Are COVID-19 Quarantines a Way to Conceal the Rapture?

What if everything that happens in life has a purpose? Big or small, seemingly insignificant or monumental – what if every occurrence had a spiritual impetus behind it. Some things would happen due to the butterfly effect, while other things would be very specific and intentional. But nothing happens purely “by chance”. We know that […]

Why Does Satan Target Children?

If you research anything current regarding Luciferianism, Satan-worship, the occult, witchcraft, the Illuminati, or Hollywood (but I repeat myself) you’ll find it involves (ALLEGEDLY) a lot of child abuse. And by “abuse” I don’t mean “abusive talk” or even hitting. I mean raping kids, terrifying children for purposes of intentionally damaging their minds, physically torturing […]

3 Reasons it’s Insane to Listen to Celebrity Advice

It amazes me when people care about celebrities’ opinions regarding current topics. Especially important topics. Especially actors. There are a few worse groups of people, possibly, after which you could model your own opinions. But the influence of actors is unprecedented. They are “stars” for a reason: their “light” in this world system is so […]