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Round Up (Oct. 17): Are You An NPC – Project Blue Book – Results of Islam – Terminator Robots – Is Abortion=Child Sacrifice? – Satanism

Brace yourself for a long-overdue news round-up, infused with opinionated commentary for your offense or enjoyment – depending on whether or not you’re an NPC…

Are You an NPC?

If you can think for yourself and hold a meaningful discussion with someone of a different opinion, you might be a real person. If you have a knee-jerk response to words that “trigger” you, and you repeat the opinions your peers without really knowing why you believe what you think you believe…you might be an NPC. So, what’s an NPC, you ask? Find out what an NPC is here and here and (maybe best of all) here.

Project Blue Book

I can’t wait to see this when it premieres. Alien-Hunting Agents Seek the Truth About UFOs in ‘Project Blue Book’. Will any of it be historically accurate? HA! This is made for amusement, not to inform. It certainly looks entertaining.

The Results of Islam

Just TELL Us What You REALLY Want
What to do when things get stabby? When you’re disarmed and surrounded by people who want to kill you…there’s not much you can do, except cower in fear, avoid eye contact, and hope for the best. Have you ever asked yourself why it is that wherever Islam arrives in formerly-Christian nations, there is a preponderance of knife attacks, acid-throwing attacks, car attacks, and other mayhem? Do you ever wonder why believers in Islam keep doing those same things – 100% guaranteed? Why is it that Canada, Sweden, Germany, England, and the other nations who keep importing Muslims have to (now) be on the lookout for unprovoked attacks? Did those nations ever previously have a problem with these types of violent occurrences within their borders? What led up to Sweden needing a “hand grenade amnesty”, and what kind of “gangs” are lobbing hand grenades?

I’ll guess we may never know.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/exclusive-video-somalis-riot-at-minnesota-amusement-park-forcing-evacuation/.

The Terminator Robots Have Arrived

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot shows upgraded agility in ‘Parkour’ video
There’s no escaping this.

Is Abortion Really Equivalent to Child Sacrifice?

In the past I’ve commented – perhaps somewhat provocatively – that abortion is the same thing as the child sacrifices to Moloch that were done in the ancient past. Of course, I am aware that the average mother does not go to the abortion clinic to have her child murdered as an act of Moloch-worship. Sheesh.

She might not know who or what Moloch even is, and you might not know, either. But a lot of us know. Here’s an interesting comment by RG Camara connecting the recent Kavanaugh battle…and Moloch:
“Make no mistake, however; this new level of lowness for the Left is, at its base, because they worship Moloch…Who is Moloch? In the Old Testament he was a demon to whom the Caananites regularly offered child sacrifice. That’s right, child sacrifice…And what made it worse was that the Israelites turned away from God and started to offer their own children to Moloch in sacrifice…And today, what is “super-duper, can-never-be-overturned precedence” for the Left with the Supreme Court?…Abortion. Child sacrifice….The Left has rammed through a lot since gaining control over the S.C. in the mid-1930s…But they worship nothing so much as child murder (abortion)…With Kavanaugh on the US Supreme Court, they fear not only this avenue will be closed to them, but also that one of their two most prized evils — child murder — will be banished from national protection…And why do they worship child murder so much?…Because Moloch demands his due.” [SOURCE]

I’ll be really generous and just say: most mothers who bring themselves (and the kid inside them) to visit the “abortion doctor” are just really bad moms. (That’s putting it lightly, but I’m trying to be nice.)

But some women do connect the two acts. Don’t believe me? I have a few things I’d like you to mull over. But first, how about a nice comic to lighten the mood? (after all – this is such a heavy subject)

So (apart from the women who were just plain bamboozled into getting their baby sucked outta them)…is abortion connected with child sacrifice? I can’t definitively tell you. All I can do is infer connections based on circumstances. (Birds of a feather, and all that.)

First, these witches are donating the proceeds of their hex ritual to Planned Parenthood. Read the article carefully.

Next, check out this article: Satanists emerge as advocate as Planned Parenthood restores Missouri abortion services. From the article: “Satanists. Abortion. Planned Parenthood. Where in the world would those three things have anything to do with one another?” The article goes on to make it seem like the Satanic Temple just wants to support one of their own…in the name of science. But there’s more to the story – believe me.

Before you accept the pro-abortion explanation of, “The reason pro-choicers are saying ‘hail Satan’ is just to troll pro-lifers,” think a bit more. And check out Dana Loesch’s piece on this:

Her point? These people are not intellectually “deep”, nor are they morally superior. Nor are they winning the argument. Nor are they making some kind of big eloquent point.

The “pro-choice” side would have you think that they are the (only) reasonable people. They are the ones with the good sense to reject religion and embrace science. They are the side that truly loves women. They are the “good guys”, as seen here: WATCH: Another Abortion Activist Assaults a Pro-Life Woman, Hitting Her With a Metal Clamp. Nice people, right? (FYI: they support using metal clamps on babies, too – so this isn’t such a big step.)

