The Ultimate Engineer

A sci-fi dream has long been autonomous robots that can walk, talk, and interact with us.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the news in recent years as developments are made.

Virtual reality is now more common. What was once exotic and expensive is now available to everyone.

When you think about the engineering genius behind all of these things, it’s impressive. Just read the autobiography of Steve Wozniak, the c0-creator of Apple Computer (and brains behind the actual computer engineering), and you’ll be amazed at the capabilities of a truly talented engineer.

We think the things a good engineer can design and assemble can be amazing. But even so, all of these technological advances are redundant and not-so-impressive in the big scheme of things.

Every single thing humans have worked so hard to engineer is just a copy of something that’s already been invented.

The ultimate engineer, the one who designed and created the most amazing machines, already did it all. We’re only hoping to make crude imitations of the things he already invented.

Robots? Try self-replicating, self-repairing autonomous machines that can learn and teach each other. We are them.

AI? The real thing – the human brain – is still supreme.

Virtual reality? It’s silly when you think about it: we live in reality – the thing being represented virtually. Why not appreciate the real thing? VR is crude in comparison, and causes people to miss out on life.

The ultimate engineer – God – created all the things that we wish to imitate. How vain, how silly, and how futile.

Appreciate what God has done. Honor him, worship him, subject yourself to his plan and his will. He is the ultimate engineer of all good things.


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