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Isaiah’s Job – Prophet to the Remnant

There’s no round-up for now. Instead I want you to Read this essay.

Keep in mind that it was written many decades ago. The writing itself is of a higher caliber than what you find in even the most high-brow quarterlies of today. But it’s the ideas within the essay that are important. It’s worth taking the time to read this one.

I really can’t add anything to what the author says. But I can’t help but to tack some questions onto the end of it.

Who are the “masses” of today?
Who makes up the “remnant”?
What are the differences between yesterday’s “mass man” and today’s – if any?
Does his description of the European philosophers thinking that the mass man could be “quite a fellow” – and the resulting French Revolution – remind you of anything you see in today’s world?

Were the earlier preachers and philosophers actually wrong…or should they be heeded?

Who is the remnant of today?
How would you identify one of them?

Take note of the section about the true number of the remnant (in the section about Elijah). Do you think there’s a remnant in existence today? How many do you think there are?

Like the Talking Heads said to the masses, “Same as it ever was”. Or as Solomon told the remnant, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

You’re either a part of the masses or the remnant. Which one are you?