God’s Name Is Greater Than Yours

Why does a mere human insist on acting as if they are greater than God Himself? It makes no sense. But people do it all the time.

“I will have the abortion. It’s my RIGHT,” says the women who transformed herself into a rude, ugly feminist slut. She will kill her baby inside of herself. She will be disgusting – morally and otherwise – because it’s her decision. She wants to. It’s a “right”.

“I will debase myself with numerous men. I’m PROUD,” says the homosexual who has trapped himself in a world of endless perversion. He will engage in disgusting homosexual acts in an effort to feel something. Anything – other than true honesty about his situation. Because he was abused, he feels the need to search for a way to deal with the abuse other than to confront it or to deny it’s power over him. His long-past abuser wins, and the homosexual carries on the abusers legacy. He acts like a brave hero in doing so, and a sick society applauds him.

God has nothing to do with all of this. These people – and many others, in different circumstances – lock God out of their lives. God is on the outside, and they have pulled the blinds and locked the doors of their lives. When He knocks (as He tends to do on occasion), they pretend no one is home and don’t answer.

Falsely and foolishly, people like this think they have a “great name” but it is God whose name is great (Jer. 45:26). People like this think God is lying to them but they have outsmarted God (Jer. 43:2). But if they would listen to God’s instruction, they would win in the end (Jer. 42:10).

Whether our sins are large or small, public or hidden doesn’t matter in the end. What matters is whether or not we subjugate ourself to God. His ways are right, and we should obey Him.

God’s name is great, above all others – including our own.

Philippians 2:10 “…at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth…”

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