Are COVID-19 Quarantines a Way to Conceal the Rapture?

What if everything that happens in life has a purpose? Big or small, seemingly insignificant or monumental – what if every occurrence had a spiritual impetus behind it. Some things would happen due to the butterfly effect, while other things would be very specific and intentional. But nothing happens purely “by chance”.

We know that God sets up kings and that God also knows the number of hairs on your head. The events we see on earth have origins in the unseen realm (at minimum, the spirits of men – their minds) and are the result of intentions.

An event that affects the entire world must surely by somewhat purposeful and intentional. God knew it was coming. The spirit realm knew it was coming. It either organically developed and was given further purpose – or it was engineered from the start. My question is this: if this whole COVID-19 fiasco has a purpose, what is it?

Is the philosophy of “never let a crisis go to waste” solely the mantra of human politicians? Or could the spirit world be thinking ten steps ahead of how to use this?

I don’t know the true purpose of all of this – if there is one. (The other possibility for this whole “event” is that it’s a bat virus that accidentally spread. Just like they say on the “news”.) I can guess at at least one possible scenario however.

The mass quarantines – which include closed shops, empty stadiums, theaters with nothing playing, and boarded-up stores – could be the perfect cover for something else entirely. When no one is strolling the once-bustling streets of New York and not a soul is visible on what used to be packed beaches – you have to ask “where IS everyone?,” and we assume they’re at home. What if – one day soon – many of those people aren’t home? What if they all are transported somewhere else? You wouldn’t have a clue what happened, and the “news” certainly wouldn’t tell you.

The possibility is this: the Biblical Rapture could soon occur just as many Christians from ancient “church fathers” to modern-day evangelicals have said. If that were to happen during a mass quarantine, it would go unnoticed for quite some time. Maybe a very long time.

Think about the implications of using enforced quarantines as a way (by antichrist and those aligned with him) to hide the Rapture. It would mean that one of the biggest events of human history would have much less impact. It would mean that the people “left behind” would feel no urgency or alarm about their souls – because they would be left in the dark regarding what really happened.

To explain the people who went missing from their homes, a few things need to be considered:

  • In many cases, entire families would be raptured. So individual homes would be emptied.
  • Some cases could (later) be explained by the authorities as deaths from the virus. (i.e. they would say the bodies were disposed of.)
  • Some cases would be said to have been forced evacuations of sick people. (Just as officials have proposed elsewhere.)

If this were to happen, one would ask why. Why would satan wish to use this to cover up the rapture?

  • He wouldn’t want God to get the glory for taking his people.
  • He wouldn’t want people on earth to get serious and get right with God after realizing what happened.
  • He likes to deceive and would relish in covering up something so huge that God did.

You may also wonder how satan would even know the rapture was about to happen. Well…he wouldn’t know. He can’t know. Not for certain. But he has more experience observing things than we do – and he’s smarter. So I suspect that he will see things coming into place that would cause him to think it might be very near. (Of course, only the Father in heaven knows when it will happen for sure.)

Keep in mind, this is all just a wild theory I thought up. I’m not saying the rapture is about to happen necessarily – or that COVID-19 is a false flag cooked up to cover up an impending rapture. I’m just thinking of possibilities, and I’m probably not the only one who likes to do this. (As unlikely as you may think it is, think-tanks of people smarter than me have probably war-gamed a similar theory long ago.)

But one truth I can tell you: when you do meet God – whether it’s the rapture, a motorcycle accident, old age, or a falling anvil like in the cartoons – you will wish you’d have been more prepared. We all will.

The one crucial way to prepare for your inevitable meeting with your Creator is to obey his instructions to get saved. Trust in your savior Jesus Christ. He is the only savior – the only person who can save you. The only one who can take your sin away. He paid for your sins on the cross. Why don’t you accept the payment He made for you – today?

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