Round Up (June 6): Embryonic Pulsing Edition

Words Mean Things

Realize this: the words chosen to describe something are extremely important. Not all words are equivalent. Take for example the phrase “baby’s heartbeat”. You think of a baby, and the implication is that it’s alive. You can relate to it – because you also have a heartbeat. The phrase describes so much: it’s a person like you, it has a heart, and the heart is what we use to describe the seat of emotion.

It’s a loaded phrase, full of symbolism.

Now…let’s strip some of that imbued meaning. Let’s change the phrase to “fetal heartbeat”. Hmm. Less emotive. Less meaningful. More stark and clinical.

Now…one step further. Let’s go all “New York Times” and totally change the phrase. What meaning(s) does the phrase “embryonic pulsing” communicate to you? Do you even think of a human person – or even something that is alive? [H/T to Anonymous Conservative]

Run and Hide! Nowhere is Safe From Nazis! Regardless of what the homeowner’s intention is by creating the symbol in his yard, who do you side with – the media or the homeowner? Is the woman who said “it’s not safe” really being serious? Does the symbol create danger in the area? If not, why does this warrant such a dire and foreboding news report?

NetFlix Hates Humanity

All major social media, all big tech, and all the main companies that control our world (i.e. the FAG companies: Facebook, Apple, Google) absolutely hate you. They despise people. They loathe God.

You think I’m exaggerating? No, I mean it. The world hates anything good and decent, and they hate people because people are made in the image of God. Many people don’t understand that, but it’s true.

Here’s just the latest in a long line of evidence for my claim: Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series.

“Now, Netflix has entered what some would regard as infuriating uncharted territory with the Netflix Original series “Dancing Queen,” a series that focuses on a dance teacher from Texas who walks a fine line in promoting the normalization of young children and the drag queen lifestyle.”

Yeah, I guess that’s an accurate description of the series. But to really appreciate the perverse evil of it, you need to see some of the imagery from the series or watch the trailer. If you’re normal or have even a bit of goodness within you, it’ll make your blood boil with rage.

Mass Censorship Continues Unabated

YouTube really ramped up the banning and censorship this time. I’ve been talking about the tech companies doing this for years (in many past news Round Ups). But it looks like this time, YouTube really went nuts. All the cool kids are going to BitChute now.

They Hate The Truth, and Will Silence It By Law

Yeah, in real life. Not just on YouTube. In Canada, in the UK, and probably coming to much of the USA. Like what happened to this street preacher. Pray for him.

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