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Coronavirus Apocalypse Now?

Is this the beginning of the end? Well, maybe. The signs certainly do fit what Jesus described as “the beginning of sorrows” in Mark 13:8. (If these aren’t “sorrows”, they’ll do until sorrows truly arrive.) But consider this: pandemics have come and gone during previous times throughout history. Bad things happen. Tyrannical rulers have oppressed […]

Principles of Spiritual Understanding

There are some principles that more-often-than-not hold true when it comes to viewing and understanding the world from a spiritual viewpoint. What does “spiritual viewpoint” mean? It means…. Seeing everyday events and knowing there could be an unseen component that influenced those events (Influence from spirits) Interacting with people and understanding that there is an […]

Be Not Of This World

H/T to a Voat user for this very good comment: As long as you are of this world the system has power. No matter what protesting you do the system will always remain. It may change its name to another “ism” but it will be the same system. What is the system? Movies, TV, Professional […]