Don’t Let Clown World Surprise You

People seem to be taken aback as they increasingly see the evidence that they live in a place and a culture that has recently been christened with the moniker of “Clown World”.

You might not be interested in Clown World, but Clown World is interested in you!

You see people commenting on it on blogs. You hear people lament it in real life. You see the YouTube videos in which people lambast it. On social media, people post memetic shivs to mock it.

The fathers wonder how they lost the society they grew up in. The moms struggle to understand what happened to the culture they used to know. The kids are not all right, as they find ways to cope with this place.

It’s because we all live in Clown World.

But no one should be surprised. It’s all happened before.

Ancient Rome was Clown World. Revolutionary France was Clown World manifested. Berlin was the capital of Clown World during Weimar Germany. Now, it’s America’s turn.

Clown World is a wonderful place…to certain people. Simultaneously, Clown World is a hellscape to others. Whatever it is, Clown World should not be surprising. It’s a place that rejects God, and embraces the fallen angel Lucifer. So it should be no surprise that all of the following are true of Clown World:

  • Clown World is Tranny World.¬†Clown World is where mothers decide that their boy-children should (instead) be girls. So they decide to have their sons genitalia surgically removed (in a vain attempt) to turn their male child into a female (or a pale, mocking imitation thereof).
  • Clown World is Sodom World. Clown World is a place where men insert their penises inside of other men’s digestive tracts (via the rectum). They then hold parades to commemorate and to celebrate their hobby. (Yay!) Very often, this (strange) activity – a misuse and abuse of the human body – becomes the very essence and core of their identity. (And why shouldn’t anal sex be the focal point of existence, bigot?)
  • Clown World is Child-Killing World. Clown World is a state of mind that causes a mother-to-be to seek out a man willing to insert a knife into her body for the purpose of dismembering and killing the woman’s child. After the woman has betrayed and killed her own son or daughter within the safety of her womb, the woman thanks the man by paying him money. [She then is free to bring forth another life, for the purpose of killing it, and is glad for the freedom and opportunity to do so.]
  • Clown World is Brain-Washing World. It’s a land where children are mandated to attend government-run schools. These schools teach the children things that undermine their heritage, their own country…their very existence. Sometimes, one of the students of the school kills some of his fellow students, and after a day of thoughts and prayers, the school once again opens it doors – and the cycle continues.
  • Clown World is Invasion World. In Clown World, impoverished invaders from other lands are welcomed and then given a place to live, a card to allow for free shopping, and unlimited free visits to doctor and hospitals. No taxes are required, no military service is required, and the invaders have no need to even learn the language of the land. All is provided, with absolutely no obligation – legal, moral, or otherwise. Any natives (who oppose the invasion) are angrily silenced and treated as enemies.
  • Clown World is Amusement World. It would not truly be a clown world without constant entertainment – to help run out the clock on this timeline of stuff called “life”. Amusement is literally “no thinking”, and to ensure that – anything one’s heart desires is available, often quickly and easily: free pornography, immersive video games, movies full of realistic special FX, addictive social media, pills that will numb a painfully aware mind, beautiful and comforting lies told be reassuring “news” announcers – whatever you need to make it to the finish line of death. (Including assisted suicide – if necessary.)

Clown World is a place of inversion: down is up, dark is light, evil is good – and anything good is hateful, shameful, and detestable – including (and especially) the supreme God of the universe. [Roosh wrote about this satanic “inversion” not long ago.]

I feel ya, homie

But – as cutting-edge and modern and Clown World may seem – it’s not new. Jesus, during the days in which He walked on this earth in a mortal body among men, spoke of Clown World. He named it “This present evil world”. For a timespan of thirty-three years, He was in it – but He was not of it.

And neither are those who are His brothers, friends, fellow-heirs, followers, and disciples.

To critically understand Clown World from a human perspective, read Heartiste or The Daily Stormer (if you dare). To critically understand clown world from God’s perspective…read the Bible.

To comprehend the human cost of Clown World, read what honest and plain-spoken men have written. To comprehend the spiritual cost of clown world, read what our Creator says about this place. [And believe it.]

Instead of “heaven on earth” (as the open-border utopians, socialists, and other types of satanists seek after and preach), Clown World is the earth without heaven: not yet hell on earth – but heading in that direction with seemingly blind determination – and even glee.

Clown World is undoubtedly a system, an agenda, and a battleground. But Clown World is just…the world.

Here are a few things to remember about this time and place we now call “Clown World”.

  • It’s happened before, and this iteration of Clown World will come to an end. There’s always a “reset”. This too shall pass.
  • Things tend to even out. Everyone really does get what they deserve in the end. Some people call it karma. Biblically, it is commonly known as the Law of Sowing and Reaping. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
  • You need not be overtaken by it. Just as a country’s ambassador might live in a hostile foreign land for a brief period, only to be called home at the end of his service, a believer in God can stay in this present evil world system without being obligated to its customs or internalize its influence. While you can’t stay within the embassy walls constantly, you can retreat into them when needed. God is real, the Bible is true, and prayer changes things.

Don’t let Clown World surprise you.

And don’t let Clown World get you down.

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