht” is not equivalent to “Hello there”, even though all the “pieces” are the same. (Purpose and meaning edge right up to – but aren’t the same as – “intent“. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.)
  2. Received properly. A person reads a magazine by looking at the words (symbols) with their eyes. They don’t put their ear to the page. They can’t lick the page. A reader has to receive the symbols via sight, or the symbols won’t work. (Note: an interpreter can transfer the meaning of the symbols into another form or medium, but the symbols still have to fulfill the same requirements.)
  3. Interpreted correctly. After a person successfully receives purposeful, meaningful symbols, what do they do with them? If a non-Greek speaker reads the above Greek sentence, they shrug their shoulders and ignore it. (“It’s all Greek to me!”). But someone who is fluent – someone who knows how to interpret the symbols (i.e. “words”) – will understand the message.

This example – of a written sentence in a specific language – is meant to teach basic principles. Consider what those principles mean when it comes to symbols, in a wider view – and think beyond “words in human languages”.

What if there were other types of symbols in widespread use? What if spoken words were not the only thing that could be communicated via symbols?

Here is your first red-pill truth regarding symbols and hidden truths: Symbolism is spiritual communication in written form.

What Are Symbols…Really?

What symbols actually are is a way to communicate something directly to the spirit. You may ask how that’s different than language? Symbols follow the same rules that sentences follow, listed above: Symbolism can be formulated with purpose and meaning (and used or employed with intent). People (or “beings”) are capable of receiving the symbols. And symbolic meaning can be perceived and understood by recipients who are “fluent”.

But symbols are different than words – they do different things, and in some ways are better. Symbols have some advantages over spoken or written language, such as the following:

  • Symbols are universal. You can think of them as a different language, perhaps, but that wouldn’t be accurate. Symbols actually transcend language. Sure, people from all over the world who speak different languages can understand the same symbols – a given symbol could be effectively understood by both an illiterate shaman in a South American jungle and a Yale-educated multimillionaire in a northern American city. But that doesn’t mean the two men speak the same language, because…
  • Symbols bypass language. Put another way: a symbol can implant a concept right into a person’s soul. The concept need not even be expressible in words. What else can put a feeling, desire, or notion into someone – all without the person having a conscious thought? Music can do it…but when a 4-minute song isn’t efficient, a symbol will do nicely.
  • Symbols identify. The most efficient way to identify someone or something is not to announce it, to hold a ceremony, to wave a flag, or to perform a secret handshake – although all those things can be used. The most basic way to to use a mark – a symbol. Industry uses symbols – the trademarked logo. Religious and philosophical adherents use symbols – the cross, the star and crescent, the hammer and sickle, and the yin-yang. [The previous examples are all well-known, common, open symbols. Have no doubt: there are groups of people who use secret symbols as well, which will be shown in Part 2.]
  • Symbols show ownership. This is identification taken a step further – it shows that something is identified and possessed by something. Ranchers use cattle brands, which identify a cow’s owner by his mark. The LORD ordered a remnant of followers to be marked in Ezekiel 9. Likewise, the Beast causes his followers to receive his mark in Revelation 13. Slaves (and not just women who joined NXIVUM) are branded to show who “owns” and controls them.
  • Symbols can be used unobtrusively. Someone who is unaware, untaught, or unintiated is likely to see a symbolic sign directly in front of them…and not see it. Instead, they will only see a decorative pattern, a pretty medallion or charm, or even a corporate logo. Yet, to those who have understanding, information has been conveyed. You can’t do that with a written language word or sign – even those who can’t understand the meaning are aware that it means something.

You see, symbols are used when written words aren’t the best or most efficient way to get a message across. Symbols are employed when the message needs to be broadcast quickly, effectively…and perhaps covertly. And symbols are used for purposes that actual words can’t fulfill.

But Are These Things About Symbols True?

Are symbols really being used to send “messages” in movies, TV, advertising, and other media? All the time, and you’re already familiar with many of these symbols – even if you don’t realize it.

Why would someone put this symbol on this coin?

Ok, but are there people who use symbols to communicate secret messages out in the open? Absolutely, and I’ll show you some (in Part 2) that have been openly explained by mainstream sources. (You might already have seen some of them…but just forgotten!)