But what about a connection with child sacrifice? Zachary King claims he was part of a coven that used legal abortions as a way to legally perform child sacrifices. Is his story true? I can’t vouch for it – but nothing surprises me these days.

Going back further into ancient lore, before modern society but much later than the Biblical child sacrifices, witches often were connected with both abortion and with the eating of children. (Remember your fairy tales?)

From the summary of Witches, Disgust, and Anti-Abortion Propaganda in Imperial Rome by Debbie Felton:”Witches in Roman literature exhibit a predilection for harming infants in utero. Descriptions connecting witches with the womb express even more disgust than stories about witches killing young children and present the witch as the antithesis of a midwife: rather than helping children be born, witches prevent birth.” The summary is saying that this was nothing more than propaganda against the a-ok act of abortion. But another question we should ask is: why and how did this connection between witches and the killing of children begin – and is at least part of it factual?

In modern times, witches do seem to be overwhelmingly in support of abortion – for whatever reason. This guy, who looks like an old metalhead, has a couple of videos purposrting to show witches performing a ceremony outside an abortion clinic: Witch Coven Performs Spells Outside Ohio Abortion Clinic. If you don’t believe that’s what’s happening in the video, that’s ok but it looks like witches forming a triangle for a spell (to me). And whether or not you and I believe it – they apparently believe it.

And someone believes it enough to leave ceremonial witchcraft objects in that area, as shown in his next video:

Some people may just shrug this all off. “Meh, who cares? It’s legal. And I don’t believe in witches.” Ok, believe what you like. But even without the witchcraft/child sacrifice aspect of this – I still oppose abortion.

To me, it’s simple: abortion is the intentional killing – murder – of a human while they’re still in the mother’s womb. (Yeah, I like to keep things simple and define things clearly.) Other people cloak this event under layers and layers of more complicated, less-clear wording. This is why “pregnancy” mighht sound more “modern” and “scientific” – but you must admit it doesn’t pack the same visual punch and clear meaning of the older terminology “with child”. Words mean things, so it’s important to define your words.

“Now abortion is not called child sacrifice. And the victims are not called children. Different terms are used in an attempt to hide the reality of what is actually happening in this modern-day holocaust. Terms like fetal tissue, abortion, pro-choice, women’s rights, women’s health care, and other words are used to hide a reality: the killing of a human being made in the image of God! It’s murder! It’s child sacrifice.” [SOURCE]

I disagree with people who support child murder…but I suspect that for the most part, the people who choose to support abortion are not “dumb” or ignorant – they know exactly what they stand for. It’s their choice – and it really does come down to choice: “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

Whether or not abortion really has anything to do with witchcraft or satanism or child sacrifice…ask yourself this: are the origins of Planned Parenthood noble and is the fruit (i.e. the results) of abortion something to be desired and something positive?

And what is the logical conclusion of abortion? Ultimately, it leads to outright infanticide and the attitude described in this article: The Pagan Logic of Infanticide: Autonomy over Human Dignity

I urge you to watch this one video if you are undecided or curious.

And finally, for my NPC readers and those who love abortion…one last Martian Magazine comic for your enjoyment!

“The only thing that can save individual Americans now is the redeeming power and protection of Jesus Christ.” – from Scott Johnson


Just for some perspective on “satanism” and Satanism. A comment on a video from an occultist commenter on YouTube:
“The elites are the true Satanists and use silly groups like the Church of Satan as a cover and distraction. I am sure LaVey was paid well to play the front and also to keep certain celebrities drugged up and under their control. Real elites consider his “church” to be the McDonalds of occult practices and look down on the people who buy into it as being fools. The elites hate the atheists more than the Christians because at least Christians are smart enough to see the deception that is all around them.

Even if you don’t believe in anything, you have to admit that the occult and satanic emblems and symbols are everywhere and that Crowleian and Church of Satan beliefs are in almost every popular song since 1960. It is the Satanists who are pushing transhumanism, transgenderism and many other cultural isms that have started taking off in the last 150 years. But the deception is a lot older than that. It goes back to Babylon. Anyone who has spent time actually researching instead of just quoting a dude with a goatee or black robe would know this to be true. Like I said, even if you think it is all a deception and there is no God or Satan, you have to admit that there is a much larger agenda at work that is, at the very least, using Satanic ideals and dogmas to subtly control and change society while making society think they are doing this as some kind of “progress”. Satanists hide the truth that evolution is a physical impossibility. Why? Because it would make living beings the only thing in the known universe that is not decaying. The truth is that our world is in decay, humans are less intelligent now and that evolution was invented so people would view transhumanism as a natural progression and not as the abomination it is and will continue to be.”