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Be Not Of This World

H/T to a Voat user for this very good comment:

As long as you are of this world the system has power. No matter what protesting you do the system will always remain. It may change its name to another “ism” but it will be the same system.

What is the system? Movies, TV, Professional Sports, schools, banking, MSM, politicians, religion, etc… they all work together to control you 24/7.

Can you live with a USED car? What about a smaller house? Can you turn off the TV and take a walk outside feeling the sunshine and fresh breeze? Can you home school? Can you buy generic foods thereby cutting off advertisers. Can you stop eating fast foods? Can you get healthier to cut out big pharma? Can you stop tithing to the Vatican? Can you open up the Bible and read it? Why are you so busy going around in circles in the cage you built yourself?

Freedom starts with each one of us. We decide to get out of the system and then the system shuts down. That is the only way. We need to stop creating our own prisons through this materialism ponzi scheme they setup.

Each one of has the power. Its non violent and will give your soul peace. The choice is yours.