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Round Up (3/18/19): New Zealand Occult Ritual – Censor All the Things – Muslim Persecution of Christians Continues

Was the New Zealand Shooting an Occult Ritual?

The possibility exists that there’s WAY more to the Christchurch mosque massacre than we are told on the surface. One of my personal practices is to always take what I see in the media with a few grains of salt. (When you see a news report, don’t just accept it as the whole truth. Think about it.)

Rush Limbaugh raised the possibility of the shooting being a false flag, and he was mocked for it. What the mockers didn’t understand is that false flags are commonplace. (BTW: “false flag” doesn’t mean something didn’t happen; it means it’s not what it appears to be. Think in terms of political goals, and a country doing an act while secretly posing as if they were a totally different country.) Rush is right. He is trying to ask questions and get people to think.

I do not know what really happened, nor have I watched the now-banned video (and I don’t plan to!). I have read most of the shooter’s manifesto, and my take on it is the following:

  • The writer knew his memes quite well. He obviously read alt-right blogs and understood the language.
  • The writer uses some of the wording and language of the left, but presents mostly right-oriented ideas with a little leftism mixed in. I believe he claimed to be one thing, but probably was another (idiologically).
  • The writer tells us what he wants to happen in society as a result of his actions, and they seem to be slowly playing out. People today seem to pay no attention to what they are plainly told, and will even react predictably when they are told what they’re being manipulated to do!
  • The writer wrote some things in a way that could be interpreted a few ways. (His brief Trump statement, for example.) This allows anyone to take what they want from it.
  • There is no proof that he really travelled for tourism. We should be skeptical about the true purpose of his travels.
  • The writer claims to have secured a blessing from the Knights Templar. This is interesting, and I would like to know who supposedly gave it, and on what basis they can claim to be part of the Knights Templar (an ancient organization).
  • The writer wanted to demonize anyone who opposes globalism. My prediction is that his actions will result in a huge stomp-down of nationalism or tribalism. Yes, I am saying none of this was for the purposes presented: I think the “operation” was pro-globalist and the writer is actually pro-globalist.

But those are just my opinionated thoughts. I could be wrong. The guy could just have been a right-wing, white supremacist terrorist – just as we are all being told. But I know that things aren’t always what they seem, and there are some clever, evil people on this planet.

The other thing that I am aware of – and it’s not so unusual with large-scale, mass-consciousness events – is that there could be an occult connection. And right on schedule some other people made the same observation. Check out this article on Beginning and End about the New Zealand Satanic Connection. People can laugh at the idea of mass rituals and real-life high-level satanism if they want to…but I don’t laugh at things like that. I like to consider the possibilities.

The Satanic connection Beginning and End focuses on has to do with the music the shooter was listening to. And there’s definitely something there. But there’s more. One of the latest Q drops points out the symbolism present on the shooter’s weapon and its connection to John Podesta (pictured with the same symbols on his hands). Check out the graphic below:

The gist of it (from that image) is that the 14 + fish has something to do with gaining power and some kind of magic. I might research the symbolism further, because I don’t know the meaning. But I do acknowledge the occult connection. Will someone out there decode the symbolism for the rest of us?

And keep in mind, something can be an occult ritual while also playing other more earthly purposes. And the fruit of this event will be more censorship, more restrictions, and less freedoms for as many people as possible.

Censor All the Things!

Linked above, but I wanted to point out that mass censorship is increasing everywhere, in general, over everything. Not only can you not say certain things, you can’t know about something that happened. That’s what it amounts to: an event that occurred cannot be acknowledged, talked about, spread, or the historical record of it even possessed. Really, everyone needs to read the book 1984. That, and the Bible.

Questions You’re Not Allowed to Ask

More specifically, was it because of the comments she made…or because of questions she asked? Fox (and any other news network) does not want you to think about things. No actual critical thinking is allowed. You are only allowed to agree with what they tell you to believe. End of story.

Muslim Massacres of Christians Continue Unnoticed

Just as a pointed out in the last new round-up, Christians get killed all the time in large numbers. But you will have to look, on purpose, for any real reporting on it. The media is not your friend, but Breitbart talked about it so I give them some credit.

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