Round Up (May 13): DIY Immortality – Drag Queen Story Hour – Heartiste Shut Down – Jack Ma Wants More Chinese Babies

Living Forever – Without God

As I’ve documented previously on this blog, mankind seems to be making some headway in the goal of living forever – while leaving man’s Creator out of the picture. Humans ‘BIOHACKING’ their own bodies with blood transfusions to achieve ‘DIY IMMORTALITY’

Why Does “Drag Queen Story Hour” Exist?
Is it because all of these sodomite homos want to convert children while they’re young, trusting, and impressionable?
This “present evil world” can’t imagine why anyone would object to perverts reading stories to little ones. Drag queen story hour in communities nationwide, but some see controversy

This is your child’s future babysitter in Weimerica.

We’re supposed to invite our destroyers into our lives, hand our children to them, and enjoy it. According to them, if you don’t like it, you’re a bigot.

I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I’m sure of one thing: there is a God, they’re infuriating Him, and He will judge them for what they’ve done and what they’re doing.

Censorship Steamroller Is Chugging Along

Heartiste has been shut down by WordPress. Why? Because they owners of the technology companies don’t want their users sharing opinions they find disagreeable.


He was one of the smartest, most insightful, and prescient writers online. Period. If you didn’t get to read him, you missed out (but you can still find some of his posts archived in a few spots).

The point is, the tech censorship is out of control and will continue to destroy people’s online presence and livelihoods. But the solution is not to just be quiet and keep your head low. These people are against free thought and free speech. They are your enemies. They want to destroy people’s lives because of what those people think.

So what to do? Speak your opinions, write your opinions, and don’t back down. At the same time…I think we all need to stop using Google, stop using Facebook, stop using Twitter, and stop using WordPress. The next step is to find, create, and utilize online and tech resources that are not subject to the tyrant-rule of Silicon Valley.

I (at this moment) am using self-hosted WP for this site – but that soon will change as well.

Procreation is Pro-Creation

Jack Ma, the Alibaba dude, told his newlywed employees to go make some babies. He wants his people (meaning his race and his country) to grow and become strong. For that, he was criticized. The world wants you to destroy (i.e. kill) your babies, not make more of them.

I’m with Jack Ma – we Americans need to 1) get married, and 2) have kids. And 3) teach those kids to love, follow, and serve the God of the Bible.

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