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Round Up (Sept. 20): Q on Roswell and Moon Landing – MK-Ultra Was Real – Truth About Liberals – Atheism Insanity

Q on Roswell Aliens and the Moon Landing

Finally, Q has addressed the subjects that really matter in a Q&A (or should I call it a QQ&A?). An anon asked: “Are we alone? Roswell?” and Q answered “No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space.” A couple of observations on this:

  • We certainly are not alone by any means. Right now, you are very likely being observed. You’re mistaken if you believe there is no spiritual realm. There is, and humans on planet earth are enmeshed within it just as much as we are enmeshed within the tangible physical realm we can see and touch. The Creator – God – is real. Other spirit beings exist as well.
  • Q’s alluding to past or current highly-classified contact with…non-human intelligencescould be truthful and valid. But if it occurred, does that necessarily mean that it was what it appeared to be? In other words, if communication was ever established(i.e. via psychic or electronic means), were we speaking with aliens – or something else altogether? If bodies were recovered from a “crashed UFO”, does that mean that they truly were aliens – or is another explanation possible? I think there are other possibilities, not limited to foreign counter-intelligence operations. [Note: Q does not state here that Roswell happened. It’s precarious to read too much beyond what was stated.]
Stargate – Kurt Russell’s greatest movie ever, besides The Thing. And Big Trouble in Little China. Oh yeah – and Tombstone.

Q is believable (in my estimation) because it’s evident that we are not alone. I base this on the Bible and I pair this with other non-Biblical proofs such as the Scole experiments (explain the “direct radio voice” phenomenon, for instance). Stargate was not just a decent Kurt Russell movie, it was also a two-decade-long CIA program to unlock psychic abilities (which they apparently had some success with).

It is rather simplistic to state “aliens are demons”, but that’s basically what it comes down to if you accept the Biblical paradigm. (A probable more “correct” version of that would be “aliens are fallen angels”.)

Someone also asked, “Did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programs? Is this why the Space Force was created?”. The answers that Q gives are, “False, moon landings are real. Programs exist that are outside of public domain.”. His answer makes total sense. If one reads a book such as Apollo (by Murray and Cox), you can’t help but believe that we did go to the moon. The feats of engineering, effort, and devotion in the lives of real people who made it happen are undeniable.

Evidence of one or more secret space programs is readily available depending on who you want to believe. Some of it is verifiable (such as the once-guarded existence of the National Reconnaissance Office and the existence of a manned space program known as Solar Warden as a result of Gary McKinnon‘s hacking into US Space Command computers), some of it is very interesting (but circumstantial) such as this video, and some of it is just interesting but unknown.

But does it make sense that the USA would have a secret space program? If we mean a “black” program to gain military advantage of the upper atmosphere or the space surrounding earth (or the moon), then absolutelyyes that makes sense. Our military would be foolish not to attempt dominance in space. So I think Q is correct on this as well, just from the practical reasoning perspective.

MK Ultra Was Real (and Might Still Be Active)

The History Channel website has a decent article about the very real, very non-theoretical mind-control program the CIA ran known as MK Ultra. Because of the seemingly sensational nature of the program, people tend to not believe it existed. Or they tend to think it was of minor importance. The cognitive dissonance is high with this one. But as previously documented in the news Round Ups on this humble blog, the linked History article is further verification that the CIA really and truly had (still has?) a well-funded, large-scale mind control division in place. Read it, and mentally digest this information. Did they learn any methods from their numerous experiments? Did they ever once employ those techniques? Do they still use the things they learned? Did knowledge of methods of human mind-manipulation spread to other people, agencies, or governments?

Of particular interest in this article is the “CIA carnal operations” under the umbrella of Operation Midnight Climax. To quote one of the head honchos of that particular effort, “I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun,” White later said. “Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

“Fun and games”, indeed. I wonder who the “All-Highest” is that he was referring to? Who do you think it was? A deity? If so, was it the god of this world?

And don’t forget that Senator Edward Kennedy oversaw congressional hearings investigating the effects of MK-Ultra in 1977. At that point in time, MK-Ultra was something that had been in place from approximately 20 years. This tells us at least two things:

  • MK-Ultra existed; it was real.
  • MK-Ultra was granted long-term funding and priority; it was not a “flash in the pan” but was significant.

The CIA has had it’s hand in many arcane efforts. MK-Ultra was just one of many, in a web of experimental programs involving things outside the surface reality of the physical world.

Liberals are like…

I wonder if this contains a kernel of truth or not: ‘Liberals are like the aliens in Mars Attacks broadcasting “Don’t run. We are your friends,” as they incinerate people. All they say is lies. Words are nothing more to them than a means to keep their enemies distracted and divided long enough to kill them.’ Open borders comes to mind. The “resistance” comes to mind. What do you think?

BONUS QUOTE: “The worst speculations about Pizzagate and Eyes Wide Shut are minor-league stuff compared to what the evil ones REALLY want to do. You and I can’t fully grasp this, because our imaginations are not perverted enough, but that doesn’t constrain ‘them’.” This is why, when an unsettling truth is revealed, a person will scream the words meant to end all debates: “conspiracy theory!”.

Religion Is Sane. Atheism is Insane.

A “sane” person is someone who is “of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill”. Their mind – called the “soul” in the Bible – is whole, complete, and healthy. The Bible teaches this, and science has finally caught up to the Bible in this regard.

“A new study…finds that kids and teens who are raised with religious or spiritual practices tend to have better health and mental health as they age.”

“It turned out that those who attended religious services at least once a week as children or teens were about 18% more likely to report being happier in their 20s than those who never attended services. They were also almost 30% more likely to do volunteer work and 33% less likely to use drugs in their 20s as well.”

If the Bible and this Harvard study are correct, it means that religion represents mental health. Logically it follows that rejection of religion is mentally unhealthy. Therefore, atheism is insane.