Round Up (3/16/19): New Zealand – Free Speech Evil? – Hugh Hefner CIA Asset? – Evil Hollywood Mind-Control Programming – Western Civilization & Multiculturalism

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.”
– Alvin Toffler

New Zealand, Terror, and Other Weird Things

Some muslims died this week in (of all places!) New Zealand. When I first saw the news, my immediate thought was: why on earth is there a mosque in a place called Christchurch? Weird, isn’t it? But my brain works strangely for some reason, so that’s what I thought.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that there’s something weird going on in the West. So I had an idea to look up “churches in Islamic nations” and “christian churches in Bangladesh”. I was hoping to find inspiring articles about churches in those welcoming tolerant countries. But I kept seeing articles describing Christian (native) people whose land was seized by armed men, death threats, terrorists who target Christians, Christians living in constant fear, and then I found this article that mentions Christians killed in Nigeria by machetes (well, the machetes probably didn’t do the killing – the Muslims holding the machetes did the killing, I’m guessing).

Before you tell me, I know I know I know: Islam is definitely the religion of peace. We all know that. We also know how weird it is that all the terrorist attacks keep happening in Europe, of all places. (Remember Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, the trucks running over people at Christmas markets, the rape gangs in England, the molestation of women at New Year’s in Germany, etc.) But that’s almost understandable, because like the mayor of London taught us: terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in any big city. And those Muslims doing all that terror were not real Muslims.

But then I kept doing more searches, trying to find maybe a church in a town called Islamburg or Mohammedville. But I couldn’t really find anything similar to having a mosque in Christchurch.

But you know what I did find? Christians in rural areas, villages, small towns, etc are getting slaughtered! Like, all the time. And not just one or two Christians – which probably would be understandable, right? Nope – we’re talking dozens at a time. Or like this one weird incident where it was over 100 Christians killed. So weird how I never heard about it until I searched and searched.

Ever notice how the world media doesn’t seem to make a big deal about the constant and never-ending killings of Christians all over the world? They don’t. You have to really search to find out how bad it is. You’d almost think they didn’t care about Christians. Weird!

Well, it can be so exhausting to find all that news. It’s much easier to tune in to the massive coverage of Christchurch and just…soak it all in without even thinking. Maybe there’s nothing really weird about any of it after all. I wonder what our politicians will do about the threat of whi… ah, nevermind.

Is Free Speech Evil?

To many people, free speech is a very bad thing. They believe free speech should be stopped. After all, it allows for the spread of ideas – some of which might be bad ideas. So their solution is to censor or ban certain people from saying certain things. Once all the words they don’t agree with are prevented from being said – the world will be a better place! (Well, that’s the basic premise.) Can you figure out the ways the banning of free speech doesn’t make sense? Can you figure out some of the ways censorship can go horribly wrong? Do you realize what censored societies are actually like?

Just because free speech allows people to say evil things…does is follow that “free speech” is itself evil? Is that logical?

Hugh Hefner was a CIA Asset?

Speaking of free speech being used for evil purposes: Playboy magazine. Pornography has been allowed due to freedom of expression and free speech. But it’s poison. And Hugh Hefner was by numerous accounts a very evil man.

Just what was he doing with his life? Besides his carefully-cultivated exterior image, was there more?

Hollywood Has Always Been Evil

You may not believe that strange things like “mind control” really exist, but I can confidently tell you, reader, that you have been mind controlled many times. Maybe you are right now. Because Hollywood is mind-control. It’s a very evil institution, and it totally programs it’s viewers. They don’t call it TV “programming” for nothing, either.

The Collapse of Western CivilizatioN: More on How Multicultural Societies Always Fail

“Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by the west.” Video by Paul Joseph Watson laying it all out:

And yes: where IS the church in all this??

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