3 Reasons it’s Insane to Listen to Celebrity Advice

It amazes me when people care about celebrities’ opinions regarding current topics. Especially important topics. Especially actors.

There are a few worse groups of people, possibly, after which you could model your own opinions. But the influence of actors is unprecedented. They are “stars” for a reason: their “light” in this world system is so bright.

They’re messengers (angelos) with a lot of visibility. “Angels of light”, you might say. I guess it’s purely coincidental that all these messengers live in the city of messengers – Los Angeles (literally “the angels”…or even more literally “the messengers“).

But actors aren’t better-than-the-rest-of-us people who you should listen to. Here are three reasons why.

  1. The job of an actor is to lie. Literally, they make their living being expert hypocrites. Are they entertaining? Sure. Do they get us to laugh? Yep. Do they look cool walking away from explosions? Yes. But all of it is deception, and the entire performance is a lie. It’s what these people are good at. Don’t apply their expertise at lying to real life. That would be foolish.
  2. Actors are out-of-touch. The origin story of the struggling actor who lived on ramen and lived in a cheap apartment may be true in many cases. But don’t believe that any of them live a life even resembling the average human on this planet. They don’t struggle to pay bills. They don’t agonize over decisions about health insurance or school. They don’t have to cook or look for bargains at Wal-Mart. They never stand in line at the quick mart after filling up their old truck. What makes you think they understand or care about you or the way you live? Do you really believe celebrities think about the average person – or have your interests at heart?
  3. They are actively godless. If not actively living in opposition to God, they are woefully ignorant of God’s nature. They can’t see God at all. They have no clue what God expects of us as His created beings – made in His image. The vast majority of celebrities very plainly don’t care about God whatsoever. Some seem to give Him brief mentions at times. But it’s very difficult to think of celebrities who show any outward evidence they might be saved. If you doubt this, answer this: When is the last time you heard ANY celebrity plainly say that Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven?

If you listen to celebrities for any sort of life advice, especially when the issues are important, you’re listening to the wrong people. They are no more qualified than anyone else, and in fact they might be the worst people to listen to because they’re so far removed from your place in society.

What’s worse is that they are by-and-large paid liars who live their lives for themselves – and want nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

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