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Round Up (3/21): Airships – New Zealand Call to Prayer – Mind-Reading AI God – Pedophile Priests

At my top-secret bunker somewhere in the south, it’s time to start planting. Spring is here, and summer is coming. It’s looking good…

Reprinted from the great Anonymous Conservative blog: An interesting story about an old man’s notebooks being thrown out, and ending up in a curio shop. In them, he seems to have kept records for a secret society devoted to developing “airships” after the Civil War (but long before we were told flight was developed), at the behest of a larger Secret Society, which may have run many such subsidiary secret societies, all advancing the main secret society’s knowledgebase and suite of technology. The books contain plans, and some names which correlate with local stories at the time about mysterious flying airships. No idea of the veracity of the site, but interesting to picture Cabal organizing secret clubs to develop new tech for it centuries back. Given American ingenuity, we could have been a hotspot for that type of thing. And it could mean Cabal is a generation or two ahead of the regular US.

It’s a New Day in New Zealand

Just read the following headlines, and you will know what’s “new” in NZ:
New Zealand to broadcast call to prayer in solidarity with Muslims
NZ Prime Minister orders national broadcast of Muslim call to prayer this Friday
New Zealand to broadcast Muslim call for prayer on national TV, radio on Friday
A week after Christchurch attacks, NZ to broadcast Muslim call to prayer nationally

And in case the residents of NZ don’t know (they will find out)…
Christchurch terror attack: What is the Islamic call to prayer?

I wonder if New Zealand has ever nationally broadcast any other type of prayer or religious teaching. Hmm.

And (even though not directly NZ-related) I couldn’t help but re-post this meme, because it’s related to yesterday’s post:

[Source: Heartiste]

Are Things Worse Than 20 Years Ago?

Yes. Yes, they are. “What one generation does in moderation, the next generation does in excess.”

Read Woodpile Report

That is all. I highly recommend the Woodpile Report and I look forward to reading it each week.

The AI God Will Be a Mind-Reader

Remember, I’ve been stating that the false Christ will imitate God via technological means – but it’ll seem like magic (credit goes to Arthur C. Clarke). Mind-reading is a reality. The results were unsettling. Scientists were able to predict which pattern people would choose before their thoughts even became conscious.”

The Threat of Pedophilia

The news presents to us a real-life horror movie called “Attack of the Pedo Priests”, and it has spawned hundreds of sequels in just the last few years. I have just a few things to say about pedophilia:

  • It is widespread. Epidemic. Not rare. It is everywhere, in every level of society and in every institution. We don’t have enough millstones.
  • It is satanic. Through and through. Not a mental-illness, not a sexual orientation, not a sickness, not a “condition”…but a purely evil manifestation of satanism. Whether you believe me or not, that’s the way I see it and it works for me.
  • It’s on the rise and must be rooted out and fought against and it came into society via other perversions. What we are seeing is in itself evil, but it ALSO is a symptom of other evils. I guarantee that the “transgender” movement along with all the other perversions are related to the uptick in pedos. What happened was: “gay” rights which led to full-spectrum homo acceptance (meaning gays are now everywhere all the time, 24/7 on your TV and in your kids’ Scouts and being taught in your child’s school) which led to trendy transgenderism, which led to pedophilia coming into the mainstream. They are all allies, and will basically admit it if you read what they’ve written and simply believe it.

And by the way, the Catholic church is said to be totally infested with homosexuals. (Apparently, there was a homo subculture among priests back in 1049 as well.) And from what I see in the news most pedo priests seem to be gay. But whatever.

Here are just a few articles about such priests. I couldn’t make up these headlines if I wanted to:
Pope defrocks pedophile priest who claimed abuse was old Jewish ritual. The writer of the article felt the need to say, “There is no such ritual in the Old Testament or in Judaism.” (I knew that.)

High-End Fashion Designer: I Was Warned About Homosexual/Pedophile/Satanic Infiltration of Catholic Church in the Early 80’s. Again – it’s been a problem for a while.

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