Round Up (June 4): Gay Arthur Episode – Muslim Christian-Killing Cab Driver

“Beauty is a form of truth, which is what makes it dangerous.”

How Can They Claim There ISN’T an Agenda to Target Innocent Children?

The Arthur cartoon teaches kids homosexuals are positive and good role models. Arthur recently had a “gay marriage” episode. Is the word “indoctrination” applicable in the case of the Arthur show? If this is not an example of indoctrination of children…what IS?

A lot of people don’t believe there’s an effort to convert children to homosexuality and/or transgenderism. “its innocent. It won’t harm the kids.” Sure. Keep telling yourself that. Keep mocking God. Go ahead. See what you get.

Muslims Really Don’t Like You, Christian

Get it through your head. There really ARE Muslims who will act on the things they are taught from the Koran. Like this cab driver who apparently killed over 250 non-Muslims over the last few months.

Who’s the fool: the person who chooses to not associate with Muslims or the person who makes an effort to experience diversity? Our world says that anyone who is bigoted or prejudiced is the fool. But what is the truth?

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