Are symbols really being used to claim ownership over people? Yes, and not only by pimps. I will explain some open symbol and some closed symbol examples in Part 2.

Round Up (Aug. 13): Transhumanism – Satanism – Space Force – InfoWars Ban – Q – Human Sacrifice – AI Anti-Christ

Eternal Life – WITHOUT God (Update)

Attaining eternal life – but kicking God out of the equation – is one of the main goals of the satanic techno-philosophy known as transhumanism. Eternal life apart from the Creator God is their goal. The latest development in this field is brain freezing. Super-rich having brains FROZEN…to get SECOND LIFE

Do you believe this will work out as they have planned? They believe it will:
“One businessman convinced that he will wake up in the future after his brain has been placed inside another body spoke exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday.” Um, no. Ain’t gonna happen.

“The company states…that it expects future surgeons to be able to grow a new body around a repaired brain.” That’s what they say. And people who believe it are paying a lot of money for this false hope. But the truth, if they wanted it, could be easily found in any dollar-store Bible.

Acceptance and Normalization of Satanism in America

It’s actually always been accepted and “normal”…to a select underground in the World. It’s just not normal to most people. But they’re moving to change that: Normalizing Satanism in America: Demon statue in Arkansas state capitol; satanic highway cleanup in Indiana

Space Force Is Really Happening

And yes, it will be under the aegis of the U.S. Space Command…or SPACECOM. I have the distinct feeling that SPACECOM has always been a little bit further along than they’re letting on (now).

InfoWars Free Speech Ban (Update)

Don’t think of it as the “InfoWars” ban – call it a “free speech ban”. Because the snuffing out of free speech on Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Spotify (FAGS) and other platforms (here’s a list!) is NOT going to stop with InfoWars. It’s intended to be an attack on anyone who expresses IDEAS. It will affect anyone who voices “politically incorrect” opinions.

First they came for the wacky conspiracy theorists…The War to Destroy Alex Jones

…but I said nothing, because I was not a conspiracy theorist. (So where does it end? It ends with whoever has the right to define “hate” speech.)

Lots of interesting tidbits in this article.

Not sure what all this means? Dr. Steve Turley explains what’s up here:

His foreseen end result? Liberalism will be forced to deny its own liberalism.

More on “Q”

I wrote about Q here. What if it is all true? One of the best synopses I’ve seen: What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?. Check it out, inform yourself of the facts, and then decide. You can either believe what’s been laid out, or you can believe Bill Mahr’s simplistic gloss-over hit piece. [Look at this whole article for lots on Mahr – including his connection to James Gunn. Yep.]

Finally, read this (apparently) “Q-endorsed” article about Q.

UFO Researcher…Targeted?

British UFO hunter’s laptop was ‘wiped’ after mysterious death. Was this just a normal, everyday, sudden death of an otherwise healthy 39-year old? Or was something else going on? If his laptop was really wiped, why and by whom? I don’t know, but I found it to be interesting.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Human Sacrifice…But Were Afraid to Ask!

You think human sacrifice has no relevance in 2018? Think again. The (great) movie Apocalypto just happened to show how it used to be. Things have changed, certainly, but only in optics and methods. Read it all.

Religion of Peace Update

I’m wondering why this mind-blowing find in New Mexico isn’t dominating the news cycle constantly: Extremist Muslim appears with his family to plead not guilty to child abuse and training 11 children to carry out school shootings at their desert compound [I’m not, actually.]

AI Antichrist and End Times Events

The hybrids are coming…and they will think for us. When neuroscience meets AI, we get “HI” or hybrid intelligence.

You can see what the coming AI “god” will look like in this video.

And the coming AI anti-Christ or AI beast just keeps on improving it’s capabilities. Fake omniscience is being worked on still. But one day, the AI god will know where everyone is, at all times. Just like the real God, but accomplished via the wonders of technology. Do you get it? He who has eyes to see and ears to hear…does.


The Decline of California

What Happens When Democrats Run Your State? Watch, and consider:

A beautiful state ruined by big government. There’s no denying that. (But it’s sad.)