Why Does Satan Target Children?

If you research anything current regarding Luciferianism, Satan-worship, the occult, witchcraft, the Illuminati, or Hollywood (but I repeat myself) you’ll find it involves (ALLEGEDLY) a lot of child abuse. And by “abuse” I don’t mean “abusive talk” or even hitting. I mean raping kids, terrifying children for purposes of intentionally damaging their minds, physically torturing […]

Round Up (July 28): Alien Outpost – Israel – Star Wars – Genderless Children – Illuminati Black Eye

“The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.” — Elbert Hubbard Israel’s Jewish Nation State Bill This recently passed law in Israel could have some very significant prophetic implications. Read why and how, here. Quote: “In my estimation, July 19, 2018 will go down in history as one of the most significant dates in Israel’s […]

Round Up (Feb 26): Hybrid Humans – Islam – Immortality without God – AI – Hollywood Exorcist – US Space Command – UFOs

Human-Robot Hybrids Revisited If you read my post on Satan’s “replacements”, you might remember the crazy concept of “hybrid kids“. (Yes, I acknowledged that it sounded absolutely nuts – but the idea came from a recognized “authority”. What do I know?) The concept of human-computer (or more specifically, human-robot) hybrid kids was also just mentioned […]

Unlawful Technology: Death Hacks and Eternal Life Without God

For centuries, for ever, mankind has sought to cheat death. But death always comes to claim its rightful possession. The fountain of youth is just a legend. Each man who has been been born and died had to meet his Maker – whether or not he wanted to meet Him. It’s just the way things […]

Evolution (Haeckel’s Drawings)

The very well-known drawings of Ernst Haeckel have aroused a great deal of controversy ever since they were first created. They have been both derided and defended. Those who discount his drawings say they are plainly incorrect, unfactual, and outright fraudulent. The defenders or apologists for Haeckel also have said his drawings were more-or-less correct […]