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Lessons from Mark 6

  • A new believer will have little to no credibility or acceptance in his close circle of family, friends, and associates. People are skeptical and unaccepting. (v. 4)
  • Unbelievers “marvel” at the belief of Christians. Likewise, God’s children marvel at the unbelief of the unsaved. (v. 6)
  • The overall message of God to mankind is to turn to Him. Each individual is being called to turn FROM whatever (faith in one’s own self, no faith, faith in other “gods”, etc.) TO faith in God’s work. This is repentance. (v. 12)
  • There are many evil spirits roaming this world and possessing people. There were many at that time, and there are no less of them today. Where do you think they are today? What do you suppose they are active doing today? (v. 13)
  • The enemies of God want to literally kill the followers of God. This has always been true and is still true today. (v. 24)
  • Women exert great power over unwise, weak men who allow them to. This power is often used for evil or selfish purposes. (v. 26)
  • Jesus – the son of God, and our Creator – is compassionate. Our circumstances, our actions, and our struggles can actually move him with emotion. (v. 34)
  • God doesn’t think in a limited way, like people do. When He does something, it is different than how we would do it because He doesn’t have few possibilities; He has many options. (v. 37)
  • God provides for the people who are dependent on Him. (v. 41)
  • One of our biggest obstacles is hard-heartedness. (v. 52)
  • Needy people run to God. People who see no need for God don’t go to Him. However, all people need Him. (v. 56)

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