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Round Up (3/20): Word Power – Evil Hollywood – NZ – Rabbit Symbolism – Raising Non-Feminized Sons – Massacres of Christians

What Event Has Killed More Than 61,144,625 People Since 1973 and Is Still Happening To This Day?


Watch Your Words

5 Words Conservatives Should Never Use, Starting With Conservative. Remember, “words are weapons“. Why else would the elimination of free speech be such a high priority of the media and the “left”? (But I repeat myself.)

Hollywood, Summed Up

From Henry Makow: “In general, Hollywood was hydrochloric acid to Christian civilization. It corroded every form of social coherence: marriage and the nuclear family, racial homogeneity, and religion. It promoted homosexuality. Now all that is left to destroy is human dignity and self respect.

Why are there so few movies that uplift and inform, that make us feel good about being human? Why do the vast majority focus on
human sickness and depravity in one form or another? (There are some exceptions.) Hollywood is run by the Illuminati, a Cabalist satanic cult. Its goal is overturn the natural and spiritual order so it can replace God on top.

Mankind is under occult attack. Art and entertainment have become a psy-op.”

In what way is he incorrect in his statements?

NZ Massacre Occult Symbolism Update

I’m undecided/unclear about any symbolism present in the recent NZ mosque massacre. From a comment on <"https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/new-zealand-mosque-shootings-the-john-podesta-connection">an article about the New Zealand-Podesta connection: “The article picks out only two things to look at and completely ignores the rest.”

From a comment on Voat: “So to break it down: ’14’ is in reference to the 14 words (We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children). The other symbol, the Odal rune. Placed onto flags because of the meaning: ‘inherited possession’ or ‘land, landed property’ (like ‘Blood and Soil’. Probably meaning to him that NZ should belong to the the kiwi’s and not the invaders.”

So if there is an occult connection, or if its simply “white power” symbolism – or both – I’m not sure. But it’s interesting.

Also of interest is that this article apparently got Zero Hedge blocked in NZ. What I heard anyway.

And Henry Makow posted some interesting articles about NZ: Banned Mosque Massacre Video Described and Brendon O’Connell – Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained.

I don’t claim to know “the truth” about the whole thing. But I do have some questions:

  • Why is it so critical to stop people from seeing the video? All major media (online and social) are banning possession of it and scrubbing it from the internet with the quickness. I don’t care to watch gore (personally), but when I see the NZ gov criminalizing viewing the video…it makes me wonder what’s so special about it that they don’t want me to see.
  • What’s the real, full, true background of the shooter? Who was he really? I have the sense that the story presented about him isn’t complete or totally true. I’m not sure I “buy” that he was a right-winger. Something’s “off” about his written document. It seems almost too perfect in how it hits all the major meme-points.
  • Why are world leaders and media heads doing EXACTLY what the shooter outlined he wanted them to do in his manifesto? He specifically stated he wanted the left to clamp down on everyone’s rights so that the right would react…and it seems like that’s the road we’re heading down. (FYI Australia and NZ both have initiated total censorship of certain websites. Ironically they are not blocking Facebook, however – which is the platform on which the shooter’s video was actually broadcast!) It seems to be going just as he planned.

Well, not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. This guy gets it:

My advice? Don’t get sucked in to the calls to divide yourself from others. Push for free, intelligent, reasoned speech. Don’t do bad things to people who don’t believe the same things you believe. (Avoid, disavow, and repudiate violence and retribution.) When people blindly react without thinking, they do stupid things.

Symbols Matter

I never did finish part 2 of my article about Symbolism but I’m working on it. It involves rabbit symbolism. And I recently saw this somewhat NSFW article about an exclusive “sex club”…which contains some rabbit symbolism. Symbolism is very important and is sometimes deeply significant.

For Conspiracy-Doubters

For those who don’t believe things because they sound weird…there have been some WEIRD things done by government, intelligence agencies, etc. Skepticism is OK in moderation. But don’t be blind to things that really happened/are happening just because they sound unbelievable.

Raising Non-Feminized Sons

It’s sad but essential that in the 21st century parents need to make a conscious effort to raise masculine, normal boys. Gary North talks about raising non-reminized sons and there’s a lot to say on that subject. If you were to just allow society to influence your children, who knows what could happen.

Massacres of Christians Continue to Go Unreported

Boko Haram Attacks Christian Village, Destroys Church – Media Silent..

Philippine Church Bombing Kills 20 – Media Didn’t Care About This Either…

THOUSANDS of Christians killed in Nigeria “GENOCIDE” by radical militants – Ignored by the media

Remember, the media hates you. That’s why you never hear about the killings of Christians.

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