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Round Up (Oct 25): Coming NWO – NPC Meme – Satanic Killings – Sweden – Q: Trust the Plan? – Future of AI – Stephen Hawking Fool – Witches – Religion of Peace

Synchronicity That Reveals the Coming New World Order

Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in synchronicity? Or, do you believe in total random chaos? Pay attention, and think about what he says in the following video.

More on the NPC Meme

Great thread by @OnLogic. It really is the perfect meme. Have you ever seen anything more provocative? Has there ever been a meme that caused more reactions? (If so, I’ve never seen it!) The NPC meme either makes people have one of three reactions: they laugh, they rage, or they think. “Ask yourself how this system came to be, who benefits by it, and who controls it. It’s not hard to fleece America when all it’s citizens are on auto-pilot.” Orwellian? Yes, I think we can safely apply that label to what we’re seeing. Why else would Twitter have engaged their mass censorship so quickly, and clamped down on allowing the NPC meme to be spread on their platform?

And along those same lines, see the following…

Fun with Leftwing Science

Satanically-Inspired Killings

First, this guy: NC teen accused of beheading his mother found not guilty, sentenced to psychiatric care.He says Jesus made him do it? Who is the more likely inspiration: Jesus, the Prince of Peace or Satan the God of this World? Would the devil ever whisper a lie? Do you know what the scriptures say about these two personalities? Do you know anything about the nature of either of these people?

Next, these two young ladies: Police: 2 Florida girls planned school knife attack, were willing to drink blood to worship Satan. Yes, I know – Florida. It’s always Florida. “Both girls told officers they worshipped Satan, according to police.” This article provides more details, including the detail that these pre-teen girls wanted to eat people’s flesh. (Eeeew!)

Like I have said before: it doesn’t just matter what you believe – it sometimes matters what other people believe. (i.e. Just because you don’t think the devil is real or just because you think you know how someone is “supposed” to act doesn’t really change reality, does it?) These girls believed something and were willing to act on their beliefs.

Something or someone inspires acts like this. And it isn’t the God of the Bible or Jesus, who came to save people.

“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

What’s Wrong with Sweden?

A lot, apparently! Sweden seems to be pretty messed up in it’s own “special” way. I probably can’t completely diagnose their national problem, but I know they have something majorly wrong. Here, I present evidence of Sweden’s messed-up-ness…


Exhibit A:

What did I just watch?? Whatever it was…it wasn’t normal. And I don’t want to buy what they’re selling. (Because I’m what is called “normal”. Remember back when “normal” was…normal?)

Exhibit B:

Horge Borge: Implantur Der Chipper Unt Der Hander

Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access social media. How do you say “mark of the beast” in Swedish? Only a sheep-like populace will adopt this en masse. I can’t specifically say Sweden has more “sheeple” than the rest of the world (because Revelation describes the entire planet as one day falling for the anti-Christ), but WOW this seems dumb. Maybe it has something to do with widespread rejection of God in their society. Just maybe.

Exhibit C:
Sweden denies perfectly integrated white South Africans asylum – despite death threats against their 6yo daughter – Huh? “Bob, Betty and their daughter Dora, 6, live in the rural countryside of southern Sweden. Since they came here, they have worked and paid taxes, never been on welfare and never been a burden to society. But they are not wanted.” Does that make sense on any level? [In case you’re unaware, S. African “boers” are being killed and their property being seized by the government – hence this family’s desire to move elsewhere.]

Exhibit D:We can’t forget Sweden’s “hand grenade amnesty”. Yeah, Sweden apparently has an illegal hand grenade problem. And it’s not because of the tax-paying south Africans trying to move there.

Exhibit E:
How does this make any sense? Why would they do this – to avoid hurting the murder suspect’s feelings?

Q – Trust the Plan?

Are the images in this video fake or real? Are the charts fake or real? Are the claims made in this video true? Does the word “globalism” appear in the Bible, or not? Could the Bible be true?

Three final questions: if intelligent and driven psychopaths exist, would they wish to occupy positions of power? Does evil exist, or not? What is a reasonable person’s response when confronted with this information?

The Future of AI Looks Appealing

Do we want AI that’s creepy or menacing? No way! We want AI that’s friendly, attractive, and relatable. Right? Well, it’s here:

Wouldn’t this be the perfect virtual companion? Isn’t she pleasant and friendly-looking? She sure is. It just wouldn’t do to present an artificial intelligence that looks inhuman, cold, precise, and impersonal. (Even if, in truth, those are the true underlying characteristics of an AI.)

I wonder if they can make a male version who is just as captivating and inviting. And if they do, I wonder if he could one day speak to all of us world citizens and help rule our world. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Well…it might just turn out that way. Seems like I read about a similar scenario somewhere, in a very old book…

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Revelation 13:15

In Other News, Hawking Is a Fool

There is no God,’ says Stephen Hawking in final book. ‘Increasingly looking inward’. While Hawking spoke of his lack of belief in God during his life, several of his other answers are more surprising. “There are forms of intelligent life out there,” he writes. “We need to be wary of answering back until we have developed a bit further.” Five scientific predictions by Professor Stephen Hawking. From catastrophic climate change to alien invasion…Stephen Hawking forecast that genetic editing techniques will give rise to a breed of “superhumans” – “a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate”.

Yeah, some people almost worship this guy. And he may have a brilliant brain. But remember: he’s just a man. And also remember: smart people can still be fools. (He is exactly that.)

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 14:1

US Witch Population is Rising

According to recent data, the number of wiccans and pagans are growing in the US and they overwhelmingly are freedom-loving conservatives. Just kidding!

The article mentions feminist witches – which I would bet is more than just a “subset” of the exploding number witch/pagan/wicca acolytes. Why is it that anti-Christians tend to lean more towards “liberalism” (i.e. communism, socialism, neo-marxism)?

Religion of Peace Update

You have heard the ideology of Islam referred to as a “religion of peace”. I’m just not seeing it. All I keep seeing are headlines like this: Germany: Muslim migrant douses hostage with gas and straps homemade bomb to her. What am I missing? Where’s all the peace that Islam is supposed to bring?

Who is the one famous person who was called the Prince of Peace, anyway? What belief system is modeled after the Prince of Peace, and how does a person follow the man who was called the Prince of Peace?