You Are In A Ritual

Excellent video from Truthstream Media.

The new normal?

To understand the coronavirus ritual, you must understand symbolism and ceremonial magic rituals.

From a comment on that video: “…mentioned to someone on the phone that this whole thing feels like one big ritual. The other person did not even understand what I meant and went on to praise the government on what a great job they were doing in keeping us all safe…”

Most people are blind. Nothing has changed since Jesus walked the earth.

Would you even realize it, if you were participating in a ceremony during this phase of your life? Do you even need to realize it, in order for the magicians to benefit from your participation?

“The better you understand the nature of narrative and its all-pervading role in our consciousness and our society, the better a wizard you can be. Pay attention not just to the large-scale narratives believed by masses of people, but the small-scale narratives believed by yourself as well. Find out what subtle stories you’ve been holding onto even in the darkest recesses of your subconscious mind which have been bending your perception of reality in a way which does not benefit you. If you want to master narrative wizardry, you must first attain mastery over its role in your own operating system.

Put truth first always, in all ways. Set the intention to use your healthy empathy center to connect, to understand, and to be honest: with those to whom you speak, and with yourself.

The more lucid you become in this way, the more potent your linguistic magic will grow. Narrative control is too important to be left to the manipulators, propagandists, liars and sociopaths.

See through the illusion. Shine truth on the lies.” – Source: We Are Ruled By Wizards

You don’t need to accept it, participate it, or give your power to it.

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