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Round Up (3/1/19): Richard Feynman – Serpent Sign of Messiah? – Russian Military Church – Atheism – Planned Parenthood – AI News Anchors – Ageism – Demonic Kid’s Clothing

This edition of the news Round-Up has a lot of older items that are still very relevant (and maybe even more clear, now that we can see what’s happened in the months since). Get ready – this edition has a lot of content. The Richard Feynman Four-Step Learning Method Feynman is to be listened to. […]

News Round Up: Moral Porn Stars – Fat Lesbians – Multicultural Enrichment – Germany’s Decline – Women Rulers

Here’s a round up of some recent news items I find interesting. Porn Stars Are More Morally Upright… …than the Democrat party. That is a true statement, at least in the case of former porn performer Jenna Jameson who has made strong statements opposing and pointing out the evil of the Democrat love for killing […]

Russian Psychological Warfare (Revealed)

Fascinating talk. This was former Russian agent Yuri Bezmenov speaking on the subject of “Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society”. There’s another one-on-one interview of him on YouTube as well (worth watching, if the subject of Cold War-era espionage interests you). The description of this video is as follow: “Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas […]

Round Up (Nov 1): Screens in Schools – Tech Censorship of Gab – Migrant Invasion – Cannibals – Netflix’ Big Mouth

Screens Are Poison You must watch the clip at the link. ‘Screens are Poison’: Tech Elites Keeping Devices Out of Their Children’s Schools. Repeat after me: Technology is not the key to education. (Reading and thinking are.) It’s Not Hard to Get a Head (in Sacramento) California police thought the severed human head was a […]

Round Up (Oct 25): Coming NWO – NPC Meme – Satanic Killings – Sweden – Q: Trust the Plan? – Future of AI – Stephen Hawking Fool – Witches – Religion of Peace

Synchronicity That Reveals the Coming New World Order Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in synchronicity? Or, do you believe in total random chaos? Pay attention, and think about what he says in the following video. More on the NPC Meme Great thread by @OnLogic. It really is the perfect meme. Have you […]

Round Up (Oct. 17): Are You An NPC – Project Blue Book – Results of Islam – Terminator Robots – Is Abortion=Child Sacrifice? – Satanism

Brace yourself for a long-overdue news round-up, infused with opinionated commentary for your offense or enjoyment – depending on whether or not you’re an NPC… Are You an NPC? If you can think for yourself and hold a meaningful discussion with someone of a different opinion, you might be a real person. If you have […]

Round Up (Sept. 20): Q on Roswell and Moon Landing – MK-Ultra Was Real – Truth About Liberals – Atheism Insanity

Q on Roswell Aliens and the Moon Landing Finally, Q has addressed the subjects that really matter in a Q&A (or should I call it a QQ&A?). An anon asked: “Are we alone? Roswell?” and Q answered “No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space.” A couple of observations on this: We certainly are not alone […]