Why Does Satan Target Children?

If you research anything current regarding Luciferianism, Satan-worship, the occult, witchcraft, the Illuminati, or Hollywood (but I repeat myself) you’ll find it involves (ALLEGEDLY) a lot of child abuse. And by “abuse” I don’t mean “abusive talk” or even hitting. I mean raping kids, terrifying children for purposes of intentionally damaging their minds, physically torturing toddlers and children, enslaving both boys and girls to be used sexually, and also killing boys and girls either as sacrifices to “gods” or just because these “elites” are done with them. ALLEGEDLY.

I cannot stress two things enough at this point:

  1. These things might sound unbelievably crazy to you. (If so, congratulations! You’re normal!)
  2. These are all alleged, unproven, rumored activities. I mean, have YOU seen any of this reported on the nightly news by the NewsBabe™️. No. I didn’t think so. So it’s still unproven.

Oh and I have a third thing to add:

  1. The types of activities have been done in the past, just as they are being alleged today, in various locations at various times. And many of them are proven or accepted by authorities within the fields of history or archaeology.

If you read about many ancient cultures, you’ll find stories of people getting their hearts cut out. That narrative can be found in the Americas. Mel Gibson didn’t make up the entire storyline of Apocalypto – it was based on how things really were. And just look up the mass graves of human heads found in recent times in Mexico City.

Read about the people of the middle east who would bring their babies to their priest for the man to kill as a sacrifice. (Moloch isn’t just a joke found in the Wikileaks emails.) Real people really did hand their babies to men in order to actually be killed. It really happened, numerous times, in order to honor various spirits that these people groups felt the need to worship and to appease.

You can read about the happenings of pre-Christian Europe, various islands in the Pacific, and even ancient tribes of North America. All over the world, it’s undeniable that people were killed and many (many!) times those people were children willingly given by their own mom and dad.

In light of those facts of history, does it seem so weird that it would continue today in 2020? Is it inconceivable that modern people would find the need to bring a child to a priest of Baal or Moloch or Lucifer or whoever – and tell the priest, “Here’s my sacrifice” and the guy would kill the kid? You don’t think it’s possible? Not even a few times a year?

[If you can’t believe that, then you’d better acquaint yourself with the popular and accepted pasttime of killing one’s own child – inside of one’s own body! – in a practice called “abortion”. Is that much better than what the ancient devil-worshippers did in Babylon or the deserts or Arabia or the jungles of South America in ancient times?

People – for some reason – are OK with child sacrifice in modern times, as long as it involves an appointment and sterile “instruments”. But there is no material difference.]

At the very least, it is possible that magic ceremonies, sacrifices, and all the rest have continued since old times (when we can believe it happened). Due to the fact it once was widespread and human nature doesn’t change, it seems likely it continues to this day. And what is interesting (to me) is the focus on children.

Child sacrifices were done in the past, and they are alleged to take place today. Those allegations give the scenario a ring of truth, in fact, because IF children are being bred and/or kidnapped and sacrificed today it would be in keeping with the character of satan-worship of the past.

But why children? Why would these evil people wish to specifically target children?

I have a theory about that. I think there is a spiritual innocence that children naturally possess. Evil entities – whether they are humans or devils – are both fascinated and envious of that innocence. Their fascination is what attracts them to children (in whatever sense of the word “attract” you wish to use) and their envy is partially what motivates them to destroy or murder those children.

Evil – no matter how you see it – is actually not strong, it is weak. It is defeated. The horror movies and the war tales and the crime stories never present their evil characters are weak, they imply them as being strong. But evil is weak, because it has no creative power and no ability to influence other than by force.

Goodness, on the other hand, is stronger because it builds everything around it – and it’s influence is not done by imposition or slavery or force, but by willingness on the part of those who align themselves with it. (This is one reason why God doesn’t force people to be saved.)

Evil needs to take take take – while good GIVES.

Jesus knew all of this, and He saw it coming. The nature of evil was the same back then. When He saw children de-valued and mistreated, He said “don’t turn them away – let them come to me” and He proceeded to tell how anyone who mistreats a child will be punished. (It would be better if a millstone were put around their neck and they were violently drowned.)

Jesus – the God of this universe – loves children. That’s not just a Sunday School song. He loves the innocence, the genuine wonder, the trust, and the purity of a child – and He welcomes them. Contrast that with the other side.

The occultists do not honor or love or preserve innocence, or the most innocent of people (children). They only know how to pervert childhood, destroy innocence, terrify those who are trusting, lie to those who believe, and rob life from those who have new life awaiting them. They only deny childhood to children – and they will do it via any means necessary.

Sometimes, it takes the form of Drag Queen Story Hour, and other times it might mean they get sent to Epstein Island, and maybe other times they just get killed.

A lot of these things are “unproven” and “alleged”. It’s true. But when we examine the nature of God and contrast it with what the nature of evil must be (logically, as it is opposed or opposite) then we arrive at the conclusion that…

  1. These allegations are in character with the nature of those who oppose Jesus (who is God).
  2. These allegations are consistent with the historical nature of devil-worship

So, why does satan target children? Because they’re the most innocent, and evil needs to steal, kill and destroy innocence.

And are Pizzagate and the rest of the “crazy” stories really true? Could the elites of the world really be doing these things? There’s no reason they couldn’t; the elites of the past did them. Why not the elites of current times?

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