Round Up (Sept. 20): Q on Roswell and Moon Landing – MK-Ultra Was Real – Truth About Liberals – Atheism Insanity

Q on Roswell Aliens and the Moon Landing Finally, Q has addressed the subjects that really matter in a Q&A (or should I call it a QQ&A?). An anon asked: “Are we alone? Roswell?” and Q answered “No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space.” A couple of observations on this: We certainly are not alone […]

Round Up (Sept 18): QAnon Proof – New Age UFO Cults – AI Killbots – MK Ultra

Proof Q / QAnon is Real So Q foretold that the FISA declassification order would be a “red carpet event”. (Start at the Q drop from Sept 15 and read onward – it becomes increasingly obvious and specific.) Now we know what that means. The order to declas was revealed to the public by the […]

Round-Up (Sept 12): Web Censorship – Techno-Tyranny – Exorcist on Demons – Robots – Chinese Church Persecution

Web Censorship Continues Reddit just banned the “Great Awakening” board as of 1:40PM CST on 11/12/18, which was devoted to the discussion of QAnon-related topics. Too much truth in there, apparently! (The reason given by Reddit had to do with inciting violence – which I never saw happen once – and the usual lies.) See […]

Round Up (Sept 6): God’s Friends – Tower of Babel – Understanding Trump – Square UFO – Google Censorship – Coming AI Beast

Are God’s Friends…Losers? A recent study published in the Journal of Personality entitled When God is your only friend: Religious beliefs compensate for purpose in life in the socially disconnected has found that only losers believe in God. Well, that’s not word-for-word what the study concluded – the authors actually stated “socially disconnected individuals may […]