Coronavirus Apocalypse Now?

Is this the beginning of the end? Well, maybe.

The signs certainly do fit what Jesus described as “the beginning of sorrows” in Mark 13:8. (If these aren’t “sorrows”, they’ll do until sorrows truly arrive.)

But consider this: pandemics have come and gone during previous times throughout history.

Bad things happen. Tyrannical rulers have oppressed people. Populations of innocent people have been slaughtered. Masses of people have been enslaved.

You are not among the only people who have ever suffered or have been unsure about your future.

But this too shall pass.

If Jesus comes back to fix everything, all the better. If He doesn’t come just yet, and all of this concludes with a smoking wasteland that resets civilization? So be it. It wouldn’t be the first time.

The bigger – and most important – question is are you ready no matter the outcome? Are prepared right now to die and meet your Creator? If not: get saved.

You’d better put your faith in Jesus. You’d better count on His accomplishment on the cross to save you.

Because I gotta tell ya…if you’re counting on yourself, or FEMA, or your friends, or the good graces of society at large to save you you’re thinking wrong. And you’re thinking too small.

Your body’s survival at all costs isn’t a lasting strategy, and nothing on this planet is worthy of placing your faith in to save anything. Your eternal soul is what really matters, and only Jesus the Christ of God – the one who MADE you – can do anything about it. Only Jesus saves.

If the apocalypse is now or a hundreds of years from now is irrelevant. What truly matters is if you’ve trusted in Jesus or not. Because one way or another, you are gonna croak – so be sure you’re ready.



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