Are COVID-19 Quarantines a Way to Conceal the Rapture?

What if everything that happens in life has a purpose? Big or small, seemingly insignificant or monumental – what if every occurrence had a spiritual impetus behind it. Some things would happen due to the butterfly effect, while other things would be very specific and intentional. But nothing happens purely “by chance”. We know that […]

Round-Up (Oct. 10, 2019): Universities Normalizing Pedos – Porn Addiction Health Crisis – UFOs in the News – AI Gods Very Close – Demon Possession in Oregon – Greta Thunberg Death Metal

Pedos Being Pushed As Normal First they come for the children in public libraries. Now they are coming for the mentally deficient (i.e. college kids in California universities. OK, that was a mean joke.): San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia As A “Sexual Orientation”. Of course they are pushing this. And of course it starts […]

Midsommar: A Mass-Ritual Initiation as a Movie

I’ve contended in previous posts that much of what we know as “entertainment” – especially concerts or massive events such as Burning Man – actually serve a dual purpose. These events are actually ceremonies. The participants – the attendees – are actually participants in a ceremony that has a mystical purpose. I am not saying […]

Round-up (9/13/19): Demons Manifest Physically – Satanism in Entertainment – Spiritual Warfare – Pedophilia aka Satanic Child Abuse

Today’s new round-up is (mostly) comprised of a number of items that didn’t make it into earlier updates – but are newsworthy. Demons Manifest Physically On Earth (in the Form of “Drag Queens”) If these people aren’t actual demons, they’ll do until the portals open. (I’m just joking. Or AM I?) Drag queen blames little […]