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Why Liberals Are Losing on Abortion

This is a post from Voat, quoted in it’s entirety:

Liberals lost the war on abortion the second they passed the abortion laws allowing them up to the moment of birth because they invalidated the only argument they had that was halfway reasonable…

The biggest and most logical argument they had was “viability.” That is to say the point at which the fetus could be removed and not die despite artificial means to attempt to keep them alive.

By throwing the viability argument out the window, they showed that the viability argument was never a point they cared about. They just wanted to be able to kill babies.

Georgia and now Alabama have passed extremely strict laws outlawing abortions. This is “revenge legislation” that is finally calling out the lie of viability for what it is.

And we’re going to see more of this.

They lost, they just don’t know it yet. The viability argument was the compromise that they made when dealing with anti-abortion people and now that that has been removed, people are once again being disgusted by abortion. And rightfully so. Infanticide is an emotionally easy way to commit genocide… just give them a reason to want to kill their children and they’ll do it gladly.

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