Analysis of Lucifer’s System on Earth

This seems like a rather insightful and accurate analysis of what mankind’s enemy is doing on this planet. What stood out to me is how the author related the events in the spirit world to our physical world. I am copy-pasting directly from an Anonymous Conservative blog entry (News Briefs – 01/25/2020):

“There is no country with these people. This is a hostile external force occupying real America. Also interesting is the Luciferian themes around the system. Lucifer felt the people could not be trusted and wanted an angel assigned to each human to watch them, and control them, so they couldn’t sin, in a sort of supernatural surveillance state, which he claimed he wanted for good. But the force of good stops him, so he tries to rule now on his own, through covert exertion of influence and the application of temptation to the weak (think of Cabal and Epstein, Weinstein, etc). Those lured in with the promise of their dreams being fulfilled, think they are getting the deal of a lifetime, but once under Lucifer’s thumb, it isn’t so great, which makes me think of Amy Robach, who probably thought she hit gold when offered the deal and the money and the fame, but then ended up having to stop to compose herself as she teared up after she heard Epstein was killed, because she knew she could just as easily be next if she didn’t do what was demanded of her. Of course you can’t do all that openly, so you have to hide, and trick the populace into thinking you don’t exist, because if what you are up to gets out, the people will immediately unite and set about destroying you, because on the whole the people are good. You offer deals to the lesser individuals to get them to serve your mission too, and they will trade their own fate and personal destiny for some immediate personal benefit, but you lie to them as well. It is really uncanny. And I will say, there is a strange, almost religious quality to Cabal’s ground operatives, who seem like their allegiance is almost religious in its loyalty. I get the feel with them it is more than just blackmail or bribery. And finally, you are known as a trickster and the father of lies. Over the last few years I have realized just about everything I believe in was a lie. It was all illusions and deceptions. It is how they work. And of course the motives are similarly murky. Lucifer claims he is doing it for good, and it just happens to amass power for him, and give him the manpower to fight his opposition. Likewise, they make the same case in the infrastructure, and probably with the same underlying, real motivations.

Q has implied that one, we may find technology has rendered the spiritual somewhat more materially characterizable, and that more material spiritual world may play a much bigger role in what is going on than we would think. If so, it would be entirely unsurprising to find Lucifer was at the top of the hierarchy in the domestic intelligence world these days, perhaps in a very real, far more material sense than we would think possible in the old paradigm. Clearly the game plan of Cabal, the global domestic intelligence infrastructure, is drawn almost directly from his playbook. Just interesting given we keep hearing about satanic cults ruling the world, and see the symbolism everywhere. It is not just rumors and symbolism, but the actual structure of the machine is remarkably metaphoric as well, to the point it really could be a real, material outgrowth of it.”

What he said sounds to be very accurate. In fact I don’t think I’ve read a better description of what is happening anywhere else.

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