Round-up (9/13/19): Demons Manifest Physically – Satanism in Entertainment – Spiritual Warfare – Pedophilia aka Satanic Child Abuse

Today’s new round-up is (mostly) comprised of a number of items that didn’t make it into earlier updates – but are newsworthy.

Demons Manifest Physically On Earth (in the Form of “Drag Queens”)

If these people aren’t actual demons, they’ll do until the portals open. (I’m just joking. Or AM I?)

Drag queen blames little children for shocking photos at public library. Pure evil, totally reprobate, and sickening.

Just a few years ago, the term “drag queen” wasn’t even used among normal people. Instead, the term transvestite or cross-dresser was used.

Why and how did the terminology change? What are these people – really? What is their goal in relation to children and innocence? Do they want to preserve innocence…or do they want to feed on and destroy innocence?

Satanism in Entertainment

A lengthy article with videos showing that The Goal of Hollywood…is to Normalize Satanism.

Spiritual Warfare

You are in a war. Currently. And you can’t opt-out, run from it, or decide to be neutral. You are in the conflict. Your only choices are: victory or defeat and which side you’re on.

Interesting YT channel and website dealing with spiritual warfare:
“Soldier for El Shaddai, a.k.a. a targeted individual (TI). We were like Neo, asleep in Satan’s matrix. One day God came along, gave us the red pill and unplugged us. Ever since Agent Smiths have been after us. Our refuge is Jesus Christ.”

Exposing Darkness YouTube Channel

Gangstalking Unveiled spiritual warfare website

Pedophilia: A Fancy Name for Satanic Child Abuse

There is nothing more damnable than harming a child. And there has been an increase in the evil sexual abuse of children. It’s becoming mainstream and even increasingly acceptable within popular culture. We are headed toward “Weimerica” – a re-manifestation of Weimar Berlin within American culture.

Pedophile & Convicted Child Porn Peddler Says ‘Desmond is Amazing’ is “Hot”

New Vermont Law Would Require Taxpayers to Fund Sex Change Operations For Children. Could even allow for surgery without parental permission.

LGBT ‘pride’ parade advocates say children like to see ‘nakedness’ and ‘kink’

Here is a factual statement that we should all think about: Evil people truly DO want to corrupt and ruin children – YOUR children.

Don’t let them.

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