Drugs for the New Age

I recently found a young man, high on drugs, wandering around. He had no clue where he was or what he was doing. It’s a shame. It’s sad.

Young people should be out doing things – constructive things – with their time (which is what life is made of).

Instead, many young people are zonked out. If it’s not with drugs, it’s with video games.

Young people should have their eyes open, look around at their world, and live. Accomplishing things.

Old people too. Don’t get on drugs. Even though drugs are prevalent and becoming more common.

A guy who is sometimes very sarcastic and controversial recently said this:

“I have said before and I will keep saying it: you all need to make a vow to stay away from all drugs. The government wants you on them. They want you beaten down and destroyed, and this is their main plan to do that. You might be saying “I’ve never used drugs in my life,” but understand that many of your friends and family members will be on these drugs. You will be offered these drugs, probably on a daily basis, by people that you don’t have the ability to avoid. You will see the people on these drugs, and you will be disgusted by them, but you will also recognize that they are not suffering in the way you are suffering. They are killing the pain. You will be tempted. I guarantee you that. So you need to harden yourself against this now.

You need to pray to God and you need to find God. Hell is coming down on all of us, and Jesus Christ, Son of God, is the only way to get out of this. Christ will strengthen your hand and give you the ability to resist temptation. He will give you the will and the energy to fight against this system. Without Him, we have no chance.

The good times are over. The times of thinking you can live without God are over.

Get down on your knees, humble yourself, and ask Jesus Christ, Son of God, to have mercy on your soul, and to guide you on a path through hell. Ask Him to send confusion upon your enemies, who are His enemies. Ask him to give you the power to fight them. Ask Him to remove your fear and to harden your heart, that you will be able to do what needs to be done in His name.

The war has already begun. When God created each of us, He knew that we would live through this time.”

He’s right. Even if he was attempting some humor with his online persona…he just stated the truth.

Drugs = pharmakeia = witchcraft = inviting demons to rule over you. Don’t do it.

A sign of the “new age” we’re in is drugs. The new world order – which we’re smack in the middle of – is drugged up. We don’t have to be saturated in drugs just because the so-called “elites” are feeding drugs to the “common” citizens 24/7.

Stay clean. Stay level-headed. Stay off drugs.

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