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Round Up (Sept 18): QAnon Proof – New Age UFO Cults – AI Killbots – MK Ultra

Proof Q / QAnon is Real

So Q foretold that the FISA declassification order would be a “red carpet event”. (Start at the Q drop from Sept 15 and read onward – it becomes increasingly obvious and specific.) Now we know what that means. The order to declas was revealed to the public by the White House in conjunction with the Emmys. All I can say is “wow“. A Q proof if there ever was one!

[For those who have no clue who or what “Q” is, let PrayingMedic explain:]

UFO Cults and the New Age Connection

I’ve stated before that I do not believe in aliens. That does not mean, however, that UFO-related phenomenon does not occur. What it means is that UFO phenomenon is not what you think it is. I’ll allow my reader to piece things together (although I’ve dropped some huge hints in previous posts about what I believe). One very interesting article is this one about UFO cultists in Brazil. What do UFOs and aliens have to do with New Age practices such as psychic phenomenon and channeling, you ask? Good question. Dig, read, and think about it.

Do we have “messages” and channeled communications with “aliens”? (Check out the New Age section of any bookstore.) Do we have witnesses to UFOs? (Many.) Do we have people who believe they were abducted? (Many.) Do we have a physical craft in our possession or an alien body anywhere that we can observe? (No. Not even photos.)

Also see this: Aliens insist UFO Cult members renounce Jesus Christ – Eddie Bennett Story. Think: If Jesus Christ is not real, why do “entities” place such importance on humans renouncing Him?

What does this tell you?

Killer AI Robots

Killbots are not a new subject for this blog. But here’s a new article highlighting the very real possible threat of criminals using killbots as assassination drones. It’s a frightening and very realistic scenario.

Is MK Ultra Real?

Read this article. View the videos. Does seem ridiculous to call it a “theory”? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-government-gag-order-mk-ultra-1.4448933