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Errors in Spiritual Understanding

There are numerous errors held by a great number of people regarding the spiritual realm. This is understandable, mainly because of the unseen and invisible nature of the other world. But ignorance can be corrected. Sometimes logic is all that is needed, while in some cases we need to dig deeper into other resources.

We will not cover the deeper things in this article. But we will dispel some of the more obvious and illogical fallacies regarding the spiritual realm. The only requirement for you to grasp these following points is that you accept the basic principles in the previous article.

“God is to blame.” This error assumes much about God, and graciously lets everything else off the hook easily. While on the surface it might make sense to someone who was told “God is always in control” or similar things, it has a major flaw in that it assumes that we understand events and laws we can not see and are not privy to. The major red flag with this error is that it always makes the devil the last one to blame. As the force of evil in our world, the enemy of humanity, and the accuser of mankind it makes little sense for people to “forget” about this being when looking for someone to blame. It would make more sense for us to scrutinize the most likely “person” to be our primary suspect. Instead of looking at the criminal in the courtroom…we focus our attention on the Judge and say, “He’s the one that did the crime!”. It would make more sense and employ more logic to consider all the other likely candidates first.

“I don’t believe it because I don’t see it.” This way of thinking can be called “relying on your ignorance to guide you”. It is totally illogical, and we wouldn’t employ it in the physical realm very often or it would drastically affect our lives negatively. Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it does not exist. Just because you don’t understand how something works doesn’t mean it won’t function. Just because you haven’t grasped something in your hand doesn’t mean it doesn’t have weight or mass. This is very simple to dispel once you realize the lack of substance this point of view has.

“They must have done something (bad/good) to deserve that happening to them.” An event on earth may be a physical effect with a spiritual cause…or it may not be. It’s not safe to assume someone’s good or badness – or deservedness – based on no evidence. Randomness (“time and chance”) happens to everyone and everything. Sometimes, this results in something good. Other times, something bad happens. It’s a mistake to read too much into what happens in someone’s life. Is God judging them? Is the devil attacking them? Perhaps. But it could also be dumb luck, the “butterfly effect”, or something else altogether.

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