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Round Up (June 26): Third World California Edition

California Turning into the Third World

Conditions On The Streets Of San Francisco Are Comparable To “The Slums Of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jarkarta, And Manila”. In case you don’t know, that’s not a good thing. Lots of human feces on the streets. Instead of people stepping in dog poop, dogs step in human poop. California has gone down the tubes.

Rap Music = Exploitation of Black People

Reported from Anonymous Conservative: “An interesting link, which tells of a meeting in 1991 which appeared to be organized by some intel group, where music industry executives were told they were going to popularize rap music that promoted criminality and violence because major investment funds that owned the music business also had invested heavily in privatized prisons, and they felt they could criminalize the black community and drive up the stock prices of the prison companies, whose services were now going to be needed. Combine this with the guy on 4Chan who said he did a CIA research project which examined how humans were hardwired to mimic people who were presented to us as high-status, as a sort of evolved mechanism to help us become high status by instinctually doing what high-status people did. The truth is, all of these conspiracy stories, at their root, feature cash on the table, waiting for someone with the gumption to step up and take it. Thinking they are impossible is imagining a world where nobody would do anything immoral.”

What’s the Difference?

State-Enforced Mandatory Perversion? It’s the Future!

Christian School Hit with SWAT-Style Raid, CA Demands They Allow Sexual Exploration or Be Shut Down. Of course it was in California.

Spreading the Message of Traditional Morality

10 Tips for Young Traditionally-Minded Women. The more we spread good information for young women (and men) like this, the more young women and men will embrace it. The more we allow evil propaganda to be spread, the more the young people will embrace it. Now you know what you need to do.

Trump on UFOs

UFOs are in the news even more. I’ve been mentioning UFOs in the news for years now, and at this point I don’t even bother to point out individual specific articles: there are too many, too frequently. Here’s a brief analysis of Trump’s body language in regards to UFOs.

Transgenderism Equals Death

The “trans” movement is purely evil and wicked, through and through. Just one example: Lesbian Couple Stabs Nine-Year-Old Boy To Death After Forced Botched Gender Reassignment Surgery

It’s Censorship-Mania!

We’re hitting levels of censorship previously not thought possible.
Facebook Has Banned The Word “Honk” For Violating Their Community Standards

Google CEO: YouTube Will Begin Targeting ‘Content Which Doesn’t Exactly Violate Policies’

Facebook Deletes ‘Natural News’ Facebook Page

Pinterest Bans Zero Hedge By Adding To “Porn Domain Block List” Used To Target Conservatives

…and these are the people doing the censoring:

Google Ethics Team Busted Calling Prominent Conservative Jews “Nazis”: Veritas

They want to rob you of free thought and free choice, as shown by Project Veritas this last week.

MSM Silent After Google Election Meddling Bombshell; Video Scrubbed From YouTube

All these big corporations telling us “you aren’t allowed to read these sites” makes ya kinda want to seek out these forbidden sites, doesn’t it? It makes you want to stop supporting the now-evil corporation Google (whose phrase used to be “Don’t be Evil”).

You can start by deleting Google from your life. Replace Gmail with something else such as ProtonMail.

Owen Benjamin Telling More Truth

Owen Benjamin did a video recently on “Sex Magic” (“#538 $ex Magic, Snapchat goes full Pedo, and why the good guys always win in the end”). Very interesting stuff. I am glad to see his level of insight into the spiritual realm – because he’s got SO much right. (The one problem I have with the video is some of the language – so just be aware.) You can watch it on YouTube as of now, but I refuse to link to them. Instead you can watch it on Unauthorized.tv or on BitChute.

Instrumental Music…Censored. Why?

You can and will be banned and censored because of what you think. The musician Xurious creates only instrumental music. None of his songs express any sort of viewpoint. Yet, because of his personal beliefs, YouTube felt the need to totally ban his channel. His music can be heard on SoundCloud (for now).

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