The Truth About Social Media (You Won’t Want to Hear)

Here is the Truth about “social media” – and it is a fact that you won’t want to hear:

It causes brain damage.

Yes, I meant that. Brain damage, in the strictist way of defining it, would mean harm or ill effects dealt to a person’s thinking apparatus (i.e. the person’s brain).

Social media does that to you. As you browse pictures of things that other people have (that you don’t have), see images of places they’ve been (that you haven’t traveled to), and gaze at selfies of people that make them look great (when you’re at home in your bathrobe with no makeup)…it harms you in subtle ways.

People use social media – always – to present their lives in the best possible light at the best possible angle. It’s not reality, but your brain doesn’t stop to consider all of that. Instead, the brain engages in the poisonous habits called “envy” and “jealousy”.

Social media “sells” you. When people think of social media, they would not think of a business in a strict sense. Because the user pays nothing when they use the sites. But a product is being sold. The “product” is you – the user.

The tech companies are led by scumbags.

Do you get it yet?

The only rules they believe in are the rules they set for you, the hapless and unaware user. Society’s “meatspace” rules and the rules of laws (of any nation) don’t apply to the tech elite.

Do you get it yet?

Social media damages your brain.