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Round Up (Nov 1): Screens in Schools – Tech Censorship of Gab – Migrant Invasion – Cannibals – Netflix’ Big Mouth

Screens Are Poison

You must watch the clip at the link. ‘Screens are Poison’: Tech Elites Keeping Devices Out of Their Children’s Schools. Repeat after me: Technology is not the key to education. (Reading and thinking are.)

It’s Not Hard to Get a Head (in Sacramento)

California police thought the severed human head was a Halloween prank. It wasn’t. My favorite quote from the article: “They come into my house while I’m eating dinner, they come in and tell me something about a head,” said tenant Manul Adrow, according to the station. “I don’t know nothing about no head.”

Tech Censorship Continues

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about this type of thing very often over the last few months. Call it “deplatforming” if you like but it’s censorship. As in, “we can’t debate your ideas based on the merits of our ideas…so we’ll silence you instead.”

Gab.ai is the latest victim of this type of censorship. Slavery as a service, indeed. “The bodies were not even cold and the usual suspects were organized and sent out on social media, and then Progressive media, to denounce Gab as some sort of organized assault “on our democracy.” The only thing missing from the hysteria was the claim that Gab is a Russian agent. Everyone was supposed to drop what they were doing for a five minutes of hate against Gab, a tiny web site with about half a million users. FaceBook has billions of users, Google controls the internet. Yet, Gab is a threat to civilization.”

Also, see here: The Attack On Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free. Best quote: “Gab simply doesn’t censor you. If you want to be a jackass in public, that’s your business. It doesn’t seem to stop Elizabeth Warren after all.” (Ha!)

But on a more serious note: “The Synagogue shooter was a member of Gab. He also had a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. They did this to Gab because they could and because they were told to. Gab’s statement about the shooting is public for the world to see. And they assisted the police in identifying the person responsible. And yet, Gab will again be off the air, this time for weeks, while it migrates to a new platform, because its existence is a threat to the powerful who are rightly scared of losing their shiny new control platform.”

Freedom of speech and thought is of utmost importance. The purposeful, organized suppression of speech (and expression of free thoughts) should frighten you.

Selco on the Immigrant Invasion

Selco, a survivor of the breakup of Yugoslavia, knows what he’s talking about. I recommend you read his words. Selco on Immigrants: Stop Arguing About It and Prepare for It.

Prepare for immigrants in realistic ways. I see people waiting for waves of immigrants and preparing for them but their prep is to argue with people on FB are they pro or con.” Sound familiar?

More: “Folks, this thing is probably outside our circle of influence, it is a sad thing to hear but it is probably the truth….As I mentioned before, as I grow more old I tend to believe that some things do not happen without reason, or chaotically, or randomly….Very often we are puppets in somebody powerful hands, and our reactions, and us being mesmerized with things are often used to ‘sneak’ something in….Everything is possible, but please, do not get yourself to involved in general hate. Deal with possible consequences, try to be more prepared for things that might show up from events like this.”

Cannibals on the Rise

The title says it all. Affidavit: Texas man arrested for plan to murder, cannibalize girl. He looks about like you’d expect.

NetFlix Sinks to a New Low

I stopped paying them a while back. They’ve only gotten worse. No Christian should support this company.

Demonic Netflix Cartoon Pushes Pedophilia, Sexualizes Kids

Looks great doesn’t it? (Yeah, right.) If you watched the video and aren’t disgusted by it, you have no sense of decency or normal morality. This is what every NetFlix subscriber is paying to have sent into their homes.