Is the Coronavirus Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?

By now, if you’ve been paying any attention at all to the COVID-19 news, you’ve probably heard talk about a coronavirus vaccine and potential enforcement. Aaaand you might have heard talk along the lines of, “this could be the mark of the beast,” because one of the things being said is that people will need to get a “vaccine card” in order to prove they are immune so they can shop or go out in public.

That’s the gist of it, anyway.

Lots of stuff being said. And if you know anything about the Bible or specifically the book of Revelation, you probably know that in the end times (which we might be living in) there will be a mark of the beast that people will be required to have in order to buy or sell. [Read it, it’s Revelation 13, lots of fun.]

So what does this all entail? You don’t want to miss this, trust me.

  • There’s a “mark” that goes into a person’s hand or forehead (I guess if someone’s got a hook for a hand or no hand at all)
  • The mark is not specifically defined, but there’s nothing prohibiting it from being a “chip” or something else modern
  • If a person doesn’t have the mark, they cannot buy or sell.
  • Buying or selling is pretty important, because that’s how most people get groceries, booze, medicine, underwear, Pez, hair gel, and other essential items needed to live
  • Because the incentive is SO HIGH to get the mark – since you starve and can’t style your hair properly if you can’t buy things – the vast majority of people WILL get the mark
  • If you get the mark, you will be tormented with fire and brimstone for eternity. [You’d better read Revelation 14:8-11 to get the details.]

So, you might be wondering a few things:

  • Are they making a covid-19 vaccine?
  • Will the coronavirus vaccine and getting a proof-of-vaccination card be required in order to engage in commerce, leave my house, go on vacation, order pizza, or buy the next iPhone that comes out?
  • Is the coronavirus vaccine the mark of the beast I just read about in Revelation 13 and 14?

The answer to all of the above – since I’m honest – is the following: I don’t know, and if anyone on earth IS in a position to know, they aren’t telling anyone publicly.

This could either be a source of further anxiety or relief. But contrary to what anyone anywhere is telling you, there’s no way for you to know if the mark of the beast is about to be instituted or if it has anything to do with coronavirus.

If Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci or President Trump somehow mandates that everyone has to receive the vaccine, it will definitely be suspect. And I would start trying to figure out if 666 has any connection to the vaccine card, if that becomes a requirement. And it definitely would indicate a loss of liberty and pursuit of happiness for most people.

But until there’s any proof, the theory is just wild speculation – and more of the coronavirus mania that has caused so many people so much worry.

My advice? It’s simple:

  1. Get saved. Put your trust in Jesus Christ to save you.
  2. Live your life trusting God. Rely on Him.
  3. Prove all things, and hold onto the good things. Reject the lies. (You need to sharpen your discernment skills in order to accomplish this. One aspect of this is reading the Bible.)

This too shall pass. But don’t assume the tribulation is here, or Bill Gates is the antichrist, or a supposed vaccine is the Mark Of the Beast.

At least, not just yet.

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